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Remote Note is an interesting and easy solution to the problem of organizing and centralizing your essential data and notes. If you ever wished you could have a permanent, secure and amazingly convenient home for all your stuff. Remote Note is for you!
Well how does it work?
Remote Note runs as a simple yet powerful desktop utility which allows you access to your stored information on the web with a single keystroke.
Remote Note helps you organize your data into color coded categories and subcategories for easy access. With drag and drop, hot docking, search, visibility and navigation controls working with your data has never been easier.
Remote Note lets you store your data in a highly secure fashion on our servers for access anywhere you have Remote Note installed. Since only YOU hold the keys to your data it is nearly impossible for your private stores to be compromised.
Remote Note also allows you to share information with other subscribers. Any note or category can be exported and delivered to another user and is also secured before it ever leaves your desktop with public key encryption.
Remote Note helps you quickly copy and paste essential data into a ‘capture’ note thus eliminating the need to open a MS Word document when you are doing internet research for instance.
■ Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1
■ 30 days trial







RemoteNote Crack License Key Full Free [Mac/Win]

Remote Note is a desktop utility that allows you to take your data and store it in a secure manner on our remote servers. All your notes and information can be accessed through our website with the click of a button.

Advanced Server User Licence
Additional Programming Features:
■ Ability to integrate your own database. We have the framework installed to allow you to use a database. It is easy to use, set up and maintain with our easy to use tools. We have the database web based so all your users will need the same SQL server.sql database.
■ Includes an audit trail of all changes as well as an audit log. We do not use forms, nor do we generate passwords. We can leave the database open to the internet or only allow users to view their own data. We offer all this with no charge. As we do not generate passwords, we can leave the database open to the internet. We do have security but we do not require you to register.
■ Security and Backup features allow you to save your data in a secure manner on our server and allow you to backup your data on any schedule.
■ Highly customizable. You can program anything as you would in a standard application.
■ No other software packages or costs required.
■ A great tool to organize, store and access your data.

Licensing Information:
Click here to learn more information about the licensing option.

System Requirements:
■ Windows 2000 or higher
■ Firefox 1.5 or higher
■ MS Word for viewing notes.
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RemoteNote Crack+ Download

With RemoteNote Serial Key you can have, access, share, secure and organize your data, no matter where you are! You can even add notes in different colors and organize them into categories. Every note you make has its own category and once placed in a category, can be assigned one of eight colors and subcategories. Then accessing your data is as easy as one single keystroke.
Just right click anywhere on the screen, drag and drop the item you want to add to the note. No matter what type of information you want to add, helpfile, calendar date, web page or image, just click the mouse and drag to the right and it will be added automatically to your note.

Drop Microsoft Word Documents directly into the note. These are automatically archived in a location of your choice, and are encrypted before being sent to your destination in the cloud, just add the document (or images) to the note and it will be sent.

Convert Notes into HotDock Notes to add notes to the actual windows desktop. Simply right click any window in the taskbar and drag the HotDock icon into the window to add it. Also all the above actions can be done for notes you create and have selected to be sent to the desktop.

You can create notes and drag them from your desktop to the cloud. Then to the SAME note from ANY computer. This can be useful for traveling, work related, or any other reason.

Once a note is set to public, an email with the public key is sent to the note’s owner. All private notes can be sent to email addresses, FTP sites and more.

Any change made to a note can be “Saved”.
Notes can be emailed anywhere! As long as the email address is valid, and you have a copy of RemoteNote somewhere else. All notes can be stored on a file, web page or FTP server.

Stay organized and stay in control of your data with RemoteNote. Once you start using your desktop with RemoteNote and it’s various tools, you will never look back.

Which Type Of Account Do I Need For Remote Note?

To use Remote Note you must have an account with us and have the requisite permissions to use Remote Note. So if you are going to use Remote Note, you would want to either sign up for a free account or use an existing one. Once you have decided on one, go to

RemoteNote Crack+ Full Version

Remote Note is a free utility that enables you to have an easy way to manage your notes. With Remote Note you can simply drag and drop any note into a designated folder and all your notes are instantly accessible.
You can configure the application to open the current note automatically when you open the desktop or add notes automatically from other programs by using hot docking. You can even add new notes through the built in search functionality.
Multiple notes can be open in split mode which can be closed individually. Another new feature is sharing notes through e-mail or ftp which means a note can be sent to another computer at will.
If you need to be able to access your data from a Windows CE based handheld device simply add a remote note to your application.
For more information and features that are not currently in the 0.3 version visit us on the web or


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V0.20 (23-Jun-2002) New features include:
New Interface
Now stores in database by default. In the future it will be available for download
Security – new encryption algorithms
New Encryption – now includes AES
New Encryption – DES3
New Encryption – AES
More document format support
More drag and drop support
More Stability
New Interface

■ NET Framework 1.1


In the Keywords box when you download click F1 if you are having problems or run it as an Administrator.

The latest version of RemoteNote is available for free download at:

Or order your own copy at, the Electronic Arts store or bookstores around the world.

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What’s New In?

Keyboard Shortcuts
■ Tab, D and space for “search notes”;
■ ctrl+s for “sync notes”
■ Ctrl+Shift+G for “search note window”;
■ F12 for “go to file store”;
■ CTRL+K for “copy to clipboard”
■ CTRL+U for “paste to clipboard”
When you need to store important data or have a task you need to complete. Set up one of your typical notes and hit return and you will find yourself there in seconds. Create a new category or add a note to an existing category. You can easily share this information by emailing the contents of the note or by creating an HTML version for the web.
You can also use this desktop utility as a journal for all your information. Create a note for every note you make and as you complete your tasks write down your conclusions. Move back to the beginning and continue where you left off from the last time you did this project.
With Remote Note you don’t have to leave the office to research ideas and information for yourself. The world is your office, except when you are doing important tasks or working on important projects. It can be anywhere you have internet access.
Subscribers to Remote Note can extend the functionality of their subscriptions. Remote Note subscribers can send invitations to send notes to other users. Each user can decide how long that note remains on their screen.
Notes can be password protected. This is done automatically by the remote note user.
Can I search through my notes?
Yes, you can search in all of your notes. If you see something you want to search for, you can also search the titles of all notes in that category.
Can I add a picture?
Yes, but you need to be careful where you are storing your picture. Your pictures can go into your Pictures folder or the Public Pictures folder. When you place a picture in the Public Pictures folder it will be uploaded to the web as a thumbnail. If you place a picture in your pictures folder, this will not happen.
Can I import my existing Notepad files?
Yes, you can export notes that are stored in your Notepad files and import them into Remote Note. If you have questions about how to do this, please visit our Help page at:

System Requirements For RemoteNote:

For the Xbox One version of the game you need an Xbox One console and a Kinect peripheral.
If you are playing on a Windows PC, make sure you have a minimum requirement of 8 GB of free space and at least 2 GB of RAM.
You need the latest version of DirectX 11 installed on your computer.
We highly recommend you have a high definition display and a stable internet connection.
If you own an original Xbox 360 and don’t have the latest version of Xbox Live Gold, you can download the latest game update.

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