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We all know how repetitive tasks tend to be more tedious than elaborate ones, with the human brain being designed for challenge and not so much for dull routine.
This is reason enough to find a software utility such as FileName Extractor quite helpful since it offers to carry out for you precisely one of those undemanding but monotonous jobs – batch file renaming, in our case.
Can rename your files in batch mode
First and foremost, it is important to mention that the application sports a lightweight user interface that asks you to indicate the input files, which are then listed in a box right within the main window, with all the parameters you have chosen for the process being displayed as well.
And since we have touched upon the subject, it should be noted that coming up with a prefix or suffix is possible so that you can easily reorganize your documents. In addition, indicating a starting number can be done as well in order to group your documents.
Regarding the filename case, you may decide not to make any changes, but you can just as well go for uppercase or lowercase only.
Comes with various file renaming options
Apart from that, the application enables you to specify whether you want it to keep the original file format or change it to a new, user-defined one.
What’s more, you have multiple choices as far as the fate of your source files is concerned. To be more specific, you can opt to simply rename documents, rename and move them, or rename and copy them to a new location.
It should also be pointed out that there are three renaming modes, namely keep, cut, and replace with, in which case a text box must be filled in.
Lightweight tool automating a repetitive task
On an ending note, FileName Extractor is a hassle-free application whose purpose is to rename your documents in batch mode, with a series of adjutant features letting you automate the changes. Given the fact that it requires no particular tech skills, and no inconveniences whatsoever have been experienced during our tests, anyone could take it for a spin.







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With this minimal and easy-to-use software, you can name files that you are given in a sequential fashion. A batch process can then be carried out to rename the files. You can even call a file by any name you desire for personal or aesthetic purposes.

To sum up, FileName Extractor is a software program that renames a whole series of files automatically.

FileName Extractor is a software program that renames a whole series of files automatically.

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FileName Extractor Crack + Download For Windows

FileName Extractor Cracked Accounts allows you to quickly and efficiently extract filenames from documents or other files in batches! You don’t need to know which files are being renamed. No need for special tools, it works even if you only have a keyboard and don’t have administrative rights!

Simply select a bunch of files in the Windows Explorer and drag them to the empty area of the program’s interface. If you would prefer to rename them in a regular text editor, you can also click on the button where the files are listed, or you can select multiple files at once for editing. In either case, the program renames them according to the settings that you had chosen in the program’s settings dialog.

FileName Extractor Free Download has a clean and user-friendly interface that takes a bit of getting used to, but its use is simple. You can rename your files to any text you wish or select them to be renamed to filenames of your choice. A batch renaming utility that is not complicated to use at all.

This tool lets you work with only a few clicks. Simply select a bunch of files in the Windows Explorer, drag them to the empty area of the program’s interface, and FileName Extractor Cracked Version will rename them according to the settings in the program’s settings dialog. There are a number of additional settings to choose from, such as whether to keep the original file format or convert it to a new one, whether to cut or replace the file, what should happen to the original and converted files, and when and how to prompt the user for confirmation.

The program lets you rename multiple files and doesn’t need any special folders or files to work. You can choose any file extension to get a file name or a different one, and FileName Extractor Cracked Version will rename it for you.


File: Choose the file to be processed

Batch: Choose the number of files to be processed in one go

Save As: Choose where to save the processed files

Filter options: Choose the file format to preserve or convert to

Preview: Show the previews of the processed files before processing

File name: Applies to the files that can’t be renamed

Change: Applies to the files that can be renamed

Replace: Removes the old file name

Cut: Removes the old file name, but keeps the old extension

Keep: Preserves the original file name

Restore the original file

FileName Extractor

FileName Extractor is an all-in-one utility that carries out for you precisely one of those monotonous but essential tasks associated with documents.

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What’s New in the?

■ Main Features
1. Batch file renaming in one go
■ Easy to use
2. Support for various formats
■ Simple graphic interface
3. Task automation
■ Rename file, move, etc.
■ Batch rename
■ Rename files with specific prefix and suffix
■ Maintain case
■ Output files with new name
■ User defined file format for output file
■ Hundreds of supported languages
■ User configurable
■ Support drag and drop files for file uploading
■ All the latest feature
■ 100% Compatible with Windows NT/XP/Vista/Win7/Windows 8/8.1/10
■ Free to use/try for 30 days
■ Easy to install
■ No User registration needed
■ No sign up required
■ 100% Safe & Secured
■ No hidden contract
■ Excellent Customer Support
■ Free lifetime updates
■ No hidden fees
■ Multiple file formats supported
For further information, you may feel free to check out the product’s official website at

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