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Sneaksy is a system utility that allows hiding folders on your PC. Home and Work accounts can be protected simultaneously by entering and using different passwords. Undetected files and folders can be accessed at any time without opening other applications. Best of all, Sneaksy does not interfere with your current operation and uses a single-click method of protection that does not require any additional software or drivers.
Our System Requirements:
Windows 7

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Sneaksy [32|64bit] [Latest]

How to set up Sneaksy

How to use Sneaksy

The idea behind Sneaksy is to have a list of files and folders which are supposed to be hidden. By accessing the executable through a command prompt or a batch file, the software can be modified to automatically add, remove, or edit files. A maximum number of your files is hard-coded, but it’s impossible to exceed this number, even on multiple attempts.
The first step to install Sneaksy is to locate a folder with only one user account and a password. On a Windows machine, it’s either the C:\Users\\Documents\ or C:\Users\\Documents\My Stuff\. This folder can be modified to add more directories or files, but this might overwrite existing files on that drive, causing the app to fail.
Another important thing to consider is the EXE itself, which is set to be invisible when opened, preventing the user from noticing it. It’s important to keep in mind that any attempt to run the setup file will automatically copy the files in the named directory. The EXE file is a.NET executable which will install the main.NET runtime in addition to the Hide.exe file.
The first time you run the setup file, it might take quite a while, as the program searches through your folders, looking for files and folders with one password per directory. Once found, the app checks if the directory contains other directories or even the EXE file itself. If that’s the case, it will also search through your folders, meaning you’re doomed for having too many passwords on your system.

Sneaksy Requirements


Windows 2000

Computer Memory: 2 MB

Processor: P3, P4, or Athlon

Hard Drive Space: ~1GB

Windows Vista

Computer Memory: 2 GB

Processor: P4 or Athlon

Hard Drive Space: ~2.5GB

Windows 7

Computer Memory: 2 GB

Processor: P4, Intel Core Duo, or AMD Athlon

Hard Drive Space: ~2GB

Windows 8

Computer Memory: 2 GB

Processor: Intel Core i3, i5, i7

Hard Drive Space: ~2.5GB

Windows 10


Processor: Intel Core i3, i5, i7

Hard Drive

Sneaksy Download (Latest)

1. Create folders and organize files in folders by automatically moving them to those locations without ever knowing the location or having to remember passwords.
2. Configure folder categories, such as “Personal,” and individual folders, such as “Work” or “Photos,” and move files into the correct category.
3. Automatically back up and organize your documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and photos.
4. Hide folders by name, or easily change the location without having to set or know a password.
5. Quickly bring back hidden items with a single click.
6. Keep family members from accessing private accounts by choosing different passwords to each account.
7. Add, delete, and restore folders and items.
8. Configure security for single accounts or families of accounts.
9. Automatically send files and folders as messages, so files can be delivered via email or MMS.
10. Manage and restore encrypted partitions.
11. Lock or unlock folders with one click and files with a single click.
12. Set folders to hide items.

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What’s New In Sneaksy?

Hide files and folders on Windows, encrypted and inaccessible by any other method of file manipulation.
It is a standalone application that requires no installation, can be used as often as needed and leaves no evidence in the system.
Sneaksy is a very simple to use and easy to use file hiding software for Windows, offering the most complete solution for hiding your files.
Its main feature is hiding files or folders with password protection, which is a very different way from that already existing in the market.

Download and use, right away!

How to use Sneaksy

1. Install and Run on Windows 10/8/7
Sneaksy is a standalone application that requires no installation and its executable file is small and simple, so it will be easy for you to run and use.

2. Set Up Password and Save
Once the application is installed, you will need to set up the password that will be used to access the hidden files. To do this, you need to hit the button on the application’s interface, right next to the field where your password will be saved, which will reveal another menu where you will be able to set up different passwords.
If you want to access the same files with more than one password, you can set up a new password or change one of the existing ones, according to your needs.

3. Use Sneaksy to Hide Files and Folders
Once you have successfully set up the password, you can create a new or edit an existing hidden folder. This is done by hitting the small button right next to the “Save” text that appears when you have successfully saved the new password, in order to set up a new folder or add another password to an existing folder.
This method is extremely simple and straightforward, and there’s no unnecessary steps like creating a new folder or folder selection, as the folder that is hidden will already appear on the screen.

4. Extract & Remove Files
Sneaksy has a great feature of being able to use its password without problem to extract the application from the system or hide the original folder that hid the files. For this you just need to hit the small button that appears when you have successfully set up the password, which will open a file manager window that will show you two options.
By pressing the exe option, you can use the password to extract the program. If you select the dir option, you

System Requirements For Sneaksy:

Supported OS:
Minimum OS: Vista SP2
Supported Mac OS: 10.6 Snow Leopard (Vista SP2 compatible)
Minimum OS: Windows 7
Minimum OS: Windows Vista SP2
Minimum OS: Windows XP SP3
Minimum RAM: 2 GB (4 GB is recommended for best experience)
Minimum RAM: 2 GB (4 GB is recommended for

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