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Duplicate File Finder Pro can quickly identify and delete multiple similar files, giving you more space for personal projects.
Simple interface
The interface is divided into three smaller windows, each playing a different part in the whole process. Using the built-in file browser you can select or go to the location of the desired folder. Then it's a matter of adding the folder to the “Include to Scan” tab and start the process. Exclusions from the scan can also be made by simply adding the folder to a special list.
Multiple files supported
You may apply filters in order to exclude or include certain files.
The tool lets you filter data by extension, including PDF files, archive files (e.g. 7Z, ACE, ARJ), Office files, music files (e.g. MP4, AAC, AU), Open Office files, photo images (e.g. BMP, GIF, JPG), video files (e.g. 3GP, SWF, FLA), web files (e.g. CSS, HTML, PHP) and text file types like TXT and RTF or size (a minimum or maximum user-defined value).
Export to common formats
Once the scan is completed, the tool will display the original and duplicate files, and the hard disk space the duplicates occupy. All the files are displayed also in the third larger window. The app highlights the duplicates which are in the same group and have the same size. The files have corresponding checkboxes, so only the ones you need can get renamed, moved to a different folder or deleted. The result list can then be exported to HTML, CSV or TXT file. Using the right mouse selection, the file can be opened with the associated program or even previewed if it is an image file. Furthermore, the utility includes a CRC calculator, accessible from the “Tools” tab.
A closing idea
Overall, Duplicate File Finder Pro is a handy and lightweight software utility, great for users who have large amounts of data and want to save only the originals, while applying different actions to the duplicate files. The tool is stable and thanks to the simple interface, it can be used even by beginners.







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Duplicate File Finder Pro is an award-winning Mac tool that identifies, finds, and removes duplicate files in seconds. Scan for Mac is a powerful piece of software that scans the folders on Mac and Windows machines alike. It even supports network locations for further scanning flexibility. It does this with ease, and the process is simple, fast, and painless.
Key Features:
Automated Detect and Remove
Similar to other Duplicate File Finder products on the market, Duplicate File Finder Pro features a checklist-driven search engine that lets you scan and detect duplicate files. Once the applications detects duplicates, you can select and remove the duplicates with ease. Before cleaning up the duplicate files, Duplicate File Finder Pro scans the entire disk and helps you to choose what you want to keep and remove from the start.
User Friendly
Once the desktop is scanned, the software will notify you of the duplicates it has identified. After selecting and removing the duplicate files, Duplicate File Finder Pro displays the results in a list. The results are shown in three different formats: List View, Tabbed, and Details. When the results are displayed in Tabbed format, the removed files are shown on the desktop. You can also go to the Finder and take a look at all the duplicates it has found. You can easily sort the duplicates by name, size, and date, which is very useful in cases where you have tens of thousands of duplicates scattered across a folder. The Finder view will also list the removed duplicate files.
Detect Hidden Duplicates
Duplicate File Finder Pro is a powerful and efficient duplicate finder that scans your hard drive, network, and removable media quickly, efficiently, and accurately. Scan Finder is the best tool for detecting duplicates on Mac and PC.
Note: Requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later and Microsoft Windows XP or later.

Duplicate File Finder

Here I will show you how to use Duplicate File Finder Pro to remove duplicate files from your Mac. Duplicate File Finder Pro is a powerful Mac tool that identifies, finds, and removes duplicate files in seconds.
Duplicate File Finder Pro is an award-winning Mac tool that scans the folders on Mac and Windows machines alike. It even supports network locations for further scanning flexibility. It does this with ease, and the process is simple, fast, and painless.

Duplicate Finder Crack [32|64bit]

Duplicate Finder Cracked Version is an all-in-one solution for different kinds of duplicate files! It offers a quick and easy to use interface that’ll make you forget about those duplicate files! It’s not just for backup – Duplicate Finder is designed to help you make more efficient usage of your valuable hard disk space.
Benefits of Duplicate Finder:
* It helps you identify, backup, delete and organize duplicate files automatically
* It has a quick, easy to use graphical interface, just click start, select your files and Duplicate Finder will start scanning. It’s that simple!
* It allows you to add files from your files folder or disk to the scan, which can be done even when the program is not running. You can also add the whole disk or folder to the scan.
* It displays the size and/or type of all duplicate files. You can sort them or use the drag-and-drop feature to reorder the duplicate files.
* It includes a useful search option to search the duplicate files on disk and identify the duplicates in the same folder or on the same disk.
*It is possible to filter duplicate files by date/size/type or there is an option to exclude certain files like images, archives or office files.
*You can choose to display the duplicate files by size or number. The duplicate files can be moved or duplicated by using the ‘R’ key.
*You can export the scan results to several different formats including HTML, TXT, CSV and TXT formats.
*With Duplicate Finder, you can easily delete duplicate files by either moving them to a folder with no duplicates (or other options), or permanently deleting them.
*You can export the scan results to several different formats including HTML, TXT, CSV and TXT formats.
*It will work for all types of files including images, audio, video, documents, video games, and all kinds of applications, etc.
*It is compatible with 64-bit and 32-bit Windows Operating Systems.
*It is in beta mode, so please feel free to send feedback to us
Duplicate Finder Key Features
-Search through your files to discover the duplicate files.
-Set filters for file types, dates, size or number of files.
-Find duplicates by size and/or number.
-Sort by size or number.
-Select the files to be included in scan from the file browser or disk.

Duplicate Finder Crack + Free

In today’s Digital age, having duplicates of original files is very common. Whether this is a text file, a photo, an office file or an image, odds are you may have a second copy or a copy made at a different time. This program provides two useful features for user to remove duplicate files: 1- On startup, the program loads a directory, and displays a list of sub-directories and files within the directory. 2- It then applies the external tools provided by the user to detect duplicates inside this directory. The user can, then, select any duplicated files and applications or other data management tools can be used to remove or rename those duplicates.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Why does it need more resources to run?A: The Software architecture is based on file-to-file compare, which means to have more files to compare it will need more resources.
Q: Where can I download free software?A: Many software titles are not available in free trial versions. I understand your frustration with all of the software that claims to be free, but being honest, I often end up paying for it myself. Software titles offered on this page are ones that I use personally, and I would recommend them to others. For example, it’s good for a general all-around desktop file utility like OpenOffice.org:
Q: Will you send me a FREE key for my software?A: I don’t recommend this practice because software keys often disappear from people’s computers and in many cases it costs additional money. Buy the software at a legal source and support the company as well.

If your question is about this software or you have any doubts or problems with this software, please don’t hesitate to mail to : webmaster@filefactory.eu
The user’s representation.

Duplicate File Finder Pro is an advanced file duplicator that scans your entire drive and displays a tree view of your folders. There are several sub-folders and files that you can select from and this lets you open them simultaneously with a list of your duplicate files. To date, the software gives a comprehensive solution to remove duplicate files. As an improvement over its predecessor, Duplicate File Finder Pro provides a tabbed interface and can filter files by extension. You can save time by minimizing the application to a tray icon.

With the free Duplicate File Finder Pro, users can automatically compare two folders and all

What’s New in the Duplicate Finder?

The program is a handy file scanning tool which allows you to find duplicate files on your PC. With the advanced algorithm used, Duplicate Finder can locate the files which are called dupes. It quickly scans all the files on your hard disk, and you will get an alert whenever it finds any files that are duplicates. You can find out more about the program in more details on the manual which is available here, and you can buy the trial version of the software to see for yourself how efficient it is.

The tool not only identifies the duplicate files but also allows you to batch rename them. This is done by setting up different renaming rules which can be applied to the duplicate files. These rules can include the file name, size, date and extension of the file. You can choose from seven different renaming rules and make the desired changes, just like you would make any other changes to the file.

Report Duplicate files:
Duplicate Finder can not only find the duplicate files, but you can also get a detailed report on all the files that are identified. The information includes the file path, file name, size, extension, date of creation and modification and even the CRC values.

Duplicate Files Finder is an all-in-one application for checking file duplicates. Use it for automatic file removal or find how to handle duplicate files. Start using Duplicate Files Finder to remove duplicate files instantly. It is a handy utility that can be used to find duplicate files, program defects, video duplicates, audio duplicates, still duplicates or even picture duplicates and more. It searches the drives for duplicates and deletes them instantly.

The Setup Wizard will guide you through the setup process as you begin to use the software. Open the program, select your email address and the account it will be sent to, and that’s it.

The main window contains an input box and a list of all the drives that are connected to your computer. You can then add any new drives, or select a particular drive to begin the scan. Once the scan is complete you can view the file information.

Duplicate Files Finder Identifies Duplicate Files

Duplicate Finder has an integrated search tool. It can scan a certain area of the drive and can even search sub folders. If you wish to look for a specific file type you can select it from the drop down. You can then set up the search criteria from the options box.

System Requirements For Duplicate Finder:

Minimum Requirements:
Windows 7 64-bit
Windows 8 64-bit
Windows 8.1 64-bit
Windows 10 64-bit
Mac OS 10.6.8 or higher
iPad (iOS 7.0.4 or higher)
iPhone (iOS 5.1.1 or higher)
Android devices running Android 4.1 or higher
Zygote & Drag and Drop SDK Requirements:
Android Devices
Android 4.1 or


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