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Photoshop Elements is a free version of Photoshop geared for beginners. It can handle basic tasks, but it’s not a strong alternative to Photoshop.

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# Edit a digital image

When you need to add or remove a feature from a digital image, you may use Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. If you’ve downloaded a new image file, you can open it and make changes in Photoshop. After you make those changes, you can save the edited file or keep it as a new original file. In Photoshop Elements, all the editing work is done directly on the original image.

## Using Photoshop Elements

If you need to edit digital images in a hurry, which I recommend, you can use Photoshop Elements (``). On the website, you’ll find tutorials and plenty of help with the software. Photoshop Elements is also available as an online subscription via the Adobe Creative Cloud online services, which I discuss in Book II, Chapter 3.

As Figure 5-4 shows, Photoshop Elements presents you with the equivalent of the Layers palette when you work on a new image, which makes it easy to see what you’re doing. It also lets you add a series of adjustments, such as exposure, contrast, color balance, and red-eye removal. You can also create a selection box, which you can then fill with an adjustment color. A fill layer is similar to an adjustment layer, except it has a solid color on it instead of the adjustment settings.

Figure 5-4: You can edit a new image in Photoshop Elements directly in the browser, without downloading the software.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION: Easy Ways to Edit Digital Photos

You can learn how to edit photos in several ways, but one of the best methods I’ve found is on YouTube. It’s not quite as powerful as using a full-featured photo editing program, but it does the job. One of the more well-known channels on YouTube is the Adobe channel (``). Many of the creators of this channel cover photography basics and offer downloads and lots of tips for getting the most out of your photos.


Photo libraries that house hundreds of thousands of photos contain some truly enormous image files. When I was searching for great photos for this book, I found

Adobe Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.0.1) Crack + Keygen Full Version

These are some Photoshop tutorials that can help you to improve your skills as a graphic designer and illustrator.

This Photoshop tutorial reviews how to use the Pen Tool, the various adjustments like Curves, Levels and Shadows/Highlights.

How to use the Pen Tool

The Pen Tool is the basic drawing tool in Photoshop, and works in the same way in Photoshop Elements as it does in Photoshop.

By default it is set to be the Magic Wand Tool. So, when you click on the tool, it selects the pixels on the active layer.

However, you can change the Pen Tool to the Brush Tool by going to the option bar (Tools > Option bar) and selecting the Brush Tool (see image below). Then, once you’re done drawing, click on the Brush to check the selected pixels.

You can also edit the brush settings by clicking the Brush brush icon at the bottom of the options bar and you can choose the size, opacity and shape of the brush in the dialog box that pops up.

Next, we’ll see how you can edit the brush settings by clicking on the brush icon at the bottom of the options bar and you can choose the size, opacity and shape of the brush in the dialog box that pops up (image above).

You can click on the Brush to check the selected pixels. Once the pixels are selected, you can move the cursor over the area you want to edit and click with the brush. Then draw lines and shapes on your picture.

You can change the size and shape of the brush using the controls at the bottom of the options bar (image above). For instance, if you want to make a brush only a certain size (say, 200 px) click on the Size option in the dialog box.

Another way to edit the size and shape of your brush is with the curves.

In the foreground, you’ll notice that the brush settings are displayed in the dialog box (image above). You can access these options by clicking on the pen icon at the bottom of the options bar (see image below).

In the dialog box, you can change the brush size, hardness and opacity. As you adjust the settings you’ll see the values change on the curve (image below).

What it is called in Elements is “paintbrush”. If you want to create a new brush in Photoshop to edit your photos, click on

Adobe Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.0.1) For Windows


Replacing characters in a row in a data.frame in R

I have a vector with several characters I would like to replace with null values in a vector for all elements in a row.
This is what my data.frame looks like:
a b c
1 02/01/2012 beep 12
2 06/11/2012 25
3 07/12/2012 18
4 12/12/2012 booooo 30

And I need to replace all characters a and b in row 3 with a null value and only c in row 3 is replaced as an example.
So that it looks like this:
a b c
1 02/01/2012 beep 12
2 06/11/2012 25
3 07/12/2012 18
4 12/12/2012 booooo 30

Can anybody give me an idea how to approach this?


You can use the following function
function(x) {
if (nchar(x) > 0)

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