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* To open an image file, choose Image/Open and navigate to your image file. Alternatively, you can use the Open dialog box that appears when you’re opening a file from the image collection.

When you open the image, Photoshop displays all its layers in the Layers panel. Most Photoshop users begin at this point. However, you can further manipulate an image through the tools and methods discussed in the following sections.

* The default view in Photoshop is the Layers panel. Click the arrow on the upper-left side of the panel to display a subpanel that shows the layers in the image.

Figure 2-5 shows the Layers panel with five layers displayed in the panel. (Three Layer Panes appears only when you have more than one layer open, as described in the next section.) You can change the view at any time. Click the small triangle (Figure 2-6, image 1) on the right side of the Layers panel. The new view is shown in Figure 2-6, image 2.

Figure 2-5: The Layers panel shows the layers in an image.

Figure 2-6: You can switch to a different panel view by clicking the triangle on the side of the Layers panel.

Displaying layers

As noted, the Layers panel is the default view in Photoshop. However, you can use any of the panel views to see the contents of any layer (or layers). To access the list of layers in an image, use any of the following methods:

* Click the pop-up menu of the Layers panel and choose Show Layers to expand the list, as shown in Figure 2-7.

The default view has several additional tools as well. You can view a grid of the image, use the Ruler, set an Action or crop marks, and view the contents of the layer’s settings area.

You can also click the eye icon in any of the layer views to hide the layers. When the layers are hidden, only the layer’s content remains displayed.

To expand the contents of a layer, double-click the layer in the Layers panel. You can right-click a layer and choose one of the available commands from the shortcut menu, such as Merge Down or Smart Object (explained in the next section).

* In any of the panel views, you can select a layer by clicking a layer thumbnail in the panel. You can also select multiple

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If you just want to use the most popular features of Photoshop like cropping, resizing, recolouring, filling in with colour or using the wide range of filters available, Photoshop Elements is the perfect tool for you.

Take Photoshop one step further by buying Photoshop Creative Suite which includes Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom and Photoshop Touch for iPad!

This guide is designed for those looking for a more advanced version and many tutorials require only Photoshop CS3 or Photoshop CS4, you can find them in our tutorial section.

This guide is extremely detailed and covers all that you need to know about using Photoshop Elements. So whether you are just learning Photoshop Elements, or want a simple guide to use, we’ve got you covered. If you have never used Photoshop Elements before, we’ll go through everything you need to know about using Photoshop Elements.

This guide may contain affiliate links for items which are not essential but help us to run this website (we only use affiliate links for things which we absolutely recommend). For more information please see our affiliate link policy.

To access our other tutorials, click here!

1) What is Photoshop Elements?

Photoshop Elements is a bit of a trick question as Photoshop Elements is Photoshop without the means to create anything except for pictures.

For most people, Photoshop Elements are mainly used for editing, and creating custom wallpapers for their computer. Photoshop is more suitable for designing, animating or illustrating.

Download Photoshop Elements

The current version for Windows and Mac is 13.0, download it for free here.

2) Why would I use Photoshop Elements?

Depending on the kind of pictures you want to make use of, Photoshop Elements has a variety of options that are not available in Photoshop.

Some of the common use cases include:

Editing photos

Making custom wallpapers

Creating stickers

Making poster artwork

Editing black and white photos

Creating illustrations

Adding special effects

Creating emoticons and emojis

Creating logos

Creating contact sheets

Making vectors

If you are looking for a quick way to create images and effects, you can get Photoshop Elements for free or pay only $14.99 for the Photoshop Elements 7 suite including Photoshop Elements, Photoshop Express, Photoshop Lightroom Classic and Photoshop Design Premium.

3) How do you install Photoshop Elements?

The download is a simple executable.

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How to I recognize GList to GType with gobject introspection?

I am trying to use introspection to check the type of the GList element I get back.
From gconst.h
G_TYPE_ENUM is_list_of_variant (const GType *type);

From gconst.c
static gboolean
is_list_of_variant (const GType *type)
GType type_ = *type;
g_return_val_if_fail (type_ == G_TYPE_ENUM, FALSE);
return true;

I had assumed that this function would return if the type was list for example. However the
is_list_of_variant (G_TYPE_ENUM);

function returns always true.
I am currently trying to get the introspected and return the Enum value and nothing else.


The problem here is that static is_list_of_variant is really an instance function, because static member functions don’t have an implicit “this” pointer. Your code also has a type error:

GType is_list_of_variant (const GType *type);

should be

GType is_list_of_variant (const GType *type);

And, as @silentman4ever points out, the return value for static is_list_of_variant should be static is_list_of_variant (const GType *type).

[Suicide in the elderly: an exploratory study of suicides in Catalonia (Spain)].
To study the suicide phenomenon in Catalonian elderly, differences in age and sex, suicide methods and substances used, and characteristics of the suicides committed by the elderly in comparison with the rest of the population, to increase our understanding of the problem of suicide in the elderly. Descriptive study of the suicide problems in the elderly. Catalonia (Spain). A total of 203 suicides committed by persons 75 years of age or older were studied, accounting for 0.9% of the total number of suicides committed in Catalonia in 1993. A comparison was made with the remainder of the suicides committed in the same year. The suicide rate in the elderly increased to 2.9 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants in

What’s New in the?

Amir Johnson (figure skater)

Amir Johnson (born March 21, 1993) is an American competitive ice dancer. With his brother, Brandon, he is the 2011 U.S. junior silver medalists and 2011 U.S. national silver medalists. They won two consecutive ISU Junior Grand Prix medals and competed at the 2010 World Junior Championships, 2011 World Junior Championships, and 2013 World Junior Championships.

Johnson began learning to skate in 2000. His first skater was Igor Bessonov.

Johnson teamed up with his brother, Brandon, in 2006. They started competing together at the 2008–09 ISU Junior Grand Prix events. In April 2009, they won their first junior gold medal at the U.S. Championships. They placed seventh at the 2009 World Junior Championships and ninth at the 2010 World Junior Championships.

Johnson and Brandon won the 2011 U.S. Junior Championships and qualified to the 2011 World Junior Championships. They were second after the short dance at their first Junior Grand Prix assignment in France but were first in the free dance, winning the gold medal by a margin of 0.28 points.

At the 2011 World Junior Championships, Johnson and Brandon placed 15th after the short dance and 15th after the free dance.

In the 2011–12 season, Johnson and Brandon made their first appearance at the ISU Junior Grand Prix event, winning the gold medal in Russia and qualifying for the Junior Grand Prix Final, where they placed fifth. They were third at both U.S. Championships – although Johnson fell on the ice step sequence in the free dance at the 2013 Championships. They finished eighth in 2013–14, two places from the World Championships.

They announced the end of their partnership on September 6, 2014.

(with Brandon)

Competitive highlights
JGP: Junior Grand Prix

With Brandon

With Brandon


External links

Category:American male ice dancers
Category:Living people
Category:Sportspeople from Dallas
Category:1993 births
Category:People from Richardson, Texas

Eriksen, Leif K.


“Stress symptoms in yoga”

in: Handbook of yoga and health, vol. 3, Leif K. Eriksen

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