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Parathunna Oru Penkutty), which he wrote at the age of twenty-two. Chinnananda (center) in the studio. He was not awarded for this project, but received a prestigious award called “Arjuna Das” – “To the Best of Poets”.
Pictured: Chinnai Chatterjee.
In 1958, he received a professorship at the Women’s College Pudgalagama (Pudgalagrama). His main subject was Sanskrit (however, he also studied other subjects). By lecturing and reading articles for magazines, Chinnanda developed his writing style. His works reflect the spirit of India, an original style, where every word seemed harmonious both to those around him and to the author himself. From 1958-1961, Chinnata also served as editor of the Ganga magazine, where he published his articles and also wrote critical works on literature.
Chinnarda spent 1962-1965 writing the Stories of India series of books for the Grant Library. They were subsequently republished under the title The Tibetan Writings. “Notes of the Bengal Army” (War Diary) was also the result of his research. As part of the “Grand Library” he also worked on a series of books on the history of Burma (Myanmar). This topic was also very important to him, as Grant had just offered him a large stipend and stipend to write such papers.
AS Chinnanda owns two anthologies for children called: “Angels and ancestors” (Angels and Their Famous Fathers). Chatkinda published his first work on children in 1968 with the Pandava Publishing House, which worked in the field of mass media (at Pudgalgama University). In the first anthology, Ananda Swami dealt with family relationships and family history in an informal manner without serious scientific evaluation.
He has also written two books on yoga: Exit through the Body and Idea of ​​Poison. The last book was published after his death.Ananda Swami also owns a number of articles on architecture that have been published in magazines such as “Pro



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