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It is often necessary to transfer paper documents to your computer and save them in digital format, for various reasons. Hexonic ScanToPDF can help you import content directly from a scanning device, as well as process image files stored on your computer, then convert them to PDF.
It is a very easy-to-use tool, featuring an intuitive interface, that only requires you to follow a few simple steps in order to create your files.
Scan documents or use existing image files
The application can acquire content directly from a scanner, as it supports any TWAIN-compatible device. You can scan one or multiple pages, using either flatbed or ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) scanners.
You can also import existing image files from your computer through a simple drag and drop operation. The program supports the following formats: JPEG, TIFF, Multipage-TIFF, BMP, PNG and GIF.
Modify page layout and output image quality
Hexonic ScanToPDF allows you to rotate imported images, select background color, page size and orientation. You can also arrange the images on the page in a specific number of columns and rows.
Additionally, it is possible to set a desired output file size, then have the program automatically scale DPI value and JPEG quality, so that the created PDF is not larger than the specified value.
Create single or multi-page documents and add bookmarks
Once you have determined your desired layout and quality settings, you can specify whether the application should create a single PDF file containing all the imported images or export each one to a different file.
You also have the option of adding bookmarks to your document. The program can insert them automatically, based on each image's file name.
Overall, Hexonic ScanToPDF is a lightweight and simple application that you can use to create PDF files by scanning documents or importing them from your computer, then determining various quality settings and layout options.







Hexonic ScanToPDF Crack+ Activator [Win/Mac] [April-2022]

Converts scanned images to PDF.
Allows you to specify page size, orientation, background color, and the number of columns and rows.
Allows you to crop, rotate, and scale images.
Allows you to add bookmarks to documents.
Allows you to specify how many pages to convert.
Allows you to scan multiple pages.
Provides a choice between multipage tiff or jpeg import, and multi page tiff import.
Allows you to specify output file size.
Provides a choice between generating a single file or multiple files, along with the ability to add bookmarks.
Adds a custom location at the beginning of each file.
Can import (3) types of images: JPEG, JPEG 2000, TIFF.
1-Click conversion of image file types.
Prevents possible crash in some cases.
Version 4.0 changes: – Fix: Error when selecting “save” or “clear selection” in the “Output File Setup” window, – Fix: Enable the “Allowed TWAIN Format” checkbox, – Fix: Partly fix the scan failure problem.
The following programs are required in order to run the application:
1. Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or later
2. It is not a requirement for Adobe Reader 6.0 or later.
Install instructions:
1. Double-click the downloaded file, the installer will automatically install.
2. Check the “Include the latest version” box if there is a new version.
Note: You have to use Adobe Reader 5.0 or later if you intend to print the newly created PDF.
3. Only the 32-bit version of the application is supported.
4. ScanDocumentsToPDF.Com is the publisher of Hexonic ScanToPDF Full Crack and it is not affiliated with the software developer and you cannot get hold of the developer or any support issues with the software. You can get in touch with ScanDocumentsToPDF.Com for further queries/issues by sending them a support request.
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Hexonic ScanToPDF Crack+

Scan to PDF document converter can be used to save any scanned pages as pdf. It supports scan to PDF conversion of documents and images.
A scan to pdf conversion can be done directly from scanner driver. Scan to pdf supports windows (2003, XP, Vista, 7) and Linux.
Features include:
– Convert Multiple scans to PDF documents.
– Use CropBoxes to make multiple pdf documents from a single scan.
– Convert scanned and online images to PDF documents.
– Import scanned images in any image format and convert to PDF documents.
– Protect/Trim Paper Edge.
– Add Password and Key.
– Automatic compression.
– Directly from scanner.
– Select Bookmarks for the Document.
– Supports named streams.
– Supports PrintQueue and PrintJob.
– Supports Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Open Office, Lyx, etc.
– Convert multiple scans to one document.
– Sort documents based on name or other criteria.
– Password protected PDFs.
– Automatically compress images.
– Automatically determine the image resolution for optimum quality.
– Inbuilt installer and uninstaller.
– Library of documents.
– Images are displayed as previews.
– Bookmarks can be added to PDF documents.
– Works on all Windows versions (Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7).
– Support file size limit.

– Supports both text documents and graphics images.
– Provides a simple, yet intuitive interface.
– The application is a must-have for anyone who has to create PDFs of their own.
– The program supports free scanning of documents directly from a USB port.
– Only takes a few moments to install and use.
– The program is also suitable for use from multiple computers.
– There are two main ways to use the program:
– Scan the document.
– Import a scanned image file.

– Simple to use.
– Includes a full set of help files.
– Supports both flatbed and ADF (automatic document feeder) scanners.
– Supports batch processing.
– Contains data entry fields which you can use to modify the text content.
– Supports background color (black, white, blue, green, red, yellow, cyan, magenta) and page size.
– Supports the following file formats:
– Multipage-TIFF

Hexonic ScanToPDF Crack+

The new version of Hexonic ScanToPDF.com has many improvements over the previous version. Hexonic ScanToPDF 6.x helps you design, export and save your scanned images as PDF documents.

Key features:

• ADF/Flatbed/Flipscan device support;
• Create single or multiple page documents;
• Advanced page layout;
• PDF document creation from image and text files;
• Possibility to print or export every page of the document;
• PDF file creation/editing;
• PDF resources extraction;
• Create PNG images from documents;
• Create new PDF document from existing image file;
• User interface (UI) design tools;
• Possibility to view your images in PDF format;
• Possibility to insert/create new pages and bookmarks.

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What’s New In Hexonic ScanToPDF?

Hexonic ScanToPDF is a simple and effective application that lets you scan images and create high-quality PDF files.

The program supports all TWAIN-compliant scanners and even allows you to import images directly from your computer’s hard drive.

By scanning individual images or several pages, the software can be used to create multiple documents. You can view, edit and print every single output file right from your computer or even with a mobile device.

It is possible to modify your original documents, then resize and rotate them to fit your preferred layout, background and page size.

Hexonic ScanToPDF Key Features:

Supports any TWAIN-compliant scanner.

Import images directly from your hard disk.

Acquire paper content directly from your scanner.

Create multiple documents, one PDF file per each content.

Modify page layout and output quality.

Arrange images on the page in a specific number of columns and rows.

Add bookmarks to each document.

Save your settings so you can easily apply them to new documents.

Select a custom file size or the desired image quality.

You can adjust the output DPI value and JPEG quality for fine-tuned results.

The application is free and supports all the major Windows operating systems.

How to Download and Install Hexonic ScanToPDF:

Download the setup file by clicking on the download button.

The download will start automatically.

Once the installation is complete, launch the program.

It is recommended to use an appropriate PDF reader to view the created files.

After installation is done, open the program and follow the on-screen instructions to finish.

Hexonic ScanToPDF Alternatives:

Every computer user needs to create PDF documents, without which they are not even allowed to use certain applications.

Many PDF readers are available on the market, which can help you create and edit documents.

This is exactly why we have recommended such a versatile application, that not only lets you create PDF files, but lets you also edit and modify them.

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System Requirements For Hexonic ScanToPDF:

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