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WIFi Locator Full Crack offers users the chance to have a look at the nearby wireless access points available for online connection. The program will scan and display the information and the signals received by the access points.
The user needs to select the button to “Start” in order to scan the local wireless network for the available access points.
The application features a simple user interface that allows you to view the selected network’s name, its Wi-Fi channel, its power, its MAC address, its IP address and the location of the device.
You can browse the user’s list of available networks by clicking on the + or – buttons, but unfortunately you can only view the detailed information about the current chosen network.
No matter how many access points are found by the program, it only displays their name, its Wi-Fi channel, its MAC address, its power and its IP address.
If you need to get the geographical location of a single network or an entire list, the application features a button to export the list of access points to the computer’s clipboard.
However, in our tests, we didn’t manage to get the program to save the list of networks to the clipboard. Instead, it displays the message “The contents of the clipboard have been lost. Save the clipboard contents?”
All in all, WIFi Locator is a reliable and functional tool, but lacks important features such as the possibility of viewing the exact coordinates.
Test Summary:
WIFi Locator is a useful tool that allows you to locate a device by scanning the nearby access points.
The application does not allow you to export the list of found networks. In addition, it features a simple user interface and offers basic functions, allowing you to view the IP address of the device.
Additional Information:
WIFi Locator is developed by Apfix Communications Ltd. and is published by Apfix.
WIFi Locator is compatible with Windows operating systems and is available for download from the developer’s website.
The file is provided as a demo version without any limitations, so you can try the application for free.
This application is available for 32-bit operating systems.

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WIFi Locator Crack With License Code

WIFi Locator is an easy-to-use program that scans WiFi networks and displays their location on a map.
WIFi Locator Supports:
WIFi Locator does not support any version of Windows operating system.
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WIFi Locator Crack [Mac/Win]

– View nearby networks and choose to copy their location.
– Identify the active networks and detect their locations on a map.
– View and copy the WiFi network information such as network name, MAC address, signal strength, frequency or channel used.
– View detailed information such as IP, subnet mask or phone number.
– Identify the wireless devices in your vicinity.
– Select a network to scan the available wireless networks.
– Copy the entire list to the clipboard to transfer the details to other programs.
– Save the list of the available networks to your SD card.
– Tested on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

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What’s New In WIFi Locator?

* Quickly find the computer’s exact location
* Quickly find the computer’s location
* Find out the IP address of each network
* Show the IP address of each network
* Monitor a wide range of devices connected to your Wi-Fi network
* View the data of each device on your Wi-Fi network
* Display an extensive list of the devices connected to your Wi-Fi network
* View the list of all of the devices connected to a specific Wi-Fi network
* View the list of all of the devices connected to a specific Wi-Fi network
* View the device history of a specific network or Access Point
* View the history of multiple networks at once
* Display nearby network names in your area
* Display nearby networks in your area
* Display nearby networks in your area
* Display nearby networks in your area
* Credentials can be copied, shared, or text-box converted.
* Display the list of all the networks in the area
* Display the current IP address of your Wi-Fi network
* Display the current IP address of your Wi-Fi network
* You can view, edit, add, and delete your access point
* You can view, edit, add, and delete your access point
* This app will require Internet connection to function properly.
* This app will require Internet connection to function properly.

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* Use on your computer, no need to install additional software.
* Use on your computer, no need to install additional software.
* Use on your PC, no need to install additional software.
* Use on your PC, no need to install additional software.
* Share your files with your friends and family.
* Use WiFi connection with ADB connection to share your files.
* Share files via WiFi connection.
* Connect to a selected device by using a USB cable.
* Connect to a selected device by using a USB cable.
* Cydia access required to view files.
* Cydia access required to view files.

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System Requirements For WIFi Locator:

Windows OS: Windows 8.1 64-bit or newer
Intel Pentium Dual Core E3200 2.2 GHz or higher
Microsoft.NET Framework 4.5 or higher
Note: Must be between Windows 8 and Windows 10
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