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Category:Laboratory techniques
Category:Electroanalytical chemistry at the beginning of the season and Matthew Campos at the end. In the first and second halves he averaged 16.3 points and 8.7 rebounds and in the stretch saw his minutes nearly double. Defensively he seems poised to not be a liability.

But when this team needs a big stop, they call on either Butler or Beal. And I don’t think they want to rely on either to make those big stops because of the odds.

18. Dallas Mavericks | Playoff Odds: 26.1%

If there is one criticism that could be made of this team, it is that they don’t have a go-to scorer. They need a star to lead them.

Jared Dudley was that for them last season, as he could rebound and play defense at a high level when needed. But they need more. They don’t have a true star, not yet.

They need the help they need from any star if they are to make the jump.

I think they will take more time to do it, but they have the pieces to be an efficient team on both sides of the ball. Just trying to figure out how they will all get along.

But if they get past the first round, it doesn’t matter how well they play on both sides, because they can’t beat the Warriors in the West. They’d have to lose to the Lakers or the Rockets in the second round.

The Grizzlies used everyone on their roster with the exception of Marc Gasol at times to have one of the most successful seasons in franchise history. They had Mike Conley and a healthy DeMarre Carroll for nearly the whole season. They had nine players score in double figures, including Wes Matthews, who scored a career-high 25 points and grabbed 13 rebounds. They played good defense. Their opponents scored just 113.8 points per 100 possessions with a defense that ranked 12th, and they got to the playoffs.

That being said, this team isn’t going to win the Finals, and it’s probably not going to even make it past the second round.

They’re only good because of Conley. They don’t have a go-to scorer, they have a go-to passer. He doesn’t


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