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AutoCAD 2018 (the latest release) was released on September 28, 2017.

As of January 2018, according to Autodesk, AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT users comprised 83% of all Cad professionals worldwide.



The price of the software depends on the number of users and the type of license.

Industry Specific License – $600 (Windows only)

Individual License – $3,000 (Windows only)

Lite – $75 (Mac only)

Academic License – $150 (Windows only)

Vendor Specific License – $700 (Windows only)

User Runtime License – $450 (Windows only)

Technical Support

Autodesk offers both online and telephone technical support.

Autodesk Connect enables users to access support information, instructional videos and community discussions.

Direct access to a knowledge expert is available via the Autodesk Customer Care team by telephone, email and online chat.

Data Transfer


Users can import and export their data to and from other AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT software applications.

The format and size of AutoCAD data can be found in the Import/Export documentation.

Server Integration

Users can access and modify AutoCAD data via a server, or remotely.

The server access capabilities depend on the operating system and the version of AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT being used.


Accessing and modifying AutoCAD data through a server

If a server is used to run AutoCAD, the host can be anything from a server on a dedicated computer to a networked computer running a Windows program like Novell Netware or Microsoft’s Windows Server or a Macintosh running a program like Apple’s Quicktime.

To access and modify data through a server, use the Edit|Database|Connect to Server command.

How to connect to a server from AutoCAD

Run the AutoCAD software. If no message is displayed, double-click the startup icon.

Select File|Options.

Select the Connect tab.

Select Database to find a database file in the local drive. (The database file is specified on the Path menu.)

Click the Browse button to select a server on the computer to connect to.

Click the Open button

AutoCAD 2017 21.0 Activation Code

When using AutoCAD MEP 2019, the user can “drag and drop” parts from a drawing project into a layout view. The parts can be grouped, which allows a smaller screen size to still display a full drawing.

The product originally began as a program called AutoLISP for Windows, which was introduced with AutoLISP for Windows 2000 in July 1999. It was later ported to all major AutoCAD versions starting with AutoCAD 2000. AutoCAD 2005 introduced a visualization editor for LISP called VLE, which eventually evolved into AutoLISP for Windows.

By 2008, AutoLISP for Windows had become less useful to new users and so was considered to be the last major release. Over the course of several years, the development team had been looking at ways to reduce the number of codes required to implement functionality in AutoCAD. Thus, in AutoCAD 2008, a new development language was introduced. AutoLISP 2009 was released as the first version for AutoCAD 2009.

Later in 2009, a new development environment was introduced called VLE2. VLE2 was a completely new code-based development environment. It allowed AutoCAD users to build their own custom parts without using AutoLISP. However, AutoLISP continued to be supported in AutoCAD for use with AutoLISP files.

AutoCAD 2010 introduced a new drawing layer called “References”. AutoCAD 2010 included a subset of AutoCAD’s functionality called “Built-in Elements”, which were introduced in AutoCAD 2009. However, a new API was created to replace the reference functionality. The new API was called Application Programming Interface (API). The same functionality was later introduced in AutoCAD 2015 as “elements”.

To prevent users from having to update their drawings or to maintain compatibility with previously created elements, a deprecated element API was introduced in AutoCAD 2013. The API provided the ability to create elements on the fly in AutoCAD, or to save new elements and keep them in their original place in the drawing or drawing project.

AutoCAD 2016 introduced a new XML based API. Using XML allowed developers to build their own add-ons for AutoCAD. However, not all AutoCAD products were compatible with the API. Only the builder/developer edition of AutoCAD 2016 was compatible with the API.

The XML API was re-introduced in

AutoCAD 2017 21.0

Double-click on Autocad 2012.exe from the Autodesk folder. The exe opens the program.

Click Sign in to the top left corner of the Autocad interface.

Click the Sign in to Autodesk button on the left side of the Sign In dialog box.

Sign in to Autodesk using the following details:

Enter the Email address: Click on the Add button.
Enter the Account Number: Click on the Add button.
Enter the Password: Click on the Add button.

Click on the OK button.

You should now see a message that Autocad 2012 is successful logged in.

The next step is to allow the license key for Autocad to run.

Click on the License tab.

Click on the OK button.

Now you can open the Autocad.

The software will open for the first time.

What’s next?

You can read about how to install the Autodesk software and open the application. You can download additional Autodesk training materials including tutorials, quizzes, sample files and more. Visit the Autodesk Developer Network for articles and more.

See you in Autocad!

## Solution

Make sure you have the license key on hand before starting to open Autocad.

Visit for more information.

If you do not have the license key, you can download it from the following address: .

## Discussion

Autocad is a CAD program that is used for designing all types of objects. It has been an important tool for designers for many years. Since Autodesk acquired Alias|Wavefront and released Autocad 2012 as a free download from the Autodesk website, it has become an indispensable CAD program for many companies, as well as individuals, to use.

Like many other CAD applications, Autocad has a license system. Unlike many other software applications that allow free trial versions, Autocad offers a completely free edition of Autocad that you can download and run for as long as you wish. After the free 30-day trial period, Autocad software users are required

What’s New In?

Extend AutoCAD 2D to AutoCAD 3D:

Start using 3D with AutoCAD drawings and see how easily you can create and work with 3D objects. (video: 1:20 min.)

Designing with BIM:

A new direction for the future of CAD with BIM. (video: 1:22 min.)

AEC Applications:

For the next generation of design and construction documents. (video: 1:20 min.)

…and much more:

For more information, visit the CAD Software page.

To purchase AutoCAD, visit the AutoCAD on Store.

Additional Resources:

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AutoCAD for Construction (2020)

AutoCAD for Revit (2020)

AutoCAD 360 for Architecture

AutoCAD 360 for Construction

AutoCAD 360 for Utility

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AutoCAD for Architectural Design (2018)

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AutoCAD for Design & Construction – 2020

AutoCAD for Design & Construction – 2018

AutoCAD for Electrical (2020)

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AutoCAD for Land Surveying (2019)

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AutoCAD for Mechanical (2018)

AutoCAD for Multimedia (2020)

AutoCAD for Multimedia (2018)

AutoCAD for Pipeline (2018)

AutoCAD for Project Management (2020)

AutoCAD for Revit – 2019

AutoCAD for Revit Architecture (2019)

AutoCAD for Revit Civil (2019)

AutoCAD for Revit MEP (2019)

AutoCAD for Revit Mechanical (2019)

AutoCAD for Revit Structural (2019)


System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Windows 7 SP1 64bit or above, Windows 8 64bit or above
System requirements vary based on the game being played. If your PC can run the game, then you should be able to play it.
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