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The DVD Inventory application was developed to be a small program that allows you to stock-take your DVD Collection, preferably with a barcode scanner, if you have one. This is a solution for for DVD Profiler 3.6.x – 3.7.x.
DVD Profiler is a complete DVD management solution that will offer an extensive array of features including an ever growing online database that provides information about many DVD titles.
With support of the database, adding a new DVD title to your collection is as simple as entering the UPC from the DVD case or the title of the movie, and DVD Profiler will retrieve the entire DVD Profile from the online database. If you have a DVD drive connected to your computer, you don’t even have to enter the UPC, but can simply insert the DVD into the drive.







DVD Inventory 3.80 Crack + Download For Windows (April-2022)

This is a DVD management program for your DVD collection that contains the following features:
– Scans your DVD Collection and enters all content (titles, actors, and plot) into the DVD Profiler Database
– Allows for adding a barcode from the DVD cases
– Includes an extensive online DVD Database that is linked to the DVD Profiler database
– Can calculate Total Inventory, Disc Type, Disc Genre, Disc Price, Disc Ratings and Disc Order.
– Generates one or more PDF Inventory Lists
– Can sort the DVD Inventory Serial Key List by Title, ID, Release Date or Rating

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movieDVD Inventoriesurvey by DVDProfiler 3.3.1You can create and save your DVD collection online, automatically adding new DVD titles to your database. Once you have your DVD Inventory Torrent Download added, you can view it in several ways.

DVD Inventory CentralDirect DVD Inventory by DVDProfiler FreeDVD Profiler is a powerful and easy to use program to manage your DVD library. It scans your DVD collection and creates a nice database of all your DVD titles. DVD Inventory Central is the free version of this software.

eDVDInventory 1.0The eDVDInventory Project is a program to inventory DVDs with pictures. This is specially designed to use in the case of libraries, exhibitions, renting/owning of DVDs for the purpose of turning inventories into digital files. The program is a web-based application with the option to output the inventory data as various image formats. Main features: Keep the inventory data as text or in an Excel file; Automatic (real-time) inventory database; Preview the inventory data before saving it; Add DVDs by UPC

DVD in inventory manager 3.1.1DVD in inventory manager is a personal inventory manager that collects all the products from DVD and music CD and provides you to easily viewing. Besides, it also can manage the invoices and the warranty of products.

DVD in inventory manager 1.00DVD in inventory manager is the ideal tool to organize your DVD collection. With DVD in inventory manager you can quickly add, sort and search product descriptions.

Inventory Keeper 2.4Inventory Keeper is an inventory management software designed specifically for retail stores, businesses, and clubs. You can count, categorize, track, and analyze the inventory levels of your store items. You can record a video or a picture of each item for fast identification, and generate specialized reports of your

DVD Inventory 3.80 Crack PC/Windows

Store not only your DVD Titles in the appropriate category but also add DVD covers to your collection using the DVD Cover Browser.

Display DVD cover and UPCs on the DVD Profiler home page.

Create and maintain your own personal online database

Log in to the online database using your User ID and Password to add or update the information in the online database for any of your DVD Titles, which then will appear on your DVD Profiler home page.

By using a VOB if you have VOB files in the source folder, you can also watch your DVD Movies.

Add your own notes to your Collection that include any of the information in the DVD
Profiler database.

Includes all the DVD Profiler features, plus ability to add CD/CD-ROM to the
database as well as the DVD Inventory database allowing DVD Inventory to run
independently of DVD Profiler.

DVD Inventory Home Description:

DVD Inventory allows you to store your DVD collection in a database allowing you to create an online database of your DVD collection.
Using a barcode scanner with the DVD Inventory application allows you to catalog all of your DVDs, with the benefit of keeping all of the data stored locally on your computer.

DVD Inventory feature list:

Create and maintain your own personal DVD online database.

Use a barcode scanner with DVD Inventory to catalog all of your DVD titles.

Display DVD cover and UPCs on the DVD Profiler home page.

Add DVD covers to your Collection in the collection DVD cover browser.

DVD Inventory Database Description:

Add all of your DVD titles to the database by scanning the barcode on the DVD case or by entering the DVD Title, including your own notes.

Optionally, you can add or update the data in the online database in real time as you add or update information in the DVD Inventory application.

You can use the database to search your DVD collection.

DVD Inventory can store the contents of CD-ROM and even VOB files in the source folder.

DVD Inventory is a stand-alone program and allows you to catalog your DVD collection independent of DVD Profiler.

Create DVD Cover Cover Art is the program to create your DVD cover. DVD Cover Art allows you to create cover designs for DVDs or CD-ROM. You can choose from over 1,000,000 designs and the public domain art from the website PublicDomainArt.com

DVD Inventory 3.80 Crack+

To run DVD Inventory, just open the program and enter the start date, the number of DVD’s in the collection, and the location and storage options. The program will automatically find and retrieve information for a large number of DVD titles. You simply select what you want to stock-take and provide an option to input a barcode for each DVD. The program will copy the UPC and other attributes from the DVD cases to the inventory collection. There are several date settings and you can select whether you want to use your regional DVD drive setting, or use your ZIP code. If you have a barcode scanner, you can scan barcodes for each DVD and store information about each movie.
The program features a barcode scanner option. When scanning a barcode, you can also view the title in the database, and copy the UPC and other attribute information.
To update the database, just start the program and select the update button. You can enter new or updated information about DVD titles and add UPC’s for each DVD. The information is displayed in a new table that allows you to select by title, attribute and date.
DVD Inventory allows you to enter information about other DVD media, such as CD’s and VHS tapes. You can also view the number of times each CD/VHS/DVD has been played. If you have a data DVD drive and a DVD player connected to your computer, you can enter information about the DVD titles and view the information as you would a DVD.
This program is licenced under the GNU General Public License version 3. If you would like a copy of the license, or if you would like to purchase a licence, please visit This license ensures that users are able to use and modify this program at will. The source code and documentation are included. You can install and start using DVD Inventory with no restrictions.

The DVD Toolkit is a bundle of DVD Record & Play programs, and the barcode scanner. You can stock-take a DVD collection with this program, or scan a barcode with the barcode scanner. It also provides a universal mode option that will enable the program to read UPC/EAN codes from the DVD cases. If you have a DVD player connected to your computer, the CD Toolkit will read the information from CD’s. You can update the database for each DVD that you scan and the program will automatically search the database for more information, or display the information for each DVD title

What’s New in the DVD Inventory?

DVD Inventory is an add-on application for DVD Profiler 3.7 that attempts to record a barcode on every DVD you enter and maintain that information in an online database so you can simply scan your collection with a barcode scanner and DVD Inventory will use that information to automatically add the title and UPC to the appropriate database records. However, you must create an account with DVD Profiler and set the appropriate email notification for whenever a title is added or removed from your collection.
These two records may appear in some or all of your DVD title listings, and they allow you to distinguish new DVDs from your collection, and determine if a new or updated version of a DVD you own is available. If you have added the new disc to the database using the Store Manager, DVD Inventory will store the new UPC and ID number for that title in the online database. This way, you will never enter the UPC number again when you add new DVDs to your collection.
Note that DVD Inventory is developed for those users that have a DVD drive attached to their computer, and so it is NOT required to add any video DVDs to the drive and scan the UPCs using a barcode scanner.
I am also developing a version of DVD Inventory for the PS3, and that project is still in a relatively early stage of development, but you can expect a new version of this application sometime in 2011.
If you want to view the latest history of the project, you can check out the DVD Inventory Development page –

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