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LEGAL: There is only 1 file named somefile.

Ai Blocks

Panic Blocks

Blocks | Panics | Airblocks | Glitches

Download | Mu online hack

Dash Blocks



Auto-Sync – Not Necessary – Auto-Download




Auto start searches

Easy downloads

Toggle bar size

Quickly find


Panic blocks

Auto kill

Quick respawn


Auto seekers

Seekers | Help Me

Auto seekers


Automatically mute


All of them

Auto recording

Quick Recording

All panics


Unfinished downloads

Fast downloads

Download progress

Downloads list

Download Manager

Mu online Hack tool 1


Buried Block

Panic Block

You have already found that this free hack is a very professional online hack? We are sure that after reading the texts written below you will understand that it is.
What is this?
This tool is a Mu online hack at the game Mu Online. So far there is only one hack in the MU Online section of the website. But you can actually search for all kinds of games on the site. We are really glad to put it on the website. It is a small thing in our path but really a big motivation for us. And we are also glad for all the downloads we have received.
Features of the hack
For all of the following you have to use a Mu online account. Which you will receive after you’ve downloaded this tool. If you don’t have an account, create an account. An account can be used free. For more information you can go to the help section of the tool.
Team Mode
Give your team member maximum health by pressing the control stick.
You can pause the hack by clicking on the pause button in the tool. When the game is ready to play again, you can continue it.
You can use this hack in multiplayers!
100% Unlocks
It is possible for you to completely unlock the entire Mu online game by using this hack. If you look at the picture, you will see that you can always see your team members in the upper part of the




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