Apple Service Diagnostic 258 PPC [EXCLUSIVE]

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Apple Service Diagnostic 258 PPC


is a downloadable Apple hardware testing console that allows you to run advanced technical testing procedures on your device. It includes tests and profiling procedures for Apple embedded and mobile hardware. Read more about this in the article “Testing Appliance – Portable Application Development Process”.
Select “Target Testing Applications” located on the right side of the control panel.
Click on the “Future Testers” button to start the configuration process and create new test applications. To do this, select Target Applicines from the Finder menu.
After the configuration is completed, the console that opens is shown in Fig. 4.4.
Note! After installing the TITAN Mac OS X application on a flash drive, you need to update the versions of Intel components, Flash, and Mac OS operating systems.
Search is a program that is used to search for test applications provided by simplified testing procedures.
By default, Search on Mac test software finds 10 test configurations. If a more advanced category is required later, you can add additional test configurations to the Search menu.
Read more about choosing test devices in the following articles.
Rice. 4.4. TITan Mac OS 10.5.1 Console for Hardware Testing
Before you start testing with the TITA – Test Appliances Toolbox utility, which allows you to run procedures and tests for simplified and extended testing of Apple equipment in a Mac OS environment, do the following:
Right click on the TITO menu and select “GUI Tools”, then “Search Applicati” and select the object you want to test.
Select one of the following analysis methods (see Figure 5.2):
“fast response” measurement – measurement of the response to the Load and Label commands.
multiparametric parametric analysis (“tri-parameter-analyzer”, “trippel”) – assessment of the output characteristics of the analyzed devices, including adjustment of the input signal level at individual, minimally involved, frequencies.
On the next fig. Figure 6 presents the new TIT – Load program, which displays the test parameters and conditions for each device under test.
Fig 6. TIT Load program for testing Apple devices
The “Patterns” tab allows you to set test parameters



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