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Anuko is a simple, yet very useful application that can be used to keep track of time in any convenient way. With Anuko World Clock you can add new times from any countries and cities. With this app, you can change your daily alarms for your everyday routine. You can set alarms for jobs, meetings, etc.
In addition, it has an excellent RSS feed reading system. You can install Anuko World Clock on your iPhone, iPod or iPad to keep track of the time of the other time zones.
Key Features:
★ Several World Clocks (24/7 and 5/3)
★ Import cities from Google and Yahoo
★ Import times from Yahoo and Google
★ Import times from Internet
★ Import city name from Wikipedia
★ Import headlines from Yahoo
★ Import headlines from Google
★ Import headlines from Wikipedia
★ Import and edit stock quotes
★ Time conversion (Converter Tool)
★ Time table (calendar)
★ Stopwatch and Timer
★ Chronograph
★ Alarm Clock
★ RSS Feeds
★ World maps
★ Widget (Clock, Alarm clock, Timer, Chronograph)
★ Fax Simulator
★ Exchange Rates (from Calc/Quartlets)
★ Weather forecast
★ Offline mode
★★ Multiple skins (digital and analog)
★★ Import cities from Google
★★ Import cities from Wikipedia
★★ Import cities from Yahoo
★★ Import city name from Wikipedia
★★ Import headline from Google
★★ Import headline from Yahoo
★★ Import headline from Wikipedia
★★ Import time from Yahoo
★★ Import time from Google
★★ Import time from Wikipedia
★★ Import stock quote from Yahoo
★★ Import stock quote from Google
★★ Import stock quote from Wikipedia
★★ Import stock quote from Yahoo
★★ Import stock quote from Google
★★ Import stock quote from Wikipedia
★★ Import text from websites
★★ Import text from internet
★ URL Opener
★ App Statistics
★ A calendar that you can edit
★★ RSS Feeds reader
★ Multiple Languages
★ Fax simulator
★ Exchange rates from Calc/Quartlets
★ Weather forecast (saved)
★ Time table with Global Clock
★ Alarm clock
★ Stopwatch
★ Timer
★★ Widgets (clock, alarm clock, timer, chronograph, weather forecast)
★ View dates in the RDB format
★ View stock quotes of more than 150 companies
★ View currency exchange rates
★ View currency exchange rates in the RDB

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Anuko World Clock

A nice tool for business travel.
Anuko World Clock app is a very simple program that can display several time zones on your desktop.
Anuko World Clock for Windows is a free download. All users who want to download this program can get it at
Anuko World Clock has been downloaded more than 5000 times by our users.
You can also check the software applications downloads at
To change the settings or view the version of Anuko World Clock for Windows, users may use the Help and Support section.

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What’s New In?

✓ Time Zones – Choose time zones from hundreds of cities, listed by country, and arrange your clocks any way you want!
✓ Clock Timers – Set timers for your clocks and any time-based event.
✓ Calendar – A calendar of all events for today and selectable event types, including alarms and reminders.
✓ Stopwatch – A stopwatch to keep track of elapsed time.
✓ RSS Reader – Follow world and national news feeds from hundreds of sources, such as Yahoo Finance, the BBC, CNN, etc.
✓ Wallpapers – Many of the clock skins and wallpaper sets available in the Anuko Wallpapers library.
✓ Locale – A helper tool that can convert dates and times into other formats.
✓ Settings – A drop down menu with many options for each clock and running timer.
✓ Weather – A weather forecast and satellite view of the current time and temperature for more than 200 cities.
✓ Tethering – Easily switch between the Anuko Clock and other devices with the Anuko World Wide Web Tethering App.
✓ Time Converter – Convert between local times, US Eastern Time, and seconds.
✓ Time Calculator – Calculate elapsed time between time zones.
✓ Clock to Skype – Skype calls for time zones or cities.
✓ Geolocation – Get the current location from the network location provider.
✓ Enhanced Tasks – Create tasks with dates, alarms, or both.
✓ Web Links – Go to web pages directly with a single click on any webpage, including cloud pages and video/audio clips.
✓ Browser – View web pages and search engines, including Google, Bing, Wikipedia, and more.
✓ Friends – See what friends are up to on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and more.
✓ App Widgets – Place Anuko World Clock widgets on your desktop, so you can have your clock and calendar at your fingertips.
Additional Features:
✓ Tintable Clock skins with several colours and time-zone formats.
✓ Tintable Wallpaper skin with several colours and time-zone formats.
✓ Clock Widgets – Anuko Clock widgets placed on your desktop, to help keep you on track.
✓ Light Lockscreen – Set up Sleep Timer, Calendar, and Stopwatch.
✓ Package Manager – Anuko World Clock can be updated or removed by pushing a new package.

System Requirements:

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