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Address Book Product Key is an address book for the Android platform. It has support for importing contacts from Google, Yahoo!, and Mail. It can also export contacts to Google, Yahoo!, and Mail. It also has a contacts app, an online and offline contacts list, and a search history.
APKPure provides access to APK files from other Android Market download sites. The convenience of using it is that you no longer have to search for the APK files you need, just search from APKPure, and in seconds you’ll find all the APK files you want.
To use this service you’ll have to download this app and install it on your own device.
Androidspeed is a simple tool that allows users to measure a range of statistics relating to the operation of an Android device. These include information like phone call duration, phone call success and failure rates, the number and duration of Android system up and down events, and the time elapsed for boot up and power off.
AndroidBatteryWakeLock lets you view and check your device’s battery status from the “Power” menu and it also shows the battery’s remaining energy. It also has a fast-charging feature and it recognizes when your device is charging and when it is discharging.
Setsuid is a utility that can set the SID that a process is run as. This comes in handy when you want to run a game or program as another user, but you don’t want to run it as administrator.
Steps into the Windows Registry to uninstall a program.
Readme2Html is an easy to use program that read and write MS-DOS ReadMe and HTML files. However, it does not allow changes to the final HTML file.
Some changes made to the HTML file like appending strings to its beginning, reordering the list, inserting or removing specific elements, and removing unnecessary elements, are not possible.
There is a way to bypass this limitation. All one needs to do is to rewrite the HTML file by calling the open command, saving it, and then to remove the original one. This allows changes to the file.
ZAP is a great tool to easily view and modify the contents of HTML pages on the web. In this version, it also lets you scan URL chains to find security issues. The utility comes with a host of additional features, such as an integrated proxy, a built-in web server, and a port scanner.
ShareX is a desktop app that lets you easily share

Address Book Crack + Free Download

Address Book Crack For Windows is a project written by Greg Whittenberg, a Microsoft developer in the company’s platform development team.
Its purpose is to help you keep track of contacts in a database using an intuitive database interface. When a contact is created or edited, the name appears in several places, ensuring that you can easily access the information.
The program is also capable of working with Microsoft Exchange e-mail accounts, so you can share your contact information with your friends and family from your contact list. Other functions include automatic synchronization, data encryption, and import/export.
Address Book, which costs $30.00, is available for multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.
JVisualizer is a nifty Java-based application that provides direct access to your system’s CPU’s performance metrics.
There are two components to JVisualizer: the performance monitor and the charts to visually display the CPU performance metrics.
The performance monitor allows you to display performance in a variety of ways: you can view the time spent in each Java application, the amount of memory used by each Java application, the percentage of time that a Java application has been running, how long the computer has been running, or the number of active threads and processes. In addition, JVisualizer is capable of saving data and plotting graphs to a variety of files, including PNG, PDF, Excel, or CSV.
The charts are divided into five main areas: CPU usage, memory usage,.NET Framework usage, Java application performance, and Java thread stack traces.
More on CPU usage: you can view data by selecting from the following metrics: CPU usage, Java thread stack traces,.NET Framework usage, and application usage. The charts can be refreshed by mouse click or by using the “Quick Refresh” option. In addition, you can dynamically resize the chart using the mouse wheel, and zoom in/out using the scroll bars at the bottom of the window.
When you click on a metric, the chart changes to show the data. For memory usage, you can click on the metric, and the chart will display the amount of free memory currently available.
Additionally, you can control the number of points shown on each chart; this is useful if you want to view a lot of data at once.
Each chart can be configured by clicking the “Configure Chart” button and selecting a metric from the drop-down box.
You can configure the chart by changing the displayed units or the

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Data Recovery Professional is a reliable piece of software developed to help users recover data from damaged media, corrupted partitions or damaged clusters, as well as to recover deleted files from their storage devices.
The tool, which is a thoroughly tested and reliable data recovery utility, is equipped with support for multiple data formats, allowing users to recover files as well as get back lost data when the original media can no longer be found.
A round-up of the features offered by Data Recovery Professional:
■ Recover files from damaged or encrypted volumes, and undelete files from formatted or damaged drives.
■ Recover files from hard disk drives, SSDs, Compact Disks, SD cards, USB flash drives, and other USB storage devices.
■ Mount and mount partitions to initiate data recovery from within Windows and macOS operating systems.
■ Recover data from damaged partitions or damaged clusters, and even from damaged media.
■ Recover data directly from damaged partitions, fix corrupt RAID arrays, and recover Windows partitions with tools such as the alternate and repair disk functions.
■ Find hard to locate files on a Windows system.
■ Recover deleted files from external storage devices.
■ Windows 7/10, Windows 8 or Windows XP.
■ Works only with local drives.
Resilio Sync – Best Free Backup
Professional is a free and reliable free software tool for automatically backup and synchronization.
The program is a useful assistant for both users and system administrators, allowing them to keep track of data and keep their systems up to date, and even allow them to prevent data loss.
Thanks to it, users can set up pre-defined schedules and follow a single-item backup procedure while keeping track of their data and preventing it from potentially being damaged.
Plus, the application allows users to restore their data even after it was lost, thus making recovering important data such as photographs and other files, possible.
In addition, the utility includes support for schedules and synchronization, so users can ensure that their backup data remains up-to-date in real time.
The top-notch tools provided by Resilio Sync Professional include options that allow users to keep track of their data and prevent it from being damaged.
These options include backup, backup scheduling, restore, and synchronization.
Besides the above options, the program can allow users to create different types of backup jobs and follow a step-by-step procedure while

What’s New in the?

Address Book is a free app which helps users organize and share all the contacts of your phone. You can access them anytime, anywhere and you don’t need to pay any data charge to view them. To access your Address book, you can either launch it from the all apps list or by clicking the Contact icon on your screen.
This app is completely free of cost and contains basic features that allow you to organize, add/edit and share contacts. Address Book supports Android 2.3 and above.
It’s small but powerful and will not waste much memory. It’s highly recommended for people who have limited memory and small capacity devices, like you might have a Samsung Galaxy S4 or iPhone 4.

HRMS Contact App

Price: Free

Category: Utilities





HRMS Contact App is a simple, but powerfull utility app. It is designed to be used by organizations who need to record or manage contacts for their employees. Every employee is given a number and their picture. The image is processed, so that only the face will be visible. The image can be sent to a printer, installed on a smartphone, photo album, or photo frame. This is the best contact management tool you can have.
The application includes customizable fields (adding photo, hyperlinks, or notes). It’s perfect if you need to:
– record and store information about each contact
– organize contacts to group different types of people (especially for use in your CRM)
– print, share, and install photos on a smartphone, tablet, or photo frame
– use this tool as a universal contact database

3D Import CAD App

Price: Free

Category: Utility



3D Import CAD App is a tool that helps you convert CAD models to real world objects. This task is very important and you should take the time to learn how to do it. Without knowledge on CAD models, you will easily run into problems that could cost you a lot of time and money.
Add easily importable versions of the 3D model created in Adobe Flash CS5 on your device using the 3D Import App for Android. You will be able to quickly create and save your 3D model to your phone or tablet as a 3D mounter file. You can then perform all the usual operations with the object such as you can rotate, move, resize, expand

System Requirements:

Windows XP – Vista – Windows 7 – Windows 8 – Windows 8.1
Mac OS X 10.7 – 10.9
Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3 or Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or Windows 8/8.1
CPU: 1 GHz
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: 1 GB Video RAM
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 15 GB available space
Sound Card: (1) CD/DVD drive; (2) Sound card

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