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King, warrior, magician, lover: a rediscovery of the mature masculine archetypes.
In the coming year, the next, sixth in a row, season from the “Anno Domini” cycle continues the final cycle of lectures on medicine. In the February issue of the cycle, we will publish an exclusively new interpretation of the image of the Creator: no matter how the humanists invent human determinants for, in fact, the spiritual principle, it still remains unarmed.
“It fell to me to be doomed to immortality, the awareness of my mortality – to permissiveness” – this quote from Robert McCammon’s “Goddess of Despair” provides food for the mind, or rather for the mind-talker, which we are, prone only to fantasies. However, one way or another, but this question is answered, albeit indirectly, by Genesis in the book “Comet with a Tail: Revolution in Divine Genesis”, but he gives answers only to erudite people like us, and we offer you as an answer one of his versions.
The film “Schindler’s List” is a mixture of hell and mystical horror. But like any other film, it’s just the sum of psychological states, states of mind. In the same cinema, in the same environment, different moods can arise, the same things can be perceived differently. So, maybe in this film we will be able to see another example of what happens when the particles of consciousness are in many ways hopelessly disconnected from each other, because until their consciousness is united, they do not feel how psychological contact occurs between them, and this there is the same “feeling of the elbow”. It brings people together. And, if we talk about “Schindler’s List”, then at your workplace and on the way to it you can meet completely different people, including maniacs, we will talk about this, because this happened in the film.



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