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3D Desktop Aquarium Screen Saver License Key Download (Updated 2022)

3D Desktop Aquarium screensaver brings fish right out of your monitor into your computer’s screen! It’s like having a real aquarium right in your office or home, except it’s virtual and there is no glass!
You’ll see your desktop change into a real aquarium right before your eyes as you surf the Internet, update your blog, or work on your next presentation. No matter what you do, fish will always be swimming around your screen, just like real fish!
3D Desktop Aquarium is available for download at the website.
3D Desktop Aquarium Screensaver Details:
■ You can download it from the website or from Mac OS X’s Downloads menu.
■ A FREE version of the screensaver is available, but you cannot add any new fish.
■ The registered version of the screensaver allows you to download fish right into the screensaver from the Settings menu on the Mac OS X version.
■ The registered version also allows you to download the fish at the site.
■ Both the FREE and REGISTERED versions of the screensaver will run from either the Dock or a hidden menu in the Applications folder.
■ The full version of the screensaver allows you to have as many fish as your CPU can handle.
■ A total of 40 fish have been included in the full version.
■ There are more than 60 realistic, dynamic 3D fish models available at the website, so you can have just about any type of fish you can think of swimming around your screen!
■ The screensaver uses your computer’s CPU when you have it running.
■ The screensaver is 100% compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard), 10.6 (Snow Leopard), 10.7 (Lion), and 10.8 (Mountain Lion).
3D Desktop Aquarium Screensaver Interface:
■ Your desktop will change into a 3D aquarium with fish in it.
■ If you are running on Mac OS X, click the icon for the screensaver from the Dock or the Applications folder, and all of your desktop will be changed into a huge aquarium!
■ Drag the screen saver’s icon off the Dock or from the Applications folder, and place it on your desktop.
■ Enjoy seeing the entire screen filled with beautiful, moving 3D fish!
3D Desktop Aquarium Screensaver

3D Desktop Aquarium Screen Saver Free X64

This screensaver creates realistic 3D animated fish in your Mac OS X
■ The fish are not stationary but move around your screen in real time as if
they are swimming.
■ They can swim towards you and away from you and up and down.
■ The background shows fish of different species.
■ You can control the temperature, salinity and lighting intensity of the
background using a slider.
■ The fish eyes move as they swim so that they look around.
■ The 3D models are freely available to download from the
www.xsaver.com website.
■ The background can be changed.
■ Some fish can be downloaded from the www.xsaver.com website.
■ The screen saver can be used as a desktop wallpaper.
■ The screensaver includes a set of macro’s which you can use to change
various settings.
■ Screen saver can be turned off by using the mouse.
■ The entire screensaver can be saved as a single screen shot to a movie file
to allow further customization of your own or for presentation purposes.
■ The time can be set in the user preferences to update the screen saver
every time.
■ The screensaver updates every 2 minutes, regardless of changes in
screen resolution.
■ Since this screensaver uses a very high resolution, it is limited to
those computer with a screen resolution of 1366×768 pixels.
■ Save the screensaver with a higher resolution in order to avoid
reduction in image quality.
■ Note:The files are watermarked and use a watermarking system which
allows watermark free files to be made with other watermarking systems
that is compatible with it.
■ The watermark does not affect the quality of the image.
Screen Resolution:
■ Resolution must be 1366×768 pixels
■ Keep a note of the Screen Resolution you are using because you need to
update it to the same resolution (eg if you change the resolution of your
monitor, you will need to update the screensaver to the same resolution)
■ The screen resolution of 1366×768 pixels should be sufficient for most
■ If your computer runs very slow, please update the Screen Resolution to

3D Desktop Aquarium Screen Saver Crack+ Incl Product Key [Win/Mac] [Updated]

3D Desktop Aquarium Screen Saver has a history that goes way back to 1988, when the first version of this product was released by LiveScapes Software. Since then, it has been a top seller in the Mac OS X Screen Saver store. It has only been available for the Mac OS X operating system until now.
Download 3D Desktop Aquarium Screensaver

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What’s New In 3D Desktop Aquarium Screen Saver?

Aquarium Screensaver is an entertaining 3D desktop screensaver that shows some of the most incredible fish available. It is a full-featured screensaver that lets you customize the fish, water, lighting, background, and other features of the screensaver.

Version 2.0.0
Released May 24, 2006
8.4 MB
Downloaded 11 times

Fixes problems with second, third, fourth, and fifth fish, and doesn’t blow them out of water anymore.

Support for multiple monitors (VoodooII).

Full-screen and window modes.

Windows and Mac OS X version.

Heavier than version 1.1.0, but it doesn’t run the animations at the same frame rate. And it’s faster.

You can now choose different background and color images!

Slight speed improvement on older systems.

Thanks to user “Mundenous” for pointing out some more bugs!

Version 1.1.0
Released May 22, 2005
5.0 MB
Downloaded 17 times

The first full-featured version of this screensaver. Now it supports multiple monitors, and you can have 5 or even more fish swimming at once! Check out the videos on the “videos” page for more! Also includes a simple installer for easy installation.

Version 1.0.0
Released May 21, 2005
0.6 MB
Downloaded 25 times

Initial release, doesn’t work on Mac OS X.

Version 0.5.0
Released Jan 12, 2005
2.1 MB
Downloaded 29 times

Now supports multiple monitors.

Version 0.4.0
Released Nov 14, 2004
2.2 MB
Downloaded 66 times

Now supports multiple monitors, and you can also choose your own background image for your fish!

Version 0.3.0
Released Jul 13, 2004
1.6 MB
Downloaded 81 times

Now supports multiple monitors!

Version 0.2.0
Released Jun 14, 2004
1.4 MB
Downloaded 100 times

Now supports multiple monitors!

Version 0.1.0
Released Jun 12, 2004
0.4 MB
Downloaded 132 times

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System Requirements:

Supported on Nvidia GTX 970/980 and AMD R9 290/390 series
Supported with DX11, DX12, Vulkan, Metal
HD Tune:
Cinebench R15:
Skylake X (16GB):
Skylake X (32GB):
Kaby Lake X (16GB):
Kaby Lake X (32GB):
Cinebench R20:
Cinebench R20 OpenGL:


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