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We all went through the struggle of finding a job to fit our skills and knowledge, but most of the time they have unrealistic and hard-to-achieve demands. Plus, writing an appropriate resume for each position can end up being tiring and time wasting. There are a lot of tools over the Internet that helps you create resumes and recommendation letters, but how many of them offer you the choice to apply for that position as well?
Find suitable positions using a straightforward layout
Job Application Assistant is one of the few programs, which provides a basic resume creator and the ability to look up for various jobs using craigslist as a search engine and apply to them with the push of a button. The cover letter changes automatically based on the job description. The app is wrapped in an approachable yet unprofessional interface divided into a search window on the left side of the panel, a simplistic toolbar containing navigational, options and send buttons and an editor on the right.
Set up your account details, find jobs that fit your profile and send your resume
Before you start looking for positions, you first have to set up your Curriculum Vitae and the recommendation letter from the options menu. If you already have a resume ready, you can choose the first alternative, which uses a standard letter, second if you don't, and the third lets you write a custom letter. Next, you need to input your full name and preferred phone number, login with your Gmail account or use another email address, and attach the resume.
Then you can take your time browsing all the available jobs, read their descriptions and if you come to the conclusion that it fits, you can easily press the add button. It automatically enters the employer email address into the editor, from where you can change the content, write a subject title and send the message. Plus, the tool lets you deliver test emails to yourself to preview how your email looks like to edit it further until you're happy with it. In the history tab, you have the option to view all the positions you applied to and their status.
The bottom line is that Job Application Assistant is a handy application, however, its unprofessional and messy layout leaves a lot to be desired. It provides an easy method of applying to different jobs using craigslist as a main source and comes with a basic letter email editor. During our testing, the tool encountered issues that concluded in crushing the application.


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“Job Application Assistant Cracked Version is designed to help you find a job, automate the tedious process of filling out applications and avoid the day to day hassle of sending out applications. Once you’re done you can take advantage of the huge job postings community of craigslist and find the perfect job that fits your skill set and salary expectations. You can save and send out applications manually or automate the process using email.
What are you waiting for? Let’s get started.”
Download Job Application Assistant App from Google Play Store

For a while now I have been using my phone to control the TV. The apps and websites are terrible, and most of them are outdated and are filled with ads.
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The KEYMACRO Project App for Android was designed by a former creative director and a product manager and was built by an experienced Android developer. It’s a productivity tool that lets you record, edit and playback recorded macros to automate repetitive tasks. Macro recording is done through two modes: One mode lets you record or playback a single simple event. The other one lets you record or playback multiple events.
Key Macro Builder:
Key Macro Builder is a handy tool for key/macro recording. It can also be used to edit existing key/macro templates that are made in conjunction with the Key Macro Project App. A new macro can be recorded and assigned to one or more shortcut keys. You can also set multiple macros to one key and assign them with one or more short cut keys. Once the macros have been assigned to the key, you will be able to record a single macro or multiple macros. The latter can also be adjusted to playback or stop based on the current condition of a variable or an external event.
* Key Macro Builder 2.5
Key Macro Builder 2.5 has a comprehensive feature list that includes:
– Recording – Record new Macro functions in a new macro, a selection, or the current context.
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– Cut – You can use the copy command to copy selected macros or shortcuts to the clipboard.
– Rename – Rename shortcuts or macros by dragging the shortcut into a new name.
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* Additional – Use the “Additional” command to insert, delete, and rename shortcuts and macros.
* Optional – Use the optional command to append, prepend, and change the order of any shortcuts and macros.
Key Macro Builder works in two modes: Macro and Shortcut.
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What’s New In?

Resume and application creator for the job hunting process. It will help you create your own resume and send it as an email with only a few clicks!
– Create a resume
– Create a cover letter
– Edit your resume and cover letter by adding details and design changes
– View and manage your application status
– Design resume and cover letter layout
– Send your resume as an email
– Export/export to pdf/txt
– Import the.txt file into your resume/cover letter
– Search the job postings
– Free, ad-supported version with basic features

Simple Test 1 – Simple test application
Simple Test 1 Description
This simple test app has a single tab with a few buttons. It is designed to test the layout and functionality of your browser and web-app.
The object is to find all the instances of text on the page and click on the icons to click on them. You can also use the keyboard to click on the icons. You can also use the mouse to select text and copy it to the clipboard.
Simple Test 1 Features
– Ability to tap any text or UI item to click on it
– Test application runs and stores all the test in a file to view later
– Ability to delete all the test and run the test again
– Support for Internet Explorer 10+, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and Mozilla Firefox.
If you have any questions about this application or would like to see features added then please feel free to contact us.
Simple Test 1 Installation
1. Download this zip file to your desktop and unzip it.
2. Run the application by double clicking the SimpleTest1.exe file or by typing the following in the address bar of your browser:

You can now download the SimpleTest1.exe to your desktop.
3. Click the Open button
4. Click the Run button
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6. Save the file to your desktop
NOTE: The SimpleTest1.exe file is password protected. You can open the password for this file by double clicking it or by typing the following in the address bar of your browser:

You can now download the SimpleTest1.exe to your desktop.
7. Open the SimpleTest1.exe and click the Open button
8. Click the Run button
9. Click the Save button
10. Save the file to your desktop
11. Open the SimpleTest1.exe and click the Open button
12. Click the Run button
13. Click the Save button
14. Click the Open button
When you unzip the you will find a lot of files, all of which are related to the application.
You can delete all

System Requirements:

Supported Systems:
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10
Mac OS 10.5 and later
Chrome 50 and later
Google Play Games 4.0
Android 5.0 and later
Minimum OS requirements for the game:
OS Version Display resolution CPU RAM Disk Storage Notes Windows XP 32-bit Vista, 7, 8, and 10 Intel i5 or AMD A8 series Intel Core i5 or AMD Athlon X2 2.8 GHz or higher 4 GB Windows 10 AMD FX-8350 or Ryzen 3

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