Megha Tamil Movie [CRACKED] Full 139

Megha Tamil Movie [CRACKED] Full 139

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Megha Tamil Movie Full 139

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Python function returns None, but the function is working fine

I have the following function in Python 3.x
def dim(b, n):
return[[b[x]] for x in range(1, n)])

def dim1(A, n):
“”” similar to dim function, but return values in matrix”””
B = A.T
b = B.shape[0]
N = A.shape[1]
f = dim(B, n)
h = dim(A, n)
return f

The function dim is working fine when I use it in other part of script. The problem is when I use dim1 to compute two matrices A and B and make the following
return dim1(A, 2)

I get an error saying dim1() object has no attribute’shape’ error.

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