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AutoCAD was the first CAD product released by Autodesk. The first release of AutoCAD was AutoCAD 1977 on the PDP-11. AutoCAD was ported to the Mac in 1984. It was originally a desktop application on the Apple Macintosh II and X. It was released on the PC in 1986. It is available for both Windows and Mac platforms.

AutoCAD LT is a light-weight version of AutoCAD designed for small organizations that only need a low-end CAD application. It is now obsolete and not supported by Autodesk.

AutoCAD MEP (Multi-Functional Equipment for the Plastic Industry) is a product of the AutoCAD LT family. It is a low-cost and easy-to-use 2D, 3D and mechanical engineering package designed for the manufacturing industry.

AutoCAD APS (AutoCAD for Professional Services) is a power-based (CAD) platform and the first product of the Autodesk Anywhere Platform Suite. It was released in September 1996. The APS platform consists of Autodesk Design Review, Autodesk Architectural Desktop, Autodesk Studio, Autodesk Web To Go, and Autodesk Revit Architecture. The last release was 2017.

AutoCAD Civil 3D is a multi-field, multi-purpose platform with the capability of creating parametric models. Civil 3D is a cloud-based, web-enabled application for creating Civil Engineering drawings, drawings that simulate the earth’s crust and other geospatial data.

AutoCAD 360 is a web-based CAD software product. It was first released in October 2003. The goal of the platform is to provide customers with a cloud-based platform that automatically generates high-quality output using the best available tools for the job.

AutoCAD Map 3D is a professional GIS application developed to support the import, editing, and rendering of GIS data.

AutoCAD Civil 3D V6.0 was first released in July 2010 and was the first release of AutoCAD Civil 3D in which it was rewritten to use technology from ESRI’s ArcGIS platform. The new application offers a full feature set and some new capabilities to map and manage GIS data.


AutoCAD LT is designed for a low-cost or low-usage CAD environment. AutoCAD LT is

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evelopment and Migration Framework for Architecture (DREAMFAX)

aseco – AutoCAD DASE

aseco – AutoCAD DASE is a suite of products enabling the design and construction of buildings.

Autocad Plugin Visual LISP (AP-VL)

AutoCAD Architecture plugin

AutoCAD Architecture plugin.

Autodesk HTML5 Application Block

Autodesk HTML5 Application Block for AutoCAD is a way to embed the AutoCAD application into a web browser. This is the current recommended method for accessing AutoCAD from any client device, including tablets, mobile devices, and smart phones.

Autodesk Exchange Apps

Autodesk Exchange Apps is a way for 3rd parties to create add-on products for AutoCAD. The Add-on can be accessed from the 3rd party’s website and installed into the AutoCAD 2010 or AutoCAD 2011 Software.

Autodesk Exchange Apps store

Autodesk Exchange Apps Store

Autodesk Exchange products (Autodesk Exchange Apps)

Autodesk Exchange products are add-on products that provide AutoCAD with additional functionality.

Autodesk Livewire

Autodesk Livewire – This is a web based 3D web browser, with a unique approach to rendering and navigating a 3D web.


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Double-click on the Autodesk folder.

What’s New In?

AutoCAD 3D now supports 3D Drafting. (video: 4:15 min.)

NetBeans IDE:

Multi-language support for *.nav files.

Icons support for *.TTF and *.BMP files.

Add-on manager has a new appearance.

Implement the remaining NetBeans 3.9 capabilities.

Update and fix the installation of third party add-ons.

NetBeans JavaScript:

Add more languages to the enhanced JavaScript panel.

Update the capability descriptions.

NetBeans XML:

Create and edit XML documents with the Visual Editor.

Open and edit XML documents with the Visual Editor.

Support for XPath 1.0.

Support for XSLT.

Open HTML and XML documents with the Visual Editor.

Update the XML capabilities description.

Modify files using the XSLT editor.

Add the new product activation capability.

Visual Basic:

Support for EXE files (but still no support for the more widespread DLL/OCX format).

Remove the limits for the number of project units.

Multilingual support.

Visual C++:

Add a new option for the debugger.

Support for the new Intel MKL (Math Kernel Library) parallel computing functions.

Support for the latest C++ features in Visual Studio 2013.

OpenGL support for the Direct3D 11 API.

Support for XCode 4.6.

VS Code:

Performance improvements in the Quick Definition feature.

Support for the latest JavaScript features.

User experience improvements for the Quick Definition feature.

User experience improvements for the console output.

VS Code integration into the Sublime Text Editor.

XML Tools:

Support for XPath 2.0.

Support for XML Schema.

Checking XML documents with the new XML visualizer.

General improvements to the XML utilities.

Add-on Manager:

Add the FileMaker 3.0 files as an extension.

Add the new GMF extension for automatizing the common actions in a modeling project.

Support for the new V

System Requirements:

Game modes:
Classic (Default)
Titan mode
Titan mode – Scorched earth variant
in-game items:
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