Fix Full Autodesk Land Desktop 2004

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FULL Autodesk Land Desktop 2004


This update package includes fixes for Autodesk Land Desktop 2004, as well as for AutoCAD 2004 and Autodesk Map 2004. If some of these bugs are fixed, you can download the Autodesky Inventor 2006 and AutoDesk 2010 packages respectively. The rest of the service packs are available in permanent data.
“Unfortunately, it is currently difficult to say when these packages will be released officially. In the News section, there is a special section “Incompatibility Warning with previous versions” where you can find information about possible incompatibilities. You can also view in our section “Sections” subsection “Other versions”,” Stordal said in an interview. “Maybe soon.”
“Some compatibility issues have been linked to Autodeska, the company that develops Land Desks. However, this has not stopped people from using these programs. Although these are minor changes, they are clear to us and make it easier for us to integrate,” he added.
In response to Stordal’s remark that it would be useful to fix bugs in the 2000 and 2006 releases, the Autodesken developer stated: “Our company has corrected these bugs on its own.”
“We don’t expect this issue to be fixed by the release of any version, but we will do our best,” Stordal concluded.
The latest versions of AutoLISP, Auto-CAD and Autodek are expected to be released in November.



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