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There are two different versions of “EZPing LAN Edition”:
■ The “EZPing LAN Edition” for Windows 95/NT.
■ The “EZPing Lite Edition” for Windows 98/NT.
Which one to choose?
For personal use and to share good news with your friends?
The “EZPing LAN Edition”
■ Includes a large range of software tools for quality and efficient net monitoring:
■ TCP/IP utilities
■ Internet statistics tools
■ A powerfull /etc/hosts utility
■ The capability to automatically resolve DNS to IP and IP to DNS
■ And much more…
■ Plus, a stand alone version for Windows 95/NT is availiable.
■ A perfect solution for monitoring your LAN.
The “EZPing Lite Edition”
■ May not do everything that the full version does, but the basic features are still there.
■ Uncomplicated and a nice simple application.
EZPing LAN Edition is fast and easy to use. It is available for sale with a 30 Day Trial period.
You may purchase EZPing LAN Edition:
■ Via on-line purchase:
■ Via our webmailing system (for your convenience and for greater security):
Email: sales@ezping.com
Password: ezping20
We accept credit card payments.
Usually, you can login to the on-line version, to test it within
15 minutes.

Today’s review is about a application, which will ping your LAN/Internet connection.
It’s a LAN monitoring utility, that may also be used for checking your on-line connection,
EZPing LAN Edition.
This application is basically a GUI, which may be used to monitor your on-line connection.
You may start it with a double-click on the icon.
You will be taken to a menu that contains three functions:
– Ping of the Internet or a specific host (addresses, subnets).
– Autostart (a special feature that will let EZPing LAN Edition start itself, after a certain time interval).
– Auto-shutdown (EZPing LAN Edition will shut-down itself, if it’s online).
You can specify how often

EZPing LAN Edition [Win/Mac]

Easyping is easy-to-use software which is capable of active and passive ping. It probes internet hosts (A record), and local hosts (MX record) from different domains, and it can also be used to ping hosts on the local network. On successful pings, it will indicate the host’s UP / DOWN status.
The GUI window is easy to use, and it only requires two clicks to scan a host. Also, you don’t have to run many processes and applications to start the scan.
You can save your data using EZping’s high-quality inbuilt data saving feature. All the information you need is stored in a table in the saved data section, which is accessed through the EZping main window.

How is the EZPing application different from other EZping stand-alone applications?
EZPing LAN Edition is a stand-alone application, which means that it does not depend on another application to be installed.
EZPing is known for its simplicity in use; that’s why it is often found by technicians and “do-it-yourselfers”, on their PC.
However, unlike EZping, all the other versions of EZPing depend on the existence of the original EZping application.
This is a major difference between EZPing and the rest of the EZping products, as EZPing LAN Edition requires no installation or configuration of any other application on your machine.
Installation, configuration and most EZping functions are available from the EZPing main window.

The EZPing main window
EZPing main window is the GUI of EZPing LAN Edition. It has three main sections:
■ Top panel, with the hardware status, which shows the operating system and driver version of your network interface;
■ central panel, which is updated in realtime, with the status of each host, and the statistics of the last 20 probe attempts;
■ bottom panel, which displays an XML export of the last scan and test results.
If you want to, you can also view history of the last 400 probes with the “Configure Push-buttons – History” button.
Some options can be changed in the main window, namely the properties of the interface, the active computer, the active domain, and the active host.
You can also choose between a single-window and multil-window mode.

Batch mode
With batch

EZPing LAN Edition

This program is a fully featured software tool to monitor the network.
It will continuously ping one or more specific hosts in your local network to determine
their current status. It is also capable of monitoring the network topology as to determine if
it is reachable or not and even resolving host names to IP addresses
A news EZPing report is created every time the program is started. This is a time
recorded and a history of the network status since the last EZPing update can be
viewed in a graphical form.
Status IP: Is the computer connected to the network?
IP Addr: The IP address of the computer
Status: This field holds either ON/OFF or HOST/UP. When the host is UP it can resolve hostnames
as well as IP addresses.
The first row in the status list is the current status. The next rows are all the status that have
occured since the last update.
The Program Features:
■Set specific time intervals, to continuously probe a host for availability
■Can automaticaly stop, when a host turns ON- or OFFline
■Option to notify with a beep, when the status of a host changes
■Resolves DNS to IP, as well as IP to DNS
■Keeps a history of last known condition, at change of status
■Set a predefinable interval in minutes, to probe up to twelve hosts in your local area
■network (or on the internet). The status of these hosts is written to a HTML file, which
can be used to display on your intranet or external website.
You can enter up to 12 IP addresses into the program. It will probe these in the order
that they are entered. It can probe for up to 12 hosts. The program will search for both
UP/Offline IP addresses and UP Host names.
Configuration is done using an html file. When the program is started it will generate
it’s configuration file. From this file it can be set up to run in either a full screen or
windowed mode.
System Requirements:
This application will run on any Win95, 98 or later Windows operating system.
This program does work with any Internet connection. It will only check a local area
network for availability or presence of host names. It will not “ping” the internet.
Do NOT use this program to “

What’s New in the EZPing LAN Edition?

EZPing LAN Edition is the simplest way to work with ping and tracert applications. It contains powerful features to configure a ping tool to do whatever you need to. EZPing can:
– ping a computer on a local network or on the internet
– tracert to a computer on the internet
– ping continuously
– ping at least n times
– ping at specified intervals
– stop by itself when a host turn ON- or OFFline
– automatically stop probing when a host recovers
– automatically changes host status
– check host availability by sending a beep, if found to be ON- or OFFline
– host status history
– add a host to the list of previous host status
– build a table of IP addresses with hostname, which can be used to present on your intranet or external website
– keep a log of latest host status with last host status
– open file to display on screen, when host status changes
– notify by e-mail when host status changes
– open file to display in HTML
– save history of last host status
– save current host status (with last host status)
– using advanced search options, you can search hosts with a given net mask
– using advanced search options, you can search hosts based on their current IP status
– doesn’t include debugging tools, which is already included in the EZPing Core version
– you can view and change the configuration of every tool and script in the program.
Install Instructions:
1. Download and install the program
2. Open an internet browser like Internet Explorer.
3. Enter in or any other IP address your ping application is listening on.
4. Click on the host you want to ping.
5. EZPing should be started automatically by the browser. If it doesn’t start, do that manually and check if the IP address your are pinging is correct.
6. Check if your ping application works fine.
Instructions for use:
Install the program
Download the file EZPing.v2.zip from this page
Extract the archive to a directory
Open a command prompt and enter in the directory where the file EZPing.v2.zip was extracted
Go to the programs folder
If Windows Vista or Windows 7 there will be a folder named after the application, which is EZPing.
If Windows XP there will be a folder named after the application, which is E

System Requirements For EZPing LAN Edition:

Supported OS:
Processor: Pentium 4 or equivalent
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA® 8800 GT or ATI® HD 4870 (1280×1024)
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 6 GB available space
Additional Notes:
Since we use a lot of 3D rendering, you’ll definitely want to be able to take advantage of a good graphics card. You’ll also need a good CPU, because the entire game is pretty intensive.


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