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Dating. It’s really hard. When your best friend is dating a girl, there are ten times as many conversations about love and relationships, and ten times as many things you have to say about love and relationships. It’s hard to get comfortable around a topic that you obsess over. I recommend a couple of things to make dating easier:

Meet new people. I know I keep talking about it, but we’ve got to actually DO IT. Approach people you don’t know, smile, say hello, and find out if they’d like to chat. If someone flirts with you, say something like, “No thanks, I’m just looking for a friend.” Or something like, “My friend is out of town, and I don’t have a friend right now, so I’m just kinda hanging out, and if you want to talk to me, we’ll see if we click.” That helps you step back from yourself and see that you’re actually a person, and can relate to other people. You’re not yourself all the time, especially when you’re thinking about how you look.

I know this is easier said than done, but I really think that you need to get outside of your comfort zone. Meeting new people is easy, but meeting a new person you connect with is hard. Once you find someone who you feel you click with, enjoy the beautiful struggle. If you’re not comfortable being vulnerable, feel free to ask someone to hang out with you more. Tell that person that, if they agree to hang out with you, you’ll take them to a museum, or a movie or something. They’ll probably say no, but it’ll give you some practice being kind and attractive to new people. Once you’ve done this enough, find someone who’s willing to hang out with you. If they agree to hang out, ask that person if they’d like to meet for coffee or drinks, and then go to the same place. Don’t start out at your place, and don’t pick a very expensive place to meet. You don’t want to seem rich and stingy, and you also don’t want to look desperate (if you do, you’re doing it wrong). Also, don’t think that the person you’re about to meet has to be the one that you’re spending your money on or doing your other interests. I’d recommend a tea shop, as a place to meet a person who has a lot of mutual interests. It’s not that easy for everyone to hang
Before We Start: Dating Isn’t Just For The (Modern Day) Lovebirds

Let’s start with the basics. Being in a committed relationship and dating aren’t the same thing. Dating isn’t defined by love. (Unless you’re using “dating” to mean “casual sex.”) It’s defined by having sex—with a man or a woman—and possibly going on dates.

You’re probably already familiar with the idea of going on dates, thanks to various movies and television shows you may have seen. If you’re more curious about the specifics, here’s a quick run-down.

First dates usually begin with a short chat over coffee or dinner. The purpose of the date is for you to find out if you would be comfortable going on a first date with that person. Conversation is a key part of this process, because if you find yourself being drawn in conversationally by someone, you know you’ll want to spend more time with them. You also need to know if you two will be compatible, both mentally and physically. (Don’t worry—we’ll go over this in the “The Basics of Dating” section below.) Once you’ve made your decision to go on a date with someone, you’ll go to a place where you can spend some time together. Chances are you’ll both take a walk around the block before you make the move.

There are different types of dates, including:

Going to bars or clubs

Taking a walk

Going to a restaurant

Going to the movies

Having a playdate

Meet-ups for people of the same age

Places To Go on a First Date

Whether you decide to go to the movies together, the park, or have a playdate, it’s essential to find a place where you can be comfortable. If you’re driving, make sure your date doesn’t have to be in the passenger seat. If your date is older, they may appreciate a strong man or woman as their designated driver.

Here are some ideas for places to go on your first date:

The park. If you’re meeting at a park, you’ll probably end up in a bench or swings in a quiet area. If it’s a romantic date, how about the park benches in the middle of the sunset? Then you can sit with your hands behind your head and watch the sun setting over the lake. It could also be a location for a quick kiss

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