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At this point, there are few text-related applications that could surprise a user. Onyxpad, unfortunately, does not seem to be one of those. Still, this nifty pad does offer a compact text-editing bundle for those moments when nothing else can really be of use. It's easy to handle and very intuitive, well-organized, and easy to integrate aesthetically too.
All you need to quickly write down information
It might not be an Office suite, but this application can easily allow users to deal with TXT files. The window is divided into three panes. One can be left hidden and used only when needed. The first one has to do with the opened TXT files in the app. The second is the window in which you can add or remove text, depending on what you're trying to do.
The last and most interesting can be used to browse one's PC for a specific file to open in the program. In other words, you won't need to close the app or search independently on your computer for files. The history log is just as useful for keeping track of the changes you've brought to your document or documents.
Smart, simple and organized design
The best part about this application is that it has integrated tools such as search capabilities, zoom, and resolution adjustment options in a very easy-to-spot area. The toolbar is not crowded. Each particular action has a pictogram, and there's an additional set of options in each menu drawer. There are key combinations for executing various commands. Cut, copy, scroll and select parts of your text by using a specific key combo.
There's even the option to change the app theme, for easier integration with the rest of your OS's look. The interface might be a bit on the simplistic side, but it's not outdated. It has that minimalist vibe we've been accustomed to since Windows 8.
Onyxpad might not be an application to rush to and grab for long-term use. On the contrary, it's a program you might use once because you need something capable, small, and easy-to-work-with and abandon it afterward. Even so, if during that one-time-use it proves to be helpful, you've managed to unlock its potential.







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This section is reserved for third-party tools used in the creation of OnyxPad.

Explorer, Windows

The Explorer window is the main user interface for Windows. It is intended to display and arrange folders, files, programs, applications, documents, and other items for a user and it displays, arranges, and organizes the contents of a folder or disk drive. It combines the functions of a file manager, a file browser, the Explorer window, along with Windows Explorer-specific commands, provides a graphical user interface to the file system of a computer. A number of file managers, like GNOME Browse. MacOS and even the Apple Finder, are based upon the concept of the Explorer window and it is intended for use as a file browser. Often when possible, the Explorer window uses less system resources than other file managers to achieve the same result. For viewing files in the system. A single name may also. A single window is used throughout the life of a program to view folder contents. Files can be opened, closed, moved between, rearranged, searched, and more using the Explorer window. Windows Explorer uses the concept of a folder to organize and manage files, often referred to as folders, directories, A windows Explorer window displays information about a particular folder. A general file manager Window Explorer is a windows application program for Windows that allows the user to view and manipulate files, folders, and their contents. Windows Explorer combines the functions of a File Manager, File Browser. Windows Explorer is a window application program for Windows operating systems. Windows Explorer is a graphical user interface provided by Microsoft to display and arrange files, folders, and other items for a user. It is intended to display and arrange folders. The Explorer window is typically called to display the contents of a windows folder, into which Windows Explorer automatically inserts the contents of a particular directory. Of the two folder views available, in the folder view, windows Explorer displays a window with an icon for each entry in the current folder. Selecting an entry opens the item in the folder, and selecting a window displays the contents of the selected folder or folder item in a new window. From left to right, Windows Explorer provides information on a file, folder, drive, The same window is used throughout the life of the application to view folder contents. Windows Explorer uses the concept of a folder to organize and manage files, often referred to as folders, directories, Windows Explorer is the primary file manager for Windows

Onyxpad [Win/Mac]

(Online Link:
Onyxpad is a new writer pad for Windows. It’s really simple and easy to use.
This keyboard is an alternative to other applications and the one that you use. Onyxpad will be really powerful and flexible to integrate into your writing process. It has a beautiful minimalist design and is very easy to handle.
It’s a unique and different keyboard with a new utility to write and edit text directly on the screen. Onyxpad keyboard has been designed to save time and to save space. Writing directly on the screen can be used in all cases.
Onyxpad uses no multiple copy of a text; we have only one copy and we can edit it in real time.
The keyboard has 2 modes of use.
In edit mode you can edit the text of any document, Word, Excel, Power Point, PDF and other formats.
In the notes mode you can write, edit, test and store all your notes.
In notes mode the keyboard has specific keys to open the different notes which you make in these notes.
In notes mode the keyboard has a special zoom function to make it easier to read the text and document.
You can also flip the keyboard to write left or right.
You can create and save notes directly.
The 2 modes of use and the special keys can be configured in the keyboard options.
You can move the mouse cursor to the place that you want to make a new note. You can also touch the cursor.
The keyboard shortcuts and mouse shortcuts can be configured.
You can open a new note by pressing the CTRL + N key.
You can also choose if you want to have a new window or the same as the current one by pressing the CTRL + N key.
You can remove the window by pressing the CTRL + W key.
You can open all windows of the current note by pressing the CTRL + Shift + L.
You can lock the notes keyboard and mouse by pressing the L key.
By using the option print you can print the keyboard on the computer screen.
It can also be used for presentations.
It can be used to write about the environment or anything you want.
What’s new
* New keyboard UI! From the last version it has been modified to be a little more simple.
* New localization! Thanks for all the feedback! I really appreciate it.

Onyxpad PC/Windows

WPS Office is a document and spreadsheet editor that offers a revolutionary new format for word processing documents. WPS Office removes the need for inserting or reading images when creating documents. WPS Office removes the need to use separate programs such as Adobe Acrobat when creating and editing documents.

With the ability to embed images, WPS Office not only frees you from the need to purchase additional software, but it also enables collaboration among users who are not in the same location. You can work on a document or spreadsheet in any computer without being required to use a computer with the same operating system and location as others using the same document or spreadsheet.

All documents created with WPS Office can be edited and saved in WPS Office and can be used in other WPS Office applications, WPS Office and other applications. You can also share files to other computers on a network using HTML or PDF format.

WPS Office has some sample files and tutorials to help you get started. You can also watch a demo that shows you how the application works on YouTube.

The hard drive is constantly on, and the battery will last a long time. The attached keyboard is completely flat and the back is convenient for one handed operation, and there is also no need to touch the stylus. This active pen can be used from any angle, so you are never restricted to the working area. This device will not shift when moved, and is the ideal pen for writing notes or drawing in creative classes

The stylus and pen can hold up to 100 of ink or more to make sure there are no problems with the ink. At the same time, the integrated cleaning brush can be used to clean the stylus.

The stylus can attach itself to the back of the tablet, and it has been painted with a special anti-graffiti coating to ensure that it will not get covered with paint as long as it is used.

This product is designed to work with Windows and Windows Mobile and offers a wide range of features and operations. The Windows operating system is designed to be simple and easy for all users.

The PC is also equipped with a multi-window function that enables users to have multiple documents open at the same time, and the application can be operated with the stylus and pen. Users can also write on the screen with a virtual keyboard, and there are options for integrating handwriting recognition.

The tablet is easier to hold than a tablet in your hand, and provides a more comfortable

What’s New In?

Onyxpad is a small and very intuitive text editor for the Windows platform. It is made especially for users that don’t want to open an application just to write a few words. The program is packed with great tools that allow you to write, adjust formatting, select and cut text, as well as save and close your documents without having to launch another app. This type of program is great for people who want to have a smaller text editor on their computer but don’t want it to consume a lot of system resources. It is very similar to an Online Notepad, but Onyxpad is a full-fledged app and is supposed to be able to deal with more complex files. Some of the advanced options, like a note board for editing and chatting, round up Onyxpad’s formula.
Key features:
* Play and work with many txt formats
* Unlimited Undo/Redo
* Copy/Cut/Paste via keyboard or Mouse
* Plain Text, Text Width, Text Height options
* Cut, copy, paste directly from menu bar
* Notes Board for quick changes
* Paste image directly from clipboard
* Scroll with Mouse Wheel
* Choose from 7 different Themes
* Free and Open-source
* Support for nearly all modern browsers.
Price: Free. Onyxpad Download the tape. The fact that the tape was destroyed by accident should not be a factor in whether the contents of the tape may be admitted.
*861 Under either theory, whether exigent circumstances or trustworthiness, a tape recording of the conversation between appellant and his girlfriend may be admitted because of its ultimate relevancy in proving the crime charged.
Appellant argues that the tape was inadmissible because the State failed to show that the taping was done with the consent of the person whose conversation is being recorded or that it was done by a law enforcement officer.
We have held that the best practice is to record the conversation with the consent of the person whose conversation is being recorded. However, where consent cannot be obtained, “equally good practice is to record the conversation with the consent of the law enforcement agency conducting the investigation.” State v. Johnson, 59 Wn. App. at 180. The State has shown the consent of the police department. Additionally, the State showed that the tape was recorded by the police department in its investigation of criminal activity and not with the consent of the person whose conversation is being recorded. These facts have been sufficiently established, and the tape

System Requirements For Onyxpad:

All soundcard drivers are tested on the Mac with “CoreAudio.framework, VST 2.x & VST 3.0 drivers (from Apple)” installed.
Dual Core 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (Intel is using Mac OS X 10.4.8)
Disc space:
25 GB free space
Apple High Definition video display
NTSC (Japanese) S-Video and Sound


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