TSUThin [Mac/Win]

The TSUthin application was designed for Windows Terminal Services Client diskless computer network clients. It is used to boot (diskless) workstations over a network using PXE boot but it is possible to boot PXE from a CDROM or hard disk if the network card or BIOS do not support PXE. Today all mainboards have integrated NIC support PXE.
TSUthin package includes :
■ Thinclient software for unlimited number of thin clients
■ Terminal services unlimited document a workaround for terminal services licensing
■ document for creating Windows Terminal Services support thin clients booting
■ NEW guide and files how to configure windows 2003 server using TFTP to automatically supply image to thinclient, without FDD or CDROM image if NIC supports PXE boot
What will you get?
You will get pdf document with detailed steps for Windows Terminal Services Unlimited legal way for using terminal services in grace period, document for configuring thin clients to boot from PXE CDROM or floppy, document for configure Windows server services to support booting from PXE. All required boot images will be supplied to you.
Option is to get by post mail all documents printed and all software on the CD. You will get one PXE BOOT diskette, one PXE BOOT CDROM, CDROM with electronic pdf documents and paper, please contact me for this delivery.ISO file for download only available to burn on the CD.
■ P200, 16MB RAM, PXE NIC


Download —> https://byltly.com/2n9ejp

Download —> https://byltly.com/2n9ejp






TSUThin (Updated 2022)

TSUthin is a software that allows to use terminal services with a unlimitted number of thin clients over the network. All terminal services devices must accept tsuthin client and all thin clients need to be powered off before using tsuthin. At the end of the installation the PXE installer connects to the local network and boots a thin client from PXE. The PXE installation allows the user to have a TSUthin server booting some thin client (Default TSUthin virtual image) from a CDROM or a floppy and booting another thin client (Optional TSUthin virtual image) from the hard disk. This provides an unlimited number of terminal services thin clients in a regular Windows network without any licensing key activation.
Documents are available on the web. You can use any thin client which supports pxe booting (Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista) and have a network card supporting PXE boot. No need to use VMware or any virtual machine.Guanine nucleotide-insensitive GABA receptors in the cat spinal cord: receptor properties.
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TSUthin can boot all thin clients workstation where you got a PXE NIC which support PXE boot and TFTP. Tutorials include how to configure TS services unlimited the point which is working on workstation which have previous installation TS. As you can see in the attached image of the thin client boot screen on the bottom you can choose what to boot if you have more than one diskette and PXE boot option.
Different boots are configured for different purposes. From left to right are photos of boot menu.
■ Thin client booting using a TFTP server at IP 192.168.x.y
■ Thin client booting using an IP 195.175.x.x at a TFTP server at 192.168.x.y
■ Thin client booting using a PXE server at IP 192.168.x.y
■ Thin client booting from CDROM.
Is there any option to boot all workstations with the USB key?
Yes. In this tutorial you can see that it is possible.
How to unistall TSUthin for TS unlimited licensing if you don’t use it anymore?
Just send me the mail and i will delete your information from my Database. It will not change your thin client files.

Thin client(Thincomputer) can start working via TFTP and PXE over LAN/WAN and other network shares.
For information only, But if you don’t use this thin client, it can be uninstalled from terminal server without any problem.
But for your workstation(regarding security for each workstation), you should have access to install TS licensing.
If you don’t need to use TS licensing for the thin client, just send me an email for removing the data. No delete file from registry and no delete files from the server (goofsoft.com)

Tsunami’s documentation contains a huge amount of information about how to set up a TS thin client machine for use on a network. TSUthin is a client application based on Tsunami. It does not modify Tsunami itself. TSUthin is a completely free product available for download at It is a free product licensed under the GNU GPL as set out in the TSUthin documentation. TSUthin is distributed in source code under the GPL. TSUthin is distributed in binary form


Generic PXE

This is generic PXE. It is a tiny script, based on minimal linux. It is not a GUI, but an application. It boots from pxe and is transparent to the user. It can boot from any PXE network using diskless mode. For instance, it can be used to boot from any remote Windows NT 4.0 thin client using boot.ini file. It uses standard PXE kernel, no garentees for that. It works on PXE 1.0.

TSUthin Full description:

ThinClient Utilities – thinclients, thinclient, terminal, terminal services, thin client, terminal services reference

Windows Terminal Services

The first name of the GUI for Windows Terminal Services is ESXi Management Console. ESXi management console is a system allowing to manage all basic components of terminal server. It includes management of active terminal servers and distribution of activation binaries. It is possible to manage all configuration details. It includes scripts for managing images. It allows to manage server hardware and run ESXi installation and boot. It has a built-in package installer. This kind of Windows terminal services management software allows to install and setup the basic software (decentralized applications like thinclient). It is a kind of terminal services manager software that can setup server for terminal services, thin clients booting. It also supports Windows Terminal Services (formerly Longhorn Terminal Services) for certain kind of terminal services. It is free for personal use. It supports version 2000 to 2003 servers. It is not supported for 2008 and 2012. It supports RDOS servers. It also supports active directory. You can use it to manage Microsoft terminal server networks. It is a GUI network configuration tool. You can run it as admin in terminal server. You can use it to configure many basics of terminal services. It includes tools for managing images and boot. It is a windows application. It is an program that allows to create and manage Windows terminal services network. It works without hard disks. It supports booting from iso, iso burned on CDROM, iso burned on floppy disk.

Personal or professional use

It is a system that allows to configure thin clients networks and allows to boot from any hard disk or CDROM. It supports Windows Terminal Services version 2000 to 2003, RDOS and 2008 and 2012 servers. You can configure thin client, thin client deployment, terminate installation, boot images and set up image, set up boot order, distribute images

What’s New in the?

TSUThin will boot the image on Windows client from a PXE thin client. PXE thin client is a thin client that boot using network and boot from the PXE network. The client will use TFTP to retrieve an image from a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 thin server and boot using the image. The thin client will have the Windows Server installed but it will not be locked down to a certain version of Windows.
You will get unlimited number of the thin clients and the installation will be easy as the client can use all kinds of common PXE thin client booting software. Once the thin client is booted with the thin client booting software the thin client will have all of Windows Server 2003 installed on the hard disk.
Many people will have Terminal Services support now but under normal licensing they are not allowed to use terminal services. This is where this project come to help. If you own a product which is a terminal services supported version then you can boot thin clients from a PXE CDROM, without having to use an FDD disk. It can also be used during the grace period of terminal services support. This project will provide a virtual machine solution to support terminal services. This virtual machine can boot using the PXE boot. The thin client can be directed by a normal deployment software to use the virtual machine for booting.
You can run unlimited number of thin clients without having an FDD disk.
To get started use the thin client deployment software on the PXE CDROM and install a virtual machine. Run the thin client deployment software in the terminal services client and configure it to boot using the virtual machine. You can also enable the technical support for this VMware thin client and configure it to do that. Once the client boots into the virtual machine it has a fully functional terminal services.
The thin client deployment software can be configured to deploy the Microsoft Terminal Services image on the thin client.
If you do not own the product then there are other options to get this thin client deployment software. All the files for this solution are inside the package so you can use the files on a PXE CDROM. However you will have to burn the files on a CDROM.

There is 1 year GPL license to this software and it is a work in progress.

the reason i want to develop this project is because i have terminal services license and i want to boot my computer using pxe boot from my pxe cdrom or floppy image.

I dont have

System Requirements:

Windows 10
Xbox One – software included
Xbox One X – software included
PlayStation®4 – software included
PlayStation®VR – software included
Additional Notes:
The Kinect® Sensor is included with the Xbox One X bundle, which is required for use of some features.
Included games require the Xbox Live Gold membership subscription to play online and some content will be available on a “tiers” basis, please refer to the in game content descriptions for more details.
More information about the


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