How to Reset Epson printer ink counter



Wic Reset V 5.0.2 Keygen

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Run single script multiple times as different users (Linux)

I need a software solution to start 3 different command-line scripts as 3 different users.
I know this can be done in.bashrc file, but I can’t think of any way of setting up 3 different scripts to be started as 3 different users. Can anybody help?


The easiest way is to have a bash script that creates the new users and runs the commands and then runs a script that calls this bash script. If you wanted to do this it would look something like this

# Create the new users

# Give them the right groups and home dir
usermod -a -G video,audio,cdrom,plugdev,sudo,dialout $newuser1
usermod -a -G video,audio,cdrom,plugdev,sudo,dialout $newuser2
usermod -a -G video,audio,cdrom,plugdev,sudo,dialout $newuser3

# call the script that creates the user
exec /some/directory/you/create/the/users

I would change some of the usermod commands to chmod, add the new users to sudoers, add them to the sudoers group and then run the script that creates the user.


Tuesday, 13 October 2012

DAGABAR MEETUP – October 2012

Save the date – our next TAGMA meeting will be on Friday 28th October.

After October’s tag day, we will be considering further ways to promote the event

There will be a presentation, and we will also be doing a simulation of the vagado fire drill procedure, as our local fire service have indicated the procedure will be enhanced in the event of terrorist attacks.

If you can’t make the 28th but would like to attend, your donation to the Tagging Mural Fund is most welcome. (Please indicate in the donation if it is for the 28th)

Please note, the dates of the funding application closes on 25th October. If you have missed out on the opportunity to apply for funding, there are still avenues for you

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