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A.S. Football Play Editor is a lightweight Windows educational program developed to help you organize football games, design play strategies, and keep track of players.
User-friendly looks
The intuitive working environment allows easy tracking of all football games, play strategies and players. A small preview panel reveals the corresponding player or play.
Create playbooks
Playbooks are used for storing all game sessions in a single place. You may define a new one by specifying the name and adding plays in the main panel using the drag-and-drop support.
Define game strategies
You can design multiple game strategies, so-called plays, by providing a name and dragging and dropping players onto the desired position in the field.
In addition, you may build up routes, pick the route color from several preset options (black, red, blue and yellow), choose the route style (solid or dash-dot), select the starting point (top or bottom of the player), as well as modify the end of the line used for tracing the route (arrow, ‘T’ or none).
A.S. Football Play Editor lets you show or hide the names, pick the preferred background type (half or full field, 30 yards, grass, whiteboard), end or delete routes, and copy plays to the clipboard.
Monitor multiple players and print data
You can keep track of multiple players and create a new one by specifying the player’s number or abbreviated position and selecting its shape representation in the field (circle, square or triangle) and color (red, blue or yellow).
Printing options are available for playbooks and game strategies. Tests have revealed that A.S. Football Play Editor carries out a task quickly and without errors. It remains friendly with system resources, so the overall performance of the computer is not hampered.
Bottom line
All in all, A.S. Football Play Editor implements a basic feature pack for helping you define your football games and manage players, and is suitable especially for less experienced users.


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• This Zonerider Network license includes all upgrades, additions, updates and improvements.
• If you purchase a Zonerider Network License, and do not have full ownership rights to the Software in their applicable license due to a recent transfer, purchase or sale to another party. You MUST transfer ownership to the current owner of the Zonerider license otherwise you will be liable for the current license and will be required to purchase a new license.
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• Zonerider Networks or their agents are not liable for damages of any kind as a result of these licensed software updates.
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Asterisk is an easy-to-use lightweight fax server for enterprise and small-office use. It is designed as a fax server for easy integration into existing messaging infrastructure, without the need to manually provision fax devices or learn new fax server solutions.
Asterisk is fully integrated with third-party fax solutions, including Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365, and Asterisk Unified Messaging. For example, users can receive faxes directly in Outlook. Asterisk provides full fax management, an in-box page, and text-only interfaces for clients. Asterisk can integrate with a variety of IP PBXs, allowing SIP and PSTN signaling for all supported phone devices and fax devices.
Key features
Asterisk supports all protocols: IEEE 1394, PacketFlux, RSVP, AMI, SIP, and many more. Asterisk is an inexpensive and compact solution for business users.
Lightweight and simple to deploy. Asterisk is designed for small- to medium-size organizations.
Fax Service can be installed directly in Asterisk by using the Interactive Installation wizard. Any existing fax service or hardware can be used with Asterisk.
Compliant with the RFC 2326 protocol. Asterisk is based on the same RFC 2326 protocol and supports the PSTN and IP protocols of the telco market.
PHP is installed as the default language. PHP can be changed to another language or system by using a simple configuration file.
Asterisk is compatible with the following features:
Automatically determine the incoming and outgoing fax telephone numbers when an incoming fax is sent or an outgoing fax is received. For example, it can detect the 1-800 number of a called party when a call is answered by voicemail.
Automatically cancel a fax session when the called party disconnects.
Automatically move a fax to a specified mailbox in an Exchange server when an incoming fax arrives.
Automatically export fax to a PSTN fax device in the Enterprise Edition.
Automatically export fax to a PSTN fax device in the Basic Edition.
Automatically export fax to a SIP device in the Basic Edition.
Automatically export fax to a SIP device in the Enterprise Edition.
Automatically export fax to a SIP device in the Vigor Edition.
Automatically import fax from a SIP or PSTN device in the Basic Edition.
Automatically import fax from a SIP or PSTN device in the Enterprise Edition.
Automatically import fax from

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– DMX addresses the whole control channel, from the user interface to the plant.
– DMX Control knows what equipment you use and which lights work with it. You can turn lights on or off from DMX Control.
– Within just a few seconds a DMX Control installation is up and running.
– When you connect a DMX interface, a welcome screen opens that will help you to create or edit DMX Control groups and interfaces.
– You are able to configure the data to be sent to each interface.
– You are able to change groups and commands directly in the control panel.
– With DMX Control you are able to automate the control of your whole lighting scene.
– DMX Control supports the following channels:
– DMX512, DMX512+, DMX512P
– DMX512e
– DMX512e2
– DMX512e/S, DMX512e/S2
– DMX512e/T, DMX512e/T2
– DMX512e/D, DMX512e/D2
– DMX512e/CP
– DMX512e/O
– DMX512e/P
– DMX512e/T
– DMX512e/G
– DMX512e/4A
– DMX512e/4B
– DMX512e/4C
– DMX512e/4D
– DMX512e/G
– DMX512e/H
– DMX512e/J
– DMX512e/K
– DMX512e/L
– DMX512e/5A
– DMX512e/5B
– DMX512e/5C
– DMX512e/5D
– DMX512e/O
– DMX512e/P
– DMX512e/5
– DMX512e/6A
– DMX512e/6B
– DMX512e/6C
– DMX512e/6D
– DMX512e/G
– DMX512e/7A
– DMX512e/7B
– DMX512e/7C
– DMX512e/7D
– DMX512e/O
– DMX512e/P
– DMX512e/T

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This application is a GUI written in java for your Yahoo! Chat system. The Yahoo! Widget Engine is required to be installed first, then it can be downloaded to your computer. Once it has been installed on your computer, downloading the GUI will be a simple process.
■ Advanced, easy-to-use interface.
■ Supports over 70 different Chat Bots.
■ You can save more than one Chat Bot and learn from them.
■ You can even support other Chat Bots as well as your own!
■ It is completely customizable and can be changed to any skin you wish.
■ It is a free application, with no adware or spyware.
■ It supports constant updates.
■ It is designed to work on both desktops and laptops.
■ It was written in Java.
■ It is safe and free to use.
■ It is intended for personal use only.
■ Please read the instructions provided in the Help menu.
Highlighted Features:
■ Since it is built into the java interface of the Yahoo! Widget engine, you can chat with any Chat Bot on any website.
■ The Chat Bots automatically adapt to the skin set up on your computer.
■ You can have different skins for each Chat Bot.
■ You can also have different skins for the different Chat Bots in the Chat Bot collection.
■ An extensive collection of Chat Bots is pre-loaded, so that you are ready to start using the software immediately.
■ It is simple to install and easy to use.
■ A detailed manual is included.
■ The Help menu contains extensive information and instructions to get you started right away.
Special thanks to Microsoft for creating the Yahoo! Widget engine, and to SKIN WIZART of Stockholm for creating the skins for this software.
■ You can always update to the latest version of the software.
■ You can choose to download an update when you first launch the program, or you can check the Update section on the top of the menu bar.
■ The application also includes a huge number of Chat Bots.
■ The Chat Bots are also updated.
■ Also, if you need to change a skin, you can download

System Requirements:

* Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)
* RAM: 1 GB
* Hard Disk Space: 1 GB
* For DCS: World on Steam
* For DCS: ATS: Warzone on Steam
* Also works on PC with Windows 7
* Network
* Webcam
* Controller
* Mouse or gamepad
* Graphics card
* License key
* TrueAudio audio device (Realtek ALC260 or compatible)

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