Firmware Connect Navi V 12.3 Alfa 159.rar !LINK!

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Firmware Connect Navi V 12.3 Alfa 159.rar


Oct 13. 2010 – To find out what version of Navi software is available: – click trip – click “Settings” (middle button) – click “Connect” (right button) – in the window that opens, select “By Protocol” – click “OK”
Please note: in Navi it ​​is possible to connect up to several navigation blocks at the same time, but not all blocks at the same time.
After connecting the first unit, you will see a window indicating “No devices connected”.
If your version of Navi software has the ability to connect multiple navigation boxes at the same time, then you will need to first connect to the first one to connect the second and subsequent units.



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