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Spectrum TV (formerly Always On – TV Viewer) [Latest]

Spectrum TV is the most advanced way to watch and manage every online video on
tv.com with a single URL click. Watch the entire range of TV programs from
all regions at a glance. Easily search and manage favourite videos and series
with the integrated search and history. Find and watch episodes of the series
or movies you want by category and season and time.

I tried multiple different languages and countries, which offer a selection of over 1700 different countries and languages. One major difference is to be noticed in all the different panels: instead of a clean list, you can also see all content within a single page (zones).

For every TV channel you can clearly see the video streams in the respective area, as well as various statistics for such an area.
For instance, there is a diagram telling you what are the channels you have caught in which country:



Installer / Archiver download: Spectrum TV 2.9.0
Linux, MacOS, Windows (64bits / 32bits)

… and all other available builds can be found here:



Overall, Spectrum TV is a neat application. It offers a simple, user-friendly approach to online video viewing.
It is important to keep in mind that the number of countries and versions available is still rather small.

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Spectrum TV (formerly Always On – TV Viewer) Crack+ Product Key Full

published:06 Jun 2017


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Spectrum TV (formerly Always On – TV Viewer) Crack+

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What’s New In Spectrum TV (formerly Always On – TV Viewer)?

Watch over 250 TV Channels Online and Download TV Series in HD Online Free

When watching videos, you can switch between audio and subtitles, set your own player controls and view related info.

Spectrum TV is the easiest free way to stream and download TV shows and movies online. No signups, no subscriptions, no account required! Now you can watch thousands of movies and TV shows online.

Watch over 250 TV Channels online at free

Watch all favorite TV shows in high-quality HD (1440×1080) and a high speed without installation

Download TV series in any format

Streaming TV channels without downloading

One click on a TV channel on the desktop and go directly to the video

Search for any video and watch it in streaming

Seamless integration with Youtube, Vimeo and other popular sites

Watch TV series, movies and documentaries online

Search for any movie or TV show by title

View information about the TV show or movie, series cast, plots, producers and directors

Export the list of TV show to your mobile phone as an EPG with your favorite channels

Import your EPG to Spectrum TV

Browse the top rated movies

View ratings for each movie, producers, categories, productions and years of release

Find the most downloaded and viewed movies and TV shows

Import your favorites to Spectrum TV

Report movies as inactive or inactive movies as a productive movies

Rate movies and leave a comment on movies

Integration with social networking

See who are the friends, users or contacts of the movie or TV show

See who rated the movie or TV show and who recommended it to you

Import the contacts list to Spectrum TV

Make Spectrums a part of your social life and make sure people will not know you are watching TV

Rate all your favorite movies and TV shows with an easy one-click

Rating movies and TV shows

Spectrum TV is easy to use and works without any problems. I tested it for 3 days continuously. It works smoothly at all times without any lags or errors. I like that the interface is designed quite intuitively and easy to use, even for non-techie people.
The channel’s catalog is quite large, and it is a nice addition to make browsing channels easier, from my perspective. The interface could definitely be improved, though, perhaps with more tabs or dedicated folders to make it even

System Requirements For Spectrum TV (formerly Always On – TV Viewer):

Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit) or Windows 8 (32-bit or 64-bit)
1.8 GHz processor
4 GB available space
Windows 10 compatibility
DirectX 11.0 and OpenGL 4.0
An Xbox One or Xbox 360 controller
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