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e-Portfolio in 21st Century Literature from the Philippines and the World

This site is a showcase for my research on literary sites and their roles in 21st century Filipino writing.

Jul 28, 2018

“filipino wring” vs. “writings of philippine people”

“earlier century” vs “21st century”

May 13, 2020

geo-constants vs. geo-operators

there is “today” at a time called “21st century”

In the previous posts, I’ve emphasized the strong thematic relationship between the literary sites and people. I’ve touched upon the key words “literature” and “people” in every post and now I focus this whole series on geo-operators and geo-constants.
I’d like to start this particular post by discerning whether the concept of place (geo-constant, geo-operator) is a literary concept or a historical or

social concept. As in most cases of literary interpretation, the concept of place is flexible and contextual: within the context of place, there are various types of place. Contextual. In the context of this post, I’ll set up the following 2 scenarios of place:


I’ll be posing Geo-operators as literary constructions and Geo-constants as historical constructions.


I’ll be presenting Geo-constants as literary constructions and Geo-operators as historical constructions.

Geo-operators and Geo-constants I think are literary and historical constructions only because the literary or the historical time period in which the respective constructs have arisen is coincident with the language period when the literary or the historical construct was first used. The language period in which the literary or the historical construct is first used is precisely when the literary or the historical construct is first used in literature or in history.
This presentation is a slight deviation from the earlier posts which were on literary sites and people. I am re-writing this post because I couldn’t find much material on Geo-constants. Geo-constants are more historical constructions. Geo-constants are more prevalent in the past and are less prevalent in the present and future. I could find so much stuff on Geo-operators. Geo-operators are more literary constructions.


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