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Stardock IconX enhances your Windows desktop icons.
Give them shadows, make them any size, have them zoom up on mouse-over and much more.
You can make your icons larger when the mouse moves over them, add special effects like echo and pinging circles, as well as sound effects. Your creation can be saved as theme (not during evaluation) or you can use one of the ready to use themes that come included.
In short: Make your desktop icons look totally awesome!
■ Set your icons to be any size and react to different mouse states. Use the built in pre-loads for easy use or go in and set it up for yourself.
■ Set up special effects for your icons
■ Control which icons show up on your desktop.









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What’s new

3.6.2 Fixes an issue where icon texts were not rendering correctly in certain situations and also fixes an issue where Win 7 Ready icons might render different in certain situations.

3.6.1 Fixes an issue where icon texts were not rendering correctly in certain situations and also fixes an issue where Win 7 Ready icons might render different in certain situations.

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Users can install IconX Cracked Accounts from the Stardock IconX Webpage. This is a web based application that allows users to change numerous settings regarding the way icons are displayed on the desktop. The new version of IconX has been re-written to be much faster than previous versions.
IconX has about 300 options which can be controlled via a simple menu.
Users can allow themselves to have X number of icons displayed on the desktop or not.
Users can have all icons start with a caption or not.
There are other options that control icons behavior including
■ size,
■ hovering,
■ bounce,
■ pinging,
■ explosion (size), and
■ spacing
When IconX is closed, it does not delete the files that are supposed to be erased when closed. A backup of the settings is saved so that when IconX is opened next time all the settings are returned to their original state.
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■ Set your icons to be any size and react to different mouse states. Use the built in pre-loads for easy use or go in and set it up for yourself.
■ Create a new window using the IconX window option.
■ Make your icons larger when the mouse moves over them, add special effects like echo and pinging circles, as well as sound effects.
■ Add a slide-in tutorial to get you started.
■ Create a new window using the IconX window option.

If you are interested in our completely free STARDOCK IconX Desktop Icon Creator software. Please send us a message and we will give you a download link for it.
And let us know if you have any questions.


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There are

What’s New in the?

The IconX package comes with pre-loaded themes. Just customize as you wish!
For example, you can make your desktop icons look like Windows icons by changing their name to Windows. It is quite easy to do, you just go to the Options for the theme and change it there. You can make your icons react to mouse states by changing the mouse states you want to affect.
You can even make it so only selected icons have the special effects or so your zoom-up effect happens only on mouse-over and not on mouse-leave.
Use the built in preview feature to check out how things will look in your desktop. That is the best way to see how your special effects will look on your desktop.
Get it and have your desktop icons be totally awesom!

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System Requirements For IconX:

Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Mac OS X 10.5 and later
A free DirectX 9 compatible video card or ATI HD 5670 (for Windows)
NOTE: To display these options, you must use Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or later.
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