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Icona is a small, simple to use and reliable icon editor.
Here are some key features of “Icona”:
■ direct preview, drawing tools, rotate, move;
■ extract and grab all the Icons from program EXE or DLL files;
■ view, edit, extract and create Icon Libraries (.icl files);
■ save as GIF image;
■ create, edit and save 256-color Icons
■ Animal-Photos Icon Library included.
■ add, edit and delete sub-icons.
Iso here;
ftp://ftp.iconedit.com/icona.zip (149 kB)
(142 kB)
The Adobe Reader does not support inline image viewing – reading instructions:

The game requires Adobe Flash Player 10 or higher to run. You can download Flash Player 10.1 for Windows (14.6 MB) or Flash Player 10.2 for Windows (11.3 MB)


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Icona Crack For Windows

Icona is a simple and fast icon editor. It enables you to add, edit and delete icons.
Its simple to use. You don’t have to be a programming guru to get the job done. Simply start the program, load the icons, then go through the wizard to create your own icons. Icona itself does the rest. It produces quality Icons. It saves as GIF images.
Icona is simple, reliable and its easy to learn and use. A unique set of features is included. You can edit the icons in the program, extract all the icons from EXE or DLL files, and save as GIF images. You can load, extract and edit your own icon libraries and save as GIF images.Files:



TESTS += u8_startswith-5.2
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Draw icon in the main window. Convert ICON into single image. Convert ICON into bitmap (BMP), ICO, PICT, RTF and other icon files. Edit ICON and add bitmap to the main window.

Navigation in the new EXE is simple and clean.
2- tabs allow to select source file or Icon Library.
2- buttons on the menu help to switch between icon editor, next icon and view window.
2- buttons on the right side of the main window allow to draw, copy, paste or delete icon.
(a correct button label allows you to edit the icon)
Icona offers much more, but I don’t want to write a boring article, so if you wish to find out more about icon editor – click the button below!
you can also download Icona without any limitation:
Download Icona
Great feedback, please write it in comments section, if you like it!
see also Icona Credits:
3 icons from freeicon.com:
By the way, this icon editor contain 100% free icons from freeicon.com!

I would like to thanks to PetaPixel user Peteme for some usage icons from this site.
This icon editor is 100% free, without any limitations, ads, no payments, no registration and no nag screen.
Please, note that this icon editor is entirely free for personal use, but not for commercial use.

MusicIcons is a quick and easy to use application to view and create Icons and Icon Sets of Music and allow you to easily use and share them with others.
MusicIcons has a powerful search tool which can search through thousands of music files, lyrics and even artist information (as well as search through album art). You can search through files one by one or in an album by album search.
It’s easy to browse, view and load the MusicIcons artwork (cover art of artists and bands), Artist/Band name, Album cover, genre and more.
Customize icons with 16 colors and use your own art (HDR/MDR).
With MusicIcons you can create Icon Sets to share with others. All your information and a full feature application makes creating Icon Sets easy.
You can also export

What’s New In?

Notepad. Click Start, type “icon” in the Search bar, and press Enter.
You will see the Icon Editor window.
Use the Context Menu to Extract Icons from EXE or DLL files. Use the
Edit Menu to Paste Icon.ico,.icl or.icm files. Use the Change
IconSize… menu to set the Icon size.
Use the Rotate menu to rotate icons. Use the Move menu to move icons.
View the Library that contains the icon you want to edit. Use the
Context Menu to Extract Icons from Program Files. Use the Edit menu
to Edit and Delete icons. Use the Icon Libraries menu to save icons
to other places. The preview window shows the current edit status.
Use the Image menu to save the current image to GIF. Use the
CleanUp menu to remove selected icons.
– Small and fast
– Separate programs from EXE / DLL and icon files. No need to have
a special folder.
– User can click directly to EXE or DLL files and extract Icons;
– User can edit, rotate, move the icons in the preview window.
– Cut-and-paste icons from one program into another application.
– Save as GIF image or to the clipboard.
– Extract Icon Library to another folder.
– Extract Icon Library from the program EXE file.
– Extract Icon Library from the DLL file.
– User can add, edit and delete icons to be added.
– Use the Animal-Photos icon library.
– Extract icons from icons libraries (.icl file).
– The icon editor has a menu that allows you to view your libraries
and edit them.
– Add, edit, delete or move icons.
– View Icons in different sizes.Q:

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System Requirements For Icona:

* Windows 7 and up
* Intel Core i5-750 or faster processor
* 4 GB or more RAM
* 50 GB free hard drive space
* 1 GHz processor or faster
* Microsoft DirectX 11 graphics card with Pixel Shader 3.0 support
HD Graphics
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