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C# SerialPort not closing when reading

I have a C# program running through a serial port that I do not want to receive any data from, but I do want to read the data when it arrives.
Therefore, when I read the data it is not being closed and therefor there is memory leak.
Here is how I do it:
dataReceived = serialPort1.ReadLine();

if (dataReceived!= “”)
// some processing code



Are you sure that you are closing the port? I have found before that if it is not closed properly that it will hang the program until it is closed. It also may not be reading the data correctly, try opening the port, and closing it prior to the read, and then do one of them first, this may help since it allows the port time to write the data to it before trying to read.
I think this may help.

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In 1723, Iseppo succeeded Gasparo Gozzi as Kapellmeister at the opera in Prague. It is not known whether he attracted the Czechs’ approval, because in 1725 the emperor ordered the expulsion of all Italians from Prague, but the opera remained in


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Thanks for the thoughts. I hope to fix some of the problems before I re

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