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Lung Cancer Impairment Ratings Expected to Increase

Robert Kramer

Published on October 13, 2019

By: Kristine Lohse

As more medications become available to treat lung cancer, the way doctors rate the impact of those medications to patients’ health is changing.

The Lung Cancer Foundation-American College of Radiology’s LUNGevity™ Flesibility Index* is a tool created to help patients and doctors predict the potential impact of a therapy on a patient’s lung function, with a score ranging from zero to 100.

Using the Index, medical professionals can use the relationship between a patient’s predicted change in lung function (based on their baseline measurement) and the range of changes predicted for that patient (based on the LUNGevity™ Score) to help them make a prediction of the treatment’s impact on their patient’s lung function.

According to a study in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, the Lung Cancer Foundation-American College of Radiology’s LUNGevity™ Flesibility Index is expected to experience a steady increase in use as more novel therapies are developed, giving physicians a new way to discuss with patients what a treatment’s impact might be on their life-quality.

The researchers note that while there has been a resurgence in lung cancer research due to increased interest and investment in the clinical and translational sciences, but as a result of the lack of investment in R&D and hence the lack of new drugs available, the current lung cancer treatment landscape is much different than it was five years ago.

“The fact that there are still no new therapies for patients with lung cancer means that new knowledge has not yet translated into new drugs. In the past, drug approvals were informed by clinical trial results. But more recently, regulators have accepted new biomarkers into their submissions (i.e., NSCLC stage or EGFR mutation status),” says senior author Dr. Elena Lucchesi, Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor, School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at UCSF

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