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Sure enough deleting files and folders is done at the press of a button, but even after they leave the Recycle Bin, it doesn’t mean they can’t be recovered again. On the bright side of things, you can prevent file recovery with the help of specialized applications like WinUtilities File Shredder, which uses particular methods to make sure removed files stay that way.
Different wipe algorithms at your disposal
The interface consists of several tabs, the first of which neatly describes the process to quickly get you up and running. You easily find that it’s possible to remove files, folders, Recycle Bin items, as well as to wash free space, just to prevent any removed files from ever being recovered, even through the use of dedicated programs.
Files and folders are handled in a similar manner, and loading them can either be done by dropping them over the main window, or loading them through the browse dialog. Before you put the process in motion, there’s the possibility to select the type of method to use, which can be single pass, DOD, NSA, as well as Guttman.
Prevent already removed data from being recovered
Note that every removal method uses a different number of passes for removal, and it can take some time to properly wipe multiple files with powerful methods. Unfortunately, there’s no possibility to set a custom number of passes, or have the delete function automatically wipe target items.
Files inside the Recycle Bin still take up disk space, which you can view in the dedicated section, and even to remove. Last but not least, there’s the wash free space function, which doesn’t require you to select particular files or folders, but rather an entire drive, which can also be removable. This operation overwrites all empty disk clusters until there’s little to no trace of existing items in the past.
A few last words
All things considered, we can state that WinUtilities File Shredder is sure to come in handy, especially if you work with sensible information which you don’t want to leave exposed. Built-in methods are sure to make removed items impossible, or at least a lot harder to bring back from beyond the Recycle Bin.







WinUtilities File Shredder License Code & Keygen [Mac/Win]

Help users to safely delete files by the overwrite operations and can make it impossible to bring back your files from beyond the Recycle Bin. Features:
* Shred multiple files with one click
* High security, easy to use
* No need to be attached
* Toolbar, integrated into Windows
* Support files, folders, Recycle Bin items
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WinUtilities File Shredder Crack

File Shredder is a free file shredder that easily shreds files and folders, locks them from recovery and deletes them permanently, and not just once but permanently making them impossible to recover.
Key features include:
Shred entire files permanently
Shred a single file or folder permanently
Delete a single file or folder permanently
Shred a set of files or folders permanently
Quickly shred files by dragging and dropping, or use built-in methods
Enable or disable specific items in the Recycle Bin permanently
Delete a set of files and folders permanently
Select the type of method to use permanently, single or double pass
Batch shred process files
Burn the Recycle Bin
Make sure that all files in the Recycle Bin are permanently deleted
Automatically overwrite the Recycle Bin so that there is no space
Why shred files?
There are all sorts of reasons to shred files. You can shred files to remove sensitive data. Or, if you’re paranoid and want to eliminate any chance of recovering a deleted file, like banking passwords, encryption keys, etc., you can shred them so that they’re not recoverable.
In addition, you can shred files because you simply want to clean up your PC, or for convenience or privacy reasons. Here are some more reasons why you should shred files.
What type of files can you shred?
You can shred many different types of files. You can shred documents, text files, images, video, audio, spreadsheets, graphics, databases, executables, archives, etc.
That being said, you can shred all types of files, and you can shred individual files, or groups of files at a time.
How do you shred files?
You can shred a single file, or a group of files all at once. You can use a variety of methods.
You can shred files through the use of built-in methods or you can shred files by dragging and dropping them to the program’s interface.
Why delete files permanently?
There are a number of reasons why you want to make sure that a specific file or folder permanently deleted.
For example, you might want to hide files so that your enemies can’t see them, you might want to delete a file containing sensitive information, or you might want to erase a file so that it doesn’t allow someone to take malicious actions on your computer.
When you permanently delete a file or folder, you can’t recover

WinUtilities File Shredder With License Key

WinUtilities File Shredder is a powerful yet simple tool that lets you securely delete various file types. It uses multiple algorithms to remove entire file contents or individual items, so that no traces of those files ever come back. Other built in features include file and folder preview, hidden items search, registry shredding and file image encryption.

Recovery can be the result of a certain event, such as accidental deletion, or also because of malicious threats, system crashes or malware infection. In those circumstances, it’s vital to know how to recover deleted files by using reliable and free tools.
No matter how you delete files in Windows, the Recycle Bin holds valuable information that can be retrieved later on, and this is where File Shredder comes into play. The interface is clean and simple, and lets you easily recognize the types of files that need to be recovered, along with their original location and data.
After deleting files, it is also possible to recover them in the Recycle Bin. Because those items are still stored on your hard drive, they can be extracted. This is what File Shredder is all about, and it works with all file types, file systems and file extensions.
That being said, deleted files include folders, documents, images, videos, e-mails and PDF files, which are all managed inside the Recycle Bin. If you find that deleted files are unrecoverable, this tool will help you out, because File Shredder deletes all files and folders within the Recycle Bin until it can’t find any trace of them left behind.
The application uses numerous wipe algorithms, which can be Single, DOD, NSA, Guttman or Ripper, and it’s possible to set your preferred wipe method, as well as to customize the number of passes for each. Besides, you can even add all kinds of pre-written text to the deleted files, in order to avoid any sort of recovery attempts.
Some last words.
In spite of being a free utility, File Shredder packs plenty of features in. Other key features include file and folder preview, which lets you browse through all the available items in your Recycle Bin, and hidden items search, which only allows you to locate deleted files.
File Shredder is easy to use, and it takes a little time for it to execute. All things considered, we can safely recommend the app for both novice and advanced users who want to recover any deleted files.

What’s New in the?

The free version of the software named WinUtilities File Shredder supports 5 methods to remove files, folders, recycle bin items, as well as Free Space, thanks to which you can clean off any traces of existing data. The program also comes with a few useful extras, including password manager.

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