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YUVTools is a lightweight Windows application whose purpose is to help you play, convert, and analyze YUV video data in its raw formats.
User interface
The program offers support for a multitude of tweaking parameters so you need to experiment a little bit with its features in order to understand each function.
You may also rely on tooltips for viewing short descriptions about each parameter. Tooltips are displayed each time you hover your mouse cursor over a specific feature.
The utility can also be controlled from the command-line console in case you are familiar with inputting commands in the CMD environment.
YUP player
YUVTools gives you the possibility to play custom files (e.g. YUV, RGB, Y, U, V, UYNV, Y422, YUY2). Plus, it is able to play data in 4:4:4, 4:2:2 or 4:2:0 YUV sample format, or in 4:4:4 RGB format.
You may play files in a different component order (like YUV, YVU, UYV, RGB), in progressive (one single field) or interlaced (two fields) format, in planar or packed pixel format, or in predefined or arbitrary resolution. You can choose between several FOURCC modes.
Basic playback controls are implemented for helping you start or stop the current selection, reverse the playing mode, drag the built-in slider to a certain frame, and choose the YUV components that are displayed. A file history manager keeps track of all opened items and allows you to quickly load them.
YUV convertor
You can perform conversion tasks between YUV, RGB, UYNV, Y422, YUY2, and other file formats, join two files into a single item, crop an area from YUV files, flip YUV files vertically, merge single Y, U, and V components into a single YUV item, as well as split Y, U, and V components into separate files.
YUV analyzer and editor
YUVTools is able to calculate the PSNR value between two YUV files and generate a report, check the differences between two YUV items, overlay info on top of YUV items, and check motions between two adjacent frames.
When it comes to editing functions, you may inspect and alter YUV files, put one picture on top of another YUV image, and perform AVI to YUV decoding tasks and YUV to AVI encoding actions.
Final verdict
The bottom line is that YUVTools comes packed with advanced and powerful features for helping examine you YUV or RGB video data, and is suitable especially for software/hardware developers and professional users.


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Network Spy Crack + With Registration Code Download

The Network Spy Crack Keygen is a network monitoring application that will let you track any internet activity from an unknown IP address.
It includes a powerful and flexible timeline view that allows you to see all network connections of the system in a single overview.
Network Spy Download With Full Crack has a timeline view of all network connections.
You can click on any of the applications connected to the network or services using the specified IP address to get more information about that connection.
Each application or service can be inspected with a series of subpanels.
In this panel we can see the IP address, the application name, a status bar, ports, protocols and/or domains.
You can also use the timeline view to quickly see the number of packets transfered for any service or application.
Advanced network analysis features
The network spy can also be used for advanced analysis.
The program can filter the events based on the following criteria:

IP address
Port number
Target hostname
Application name
Source IP address
Request type
Files transfered

When creating a filter, the options are simple, such as IP address, hostname or port number.
The timeline view is updated every second, which is perfect for monitoring the network.
It doesn’t require installing third party software or use a third party server.
Software requirement
Any operating system with Cygwin or Wine installed.
Full System Requirements
Windows: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
MAC OSX: 10.4 and later
Linux: Wine-friendly Linux
The program has several installation options. It is a graphical application, so you can just launch the installer through the Cygwin Terminal or the Apple Desktop Environment from Applications menu.
In addition, you can also download and install it using a Setup ISO image.
Or you can even download the archive and run it directly from the ZIP file.
Network Spy on the Mac OSX opens and runs fine in the latest versions of OS X – 10.9 and above.
The application is compatible with any keyboard shortcut.
You can find Network Spy on the Mac OSX here.
Network Spy for Windows runs on Windows 9X, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows Server 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012

Network Spy Crack+ Full Product Key

Network Spy Crack Free Download is a freeware that aims to provide you with a tool to remotely monitor traffic, perform activity analysis, detect usage violations, block private addresses, block inbound P2P connection attempts, view hidden files and the list goes on.
It’s small, stable and reasonably easy to use. The program sports a contemporary yet simplistic interface that is categorized by the type of network traffic that can be observed. It consists of filtering lists, access to the hidden folder view, a screenshot taker and a speed meter.
Easy setup and interface
You can use the program by simply installing the software on any computer on the local network. It requires a Windows operating system and provides you with an opportunity to use an interface description of the local network of the selected computer.
The program offers you a number of options, depending on whether you want to analyze P2P traffic, web traffic, MSN/Yahoo/Bing, e-mail, IRC, URL and DNS requests.
Basic network traffic-related options
Network Spy Crack Keygen can be used as a P2P application, an internet-oriented application or as a DNS sniffer. The software can be used from the local machine, through the File Sharing, Remote Access, Telnet, VPN and Virtual Private Network modes.
By default, you can observe a variety of data such as e-mail, chat, instant messaging, stock quotes, file sharing, web surfing and other network activities. The sniffer can also enable the program to preview traffic packets, as well as view hidden files and the list goes on.
The program sports a number of other features that include: tracking of Internet connections, hiding of traffic and requests, file folder encryption, and a remote network activity analyzer.
System requirements
Network Spy works on all Windows version that support Windows 2000, XP and Windows Vista.
Bottom line
All in all, Network Spy is a useful tool that will help you monitor your network traffic. It’s free of charge and does not require pre-installed software. The program is well-designed, easy to set up and easy to use.
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Network Spy Product Key Download

NetworkSpy is a powerful software solution that allows you to monitor your network traffic, detect which applications are the most active, identify their connection to a wide range of Internet services, and the like.
The first built-in feature is the possibility to snoop on your neighbor’s wireless network. That way, you can monitor all the traffic transferred on the router, as well as the devices connected to it.
Supported devices
The list of supported devices is long and includes the devices powered by the IEEE 802.11a, b, g, n/ac/ad, j, and g2 standards, and also Bluetooth: you can spy your neighbor’s laptop and smartphone, as well as printers, toaster, fax machine, and other devices.
The interface is pretty simple: you can scan the connections over the network by color; additionally, you can identify the device name, connection speed, data throughput, and the MAC addresses of all the devices present on the router.
You can use the intuitive NetworkSpy to make sure that all the data exchanged on your home network remains secure. Through the built-in WEP/WPA/WPA2 firewall, all the network traffic will be secured from being intercepted. That way, your laptop and smartphone will be protected, as well as all your sensitive data, including banking transactions and certificates.
Additionally, you can use this type of coverage to identify which applications are used by your computer and, at the same time, which Internet websites are visited. It’s especially handy when you need to check your children’s browsing, or when you need to keep an eye on the data purchased over the Steam network.
If you require more coverage, you can opt for wireless network monitoring. Thus, you can observe all the WLANs in your range, including the signals sent from the different access points to the Internet, and all the devices connected to the router.
Spy-On-SMB/CIFS Networks
If you’re a Windows administrator, you can use NetworkSpy to monitor your file transfers made via a network share. In this case, all the traffic, including the data transferred over the SMB protocol, is easily tracked. In the same way, you can check the traffic between Windows clients on a CIFS network as well.
This application is extremely useful if you need to keep an eye on your other PCs located on

What’s New in the Network Spy?

Network Spy for Windows is a network monitoring tool that allows you to easily understand what is happening on the network and how to solve network problems. The program offers various tools for troubleshooting network problems, such as graph analysis, router address list, network traffic monitor, packet analyzer, network sniffer and TCPView.
Network Monitor
Network Monitor is a great software for monitoring network traffic. Network Monitor allows you to create your own communication profiles and perform deep packet inspection.
The application also allows you to share the information you get with other users on the network via instant messages.
Moreover, Network Monitor can help you locate bandwidth hogs, track internet users, trace websites and control and monitor internet behavior of network users.
However, you need administrative privileges to access and monitor network traffic.
TCPView is a wonderful software that enables you to analyze TCP/IP traffic and log protocol statistics and statistics.
Easily view protocols statistics
TCPView for Windows is a handy tool that can help you view statistics for each of the TCP/IP protocols.
To get this information, you need to open Network Monitor and log in to your router. In the menu on the left, select TCP/IP and TCP statistics.
In the next window, you can select the protocol you want to view information for and a complete view of the information that you need.

Virtuoso Player is a cool, free and open source jukebox for videos, music, music books and other audio content. It keeps a catalog of your collection.
The Virtuoso Player is a free open-source jukebox application, based on the LGPL that supports videos, music, music books and other audio content.
Virtuoso player supports the audio and video formats most common on the internet. With the easy to use interface, it allows you to play audio and video content, add to your collection and synchronize your music collection with your media players.
The Virtuoso Player is a free open-source jukebox application, based on the LGPL that supports videos, music, music books and other audio content. It keeps a catalog of your collection.
Virtuoso player supports the audio and video formats most common on the internet. With the easy to use interface, it allows you to play audio and video content, add to your collection and synchronize your music collection with your

System Requirements For Network Spy:

3.5 GHz or faster processor
512 MB RAM
100 MB available disk space
Windows Vista or Windows 7
Game Manual – readme.txt
Known Issues:
Known Bugs:
* Enraged Skeletron is occasionally unable to respawn due to game freezing issues and has been put on hold.
* Skeletron sometimes leaves off the end of a wave.
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As we move through the final quarter of the year, we are seeing a

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