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With time people discovered it's much easier to keep in contact with someone by exchanging cards with several important details, like name, phone and address. At first, they were made by specialized individuals, but now, everyone can create such items.
Easily handle your cards using a straightforward layout
There are plenty of programs out there, some only with basic functions, other with more complex options. If you don't want to lose or waste money on card holders, then AllCards Lite, may be a good solution.
It's compatible with Windows 10, 8, 8.1 and it's installed through the Store. The provided interface is stylish and user-friendly displaying on the home screen, all the created categories, along with the contained files. The offered features aren't many, making the user unmotivated to test its options.
Fill in relevant details about each item
To enter images, you can either import them from the computer or use the built-in or connected camera. Using the latter, lets you crop the photo manually. It supports the most common formats, like JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP and GIF. However, the last few are poorly shown.
From the main screen, you can add a new card or a group, by inputting a fitting name and several images. To a card, beside the title, you have the option to insert other fields, such as notes, address, company, job title,  email, or phone numbers. This way, you can customize each record with the necessary information.
Useful functions that could've been implemented
Records may be moved from a group to another in case they got misplaced. Unfortunately, there are no visual settings, nor the ability to sync the data with a personal account. The database can't be exported nor restored. The app doesn't provide a choice to crop or edit the pictures to best fit into the window.
The bottom line
Taking everything into account, AllCards Lite is a useful and intuitive program that comes in handy only for those who want just to keep track of exchanged business cards, and add the written information, along with images.

Download ○○○

Download ○○○

AllCards Lite Crack + 2022

AllCards Lite Crack Free Download is a modern interface for storing, sending and exchanging business cards.
• Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1 and 8
• 6 templates included
• Import images from the camera, computer, and online
• Add unlimited number of cards
• Export contacts from each card to the.csv format
• Print contacts
• Share contacts
• Group contacts
• Group by tags
• Send by mail
• Send by email
• Receive by mail
• Receive by email
• Search contacts by tags
• Sort contacts by tags
• Sort contacts by name
• Sort contacts by phone number
• Sort contacts by company
• Group by tags
• Group by name
• Group by company
• Group by job title
• Group by location
• Group by gender
• Search contacts by name
• Search contacts by phone number
• Search contacts by company
• Search contacts by job title
• Search contacts by location
• Search contacts by gender

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AllCards Lite Crack +

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AllCards Lite Crack With Full Keygen Free

Name – the name of the card.
Title – the name of the group.
Name of contact.
Name of profession.
Phone number.
Date of birth.

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Mon, 23 Feb 2017 11:43:42


This application of iOS is only available for iDevices. Its name is a simple and familiar way to register and organize contacts on your iPhone, or to make business contacts, plan business trips, meetings, and store information about them. AllCards Lite

It is a completely free program, which can be used to easily make contacts with interesting business people.

The provided mobile application is able to store information of friends or family members, as well as companies you would like to work with.

In addition, it allows you to update multiple contacts at once, or to find and delete a person from a list.

With AllCards Lite

The application stores contact information in one database. Data can be added by adding new contacts or updating existing records.

To organize and plan business trips or meetings, you may add a simple description.

The stored information can be used to create a template.

You can import contacts from your device or share them via Wi-Fi.

The database can be exported to an Excel file.

AllCards Lite Features:

Search contact by name or phone number.

Add contacts to favorites.

Sort contacts by name.

Insert or edit description.

Delete contact.

Import contacts.

Export contacts to the SBS.

Edit and save the template.

Move contacts from one group to another.

Filter contacts.

Create and manage contact groups.

Automatically receive an SMS message with a notification that a new contact has been registered.

Fast and easy to use

This application is fast and easy to use.

It is capable of sorting and filtering contacts by name or date of birth.

Add contacts, find them by name and phone number.

Add a description.

Import contacts from your device or share them via Wi-Fi.

Update contact information, update contact templates.

Delete contact.


Each contact may have a personal category.

AllCards Lite Limitations

The program is not available for iPhone.

What’s New in the AllCards Lite?

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It also has the possibility to use all the contact fields (phone, email, etc.). However, you need to login in order to use the third-party data.
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System Requirements For AllCards Lite:

Windows 7 SP1
Intel Core i3-2100 3.1GHz
VRAM of 4GB required
Steam OS
Click to expand…Price:
Ad ID:
Date Added: Friday 02 November, 2015

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