Shilpa Shetty Vijay Mallya Fuck Fixed

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Shilpa Shetty Vijay Mallya Fuck


Shilpa Shetty & Dr. Malya has been the subject of attention for some time, the first time Dr. Malya fucked Shilpa was right after her first nose job, a week after. After the operation, Shilpa told the doctor that she wanted more and found him sexier than he was before the operation. Dr. Malyu was furious at her words and said that he would perform an operation on her to make her face the way it should be. She took it as an attempt to get something that did not belong to her. Instead of getting a nose job, Dr. Malyu did a face job just like she was when she was young, and as soon as she looked like this, she knew he wanted something different. Shilla apologized to the doctor and thanked him for how she looked before the operation and how she had changed. Shilpe has had several facelifts and removal of excess skin around her face, as well as lip augmentation, but nothing has been done about her nose yet. The doctor told her not to worry because it couldn’t be done without changing her cartilage and nasal bones. Shillpa wanted to know what might be included in her plastic surgery. The doctor, who has performed many plastic surgeries in the nose and mouth area, listened carefully to her and spoke about his approach and methods for her nose and its addition, lower jaw lift and face reshaping. The doctor explained that Shilla should show her bare face as she doesn’t want to show her swelling with a nose job. He asked her not to wear rose-colored glasses, because this color would lead to bruises and a scar on her face. Facial plastic surgery isn’t cheap, so Schilla had to see the results so close that when she got home, she looked like everyone else except for her nose, which was even more prominent. The doctor claimed that the nose is not so noticeable if her skin is very elastic. Shilla soon started doing brow shaping where she removed her upper brows and then had a big brow and chin job done which made her nose much more prominent. Sheela never liked the nose and was against it, but with the help of plastic surgeons, Sheila was made the way she wanted. Now Shilla wants to take more photos and share them with her friends and family.



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