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Daim Iqbal Daim Poetry Books


Daim Iqbal Daim Books.
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Mar 19, 2019
Book: Khwab khud… Daim Iqbal Daim…

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Category:Persian-language poetsTrayvon Martin calls #NotMyPresident a statement of solidarity

by Nick Wing

New York, NY: Jul 14, 2014

Harlem resident Trayon Martin, who was shot and killed by Neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida, on Feb. 26, has been making statements about the town’s “stand-your-ground” gun laws. In a series of tweets and in a Facebook post Monday evening, Trayon declared #NotMyPresident, and Martin said he took his hand off the bible he was holding when a visitor to his home brought him the presidential pardon of that day. Trayon cited his personal experience with the “stand your ground” law.

In a Facebook post, Martin explained his reaction. “I went to church with the Bible in hand and took my hand off it because a gentleman came to my door and told me not to watch the news. He told me of Trayvon Martin and President Obama. I began to cry and begin to think of my loved ones who were in harms way and strangers. I picked up the Bible and held it. I was not cold when I said #NotMyPresident and was not praying for him but for the people in Florida.”

At the end of his Facebook post, Trayon Martin thanked the man who gave him the Bible. “He would later tell me that the time he spent with me was his day out and that he would never be the same. I replied, ‘I know that, you came to see me.’”

On his Twitter account, Trayon explained to his followers what he meant by #NotMyPresident, and he noted that he felt a connection with Trayvon. � https://khakaidee.com/encorebassing-live-3264bit-updated-2022/


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