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Patrizier 2 Download Vollversion Kostenlos Chip


The whole family will play in this game like any other. There is plenty of action and a lot of humor as well, and the characters come across as quite different. It’s fun and addicting, and the kids can enjoy it too!

There is a very good story and lots of fun to be had! There is enough gameplay to keep you interested, while the characters are entertaining and the music is fun! This is a great Wii game for the whole family, as it will entertain everyone!This invention relates to convertible sofa beds, and more particularly to an improved convertible sofa-bed assembly having a headboard which has a body supporting platform folded relative to the headboard and extending therefrom which provides a support for one end of the headboard when the sofa bed is in a sofa condition, and which supports the headboard of the sofa bed when in a bed condition.
Sofa beds having headboards which are foldable into a sofa condition are known, examples of such are shown in U.S. Pat. Nos. 3,935,915; 4,160,983; and 4,517,831. Such sofa beds have generally included a solid frame or similar structure extending between the foot of the bed and the headboard, and which may be foldable into a sofa position for use and foldable into a bed position for use. Such prior sofa beds have generally required frame structures of substantial size, of substantial weight, and which have often required many man hours to make, assemble, and assemble and erect in the field. Further, such sofa beds have generally been limited to use in conventional sofa beds having headboards which are not foldable, and require the headboard to be attached to the underside of a sofa. Thus, a conventional sofa in which the headboard is secured to the underside of the sofa seat is generally unsuitable for use as a convertible sofa bed, since the headboard of such a sofa cannot be folded into the sofa condition.
The object of the present invention is to provide a convertible sofa-bed assembly having a headboard which can be converted from a sofa-bed form to a bed condition in seconds, which forms a light-weight structure which can be shipped in flat condition, which has simple parts, which can be easily assembled, which is economical to manufacture, and which has a minimum of moving parts.
More specifically, the invention provides a convertible sofa-bed assembly comprising a headboard having a top surface and a spaced pair of parallel side surfaces


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