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1. **A**

• _Photoshop Elements is a feature-set similar to Photoshop but is based on the vector-based page layout of Adobe Illustrator, with some image editing capabilities for a limited set of tools_.
2. **B**

• _Photoshop has three basic tools that are used for all image manipulation tasks—Layer, Fill, and Adjustment._
3. **C**

• _Photoshop allows for selection with the Lasso tool and some inversion abilities with the Magic Wand._
4. **D**

• _Depending on the types of changes or filters applied to the photo, you may have to go back and adjust a photo with previous versions of the filter to see how it compares to this version._

Once you’re familiar with the basic tools, as shown in the following sections, you can begin to manipulate your image.

## Using the Layers Panel

When you open an image and import it into Photoshop, it is grouped and stored in a single, monolithic layer. Your image now becomes part of a single large collection of layers that Photoshop makes available for your editing.

To add a new layer, click the Layers icon in the lower-left area of the layer window, shown in Figure 7-1. Click a blank area of the canvas to create a new layer for editing.

Figure 7-1. To access the Layers palette and the new layer you just created, click the Layers icon at the bottom-left of the workspace.

When you create a new layer, Photoshop automatically applies a new name to it. The names that you give to a layer contain information that is useful to you.

Remember that layer names are alphanumeric, _and_ you can use punctuation characters, including hyphens, but don’t use a space in a layer name. The following image illustrates the layer panel with two layers, each with a descriptive and unique name:

If you accidentally select the wrong layer, you can delete it by highlighting the layer and choosing Layer > Remove Layer. To remove the highlighted layer, highlight the layer and press the Delete key. (You can also select the highlighted layer and choose Edit > Clear Layer. You can choose a different layer from the selection in the Layers panel to remove.)

1. **1.** In the Layers palette, at the bottom of the workspace, click the New Layer icon to add

Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.2) Crack For PC

We start by learning how to use the program and making decisions about how to use it. We then teach you the basic tools and techniques used to create images in Photoshop. Finally, we take a look at some of the more advanced techniques, such as illustration, animation and graphic design.

Hardware and Software Requirements

The Mac you are using will have Photoshop Elements installed on it. You will need to download Photoshop Elements from the Adobe website, load it into your computer and run it.

If you are using a Windows machine, you should use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

Note: If you have Photoshop CS and later version installed, you will only need Photoshop Elements.

Pro tip: A MacBook Pro with 16GB of RAM and a 256GB solid state drive is a good minimum Mac that will do the job. Photoshop Elements 10 doesn’t require a dedicated graphics card and can be run well on older machines.

Mac requirements:

MacBook Pro (Late 2013) or newer (8GB RAM)

MacBook Air (5th generation) or newer (8GB RAM)

Windows requirements:

Windows 7 or newer

Installing Photoshop Elements

Photoshop Elements is available in the Adobe Creative Cloud App Store. It is the easiest way to get started.

If you already have Adobe Creative Cloud you should log in. If you don’t have it yet, sign up for the free 5-day trial.

Using the Photoshop Elements app should be a piece of cake.

For more detailed instructions, please refer to our Photoshop Elements installation guide.

Introduction to Photoshop Elements

This tutorial is designed to be an introduction to the very basics of using Photoshop Elements. We are assuming the reader has a basic understanding of basic computer techniques and that Photoshop is already installed on your Mac or Windows machine.

Before you begin this tutorial, you should have the program ready to start experimenting. Here is a video from Adobe that explains how to install Photoshop Elements on a Mac.

One of the first things you should do when starting a new project is to create a new folder.

You need to save the work you do on your projects so you can refer back to them later.

Photoshop Elements consists of two main parts: the main program and any plug-ins or extensions you have downloaded from the Adobe website. We will work

Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.2) Incl Product Key [Latest]

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What’s New in the Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.2)?

The Gradient tool allows you to make an area of an image lighter or darker in tone by using special brush strokes.
The Eraser tool allows you to remove unwanted areas of an image. The blur filter can be used to soften or sharpen a picture.
The Dodge and Burn tools can increase or decrease the amount of an area that the image absorbs from the light.
The Liquify tool lets you manipulate and distort an image. You can stretch, warp, skew, squish or squash the image to create interesting effects.
Using the Brush tool you can paint an image, adding objects and decorative text.
The Camera Raw filter provides options for sharpening, contrast and color.
Using the Pen tool you can make free-form lines and shapes in the image.
The Straighten tool can be used to make an image vertically or horizontally aligned.

The Cropping tool lets you cut out selected areas from an image.
Using the Paths tool you can create and modify vector shapes such as lines, shapes and arrows.
There are many tools in Photoshop that perform tasks like creating shapes, removing backgrounds, and adjusting color and brightness. Most of these tools are found in the Adjustments panel, which can be accessed via a menu icon on the right side of the workspace. To open the Adjustments panel, click the icon with three horizontal lines. Alternatively, you can access the panel via a keyboard command.

To use the Lasso tool, click where you want the selection line to start, then click where you want it to end. When a red or yellow rectangle appears in the selection, release the mouse and click again to fix where the selection line ends. If you drag the line, the selection line will grow or shrink as you drag. The first click is used for the first selection and the second click is used to place any additional selections.

If you want to select an area that is composed of more than one object, hold down the Alt key (Windows) or Option key (Mac) as you click to select the parts that you want.
There are many tools in Photoshop that you can use to select, edit, or create other objects. Below are some of the most useful ones.
The Magic Wand tool is similar to the lasso tool. It works by selecting an object that is a certain color. The tool can be adjusted to select a smaller or larger area.
The Marquee tool allows you to create a selection around an object and then manipulate the selection

System Requirements For Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.2):

Mac OS X 10.6 and above
Intel Core 2 Duo / Core 2 Quad / Core 2 Extreme
2.5 GHz or greater
4GB or more RAM
10 GB or more of free disk space
DirectX 9 or higher, NVIDIA GeForce 8800 or higher, ATI Radeon HD 2600 or higher
Built-in HDCP codec required
Please check your system requirements
Install Notes:
1. This product requires Boot Camp installation of Windows.
2. The free version

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