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* Photoshop CS4 includes all the features of the previous version, plus:

* Layer Masks

* Pencil (Brush) tools

* Filter effects

* Filters and plug-ins

* Adjustment tools, such as levels and curves

* Blending modes

* Layers and layer groups

Figure 1-15: Use Photoshop’s free-form tools and templates to create your own logo.

## Photoshop Basics

Photoshop functions under the File menu as the Edit Edit In Photoshop mode. In this mode, you have at your disposal the tools, buttons, and sliders shown in Figure 1-16, with the exception of the Pencil tool. To select an object, you use the Select More Tools Quick Selection tool, also shown in the figure. To delete an object or a portion of an image (the area of a photo you want to remove), use the Eraser tool. You also can use the Pen tool to create vector-based drawings and the Smudge tool (shown in Figure 1-17) to blur or soften a selected area of an image.

Figure 1-16: Click the top-right arrow to open the Contextual Menu.

Figure 1-17: Use the Smudge tool to blur or soften an area of an image.

When you’re working on a finished photo, you may want to look through the various editing modes, or layers, that Photoshop offers. Figure 1-18 shows the Layers panel. This panel contains the icon representing the active layer, such as the Background layer (Layer 0). You can see the details of that layer in the Layers panel and adjust its settings. You can also view other layers, as shown in Figure 1-19.

Figure 1-18: Edit the layers of a photo.

Figure 1-19: Refer to the Layer panel to adjust the settings of any layer.

The currently active layer is indicated by the icon in the left margin of the Layers panel. Figure 1-20 shows how to select an active layer. You can select it by clicking the thumbnail in the panel. The thumbnails of the layers can be clicked to switch to those layers.

Figure 1-20: Click a thumbnail of a layer to switch to that layer.

Although you can customize your workspace, it’s a good idea to keep the default settings. They are set to

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Adobe Photoshop Elements for Windows is available for download from the Adobe website.

Adobe Photoshop Elements on Linux and macOS is available for download from the Adobe website.

Contents show]

Interface Edit

On macOS and Linux, the interface for Photoshop Elements is represented by a white circle in the middle of the dark grey screen. This matches the macOS default Look, which is dark grey.

Photographers Edit

Photoshop Elements is a good-looking graphics editor. Photoshop Elements is a powerful graphics editor, which makes it popular with photoshoppers. It includes all the features of Photoshop CC and PS CS6, making it more advanced than the Photoshop Elements versions. It is also much cheaper than Photoshop CC.

Photoshop Elements is easy to use. It is built upon Adobe Camera Raw, so it is easy to edit RAW images. There are several dozen adjustment tools that are also available in Photoshop. Although the levels and curves tool is not present, levels can be used to change the midtone and highlight colours of an image. There is a pixel slider which can be used to accurately adjust brightness, exposure, contrast, white and black points.

Vector Editing Edit

The main feature of Photoshop Elements is its vector toolset. Other vectors editing applications have tools for drawing simple vectors, such as Inkscape for Linux and Windows. Photoshop Elements, however, is a vector editing tool.

In addition, photoshop elements is also a good selection tool. The selection tool is smooth, making it simple to select shapes.

There is one of two smoothing tools. The eraser is similar to the smudge tool. It has a menu to choose a colour, which it applies to the selection in the preview. The brush tool smoothens the selection, and can be made to change the amount of smoothing.

Many of the tools are accessible through shortcut keys. Additionally, the Elements icon is right next to the tool icon. It is easy to find the options on screen.

The toolbox Edit

The toolbox is at the bottom of the screen. It includes a selection tool, eraser and smudge tools, a crop tool, a brush tool, a layer styles tool, healing tool, and other tools.

Photoshop Elements’ tools and functions are arranged in the toolbox, with buttons in a window to the right of the toolbox.

The window with tools Edit

The toolbox Edit window and the

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Run test with different parameters with Xunit

I’m creating a wrapper for a API and I want to create a small function that makes sure it responds correctly to different parameters.
For example, this would be my test:
[Fact(required = true, order = 1)]
public void Test()
// act
var response = APIWrapper.GetSomething();

// assert
Assert.Equal(SOMETHING, response.Something);

But I want to be able to say “expect the response to have Something, but if it doesn’t, then expect it to have Something else, etc.
Is there any way to do this with Xunit? I’m using Moq and expect.


You can write unit tests like this:
[Theory, AutoData]
public void Test(int something, int somethingElse)
// act
var response = APIWrapper.GetSomething(something, somethingElse);

// assert
Assert.Equal(something, response.Something);
Assert.Equal(somethingElse, response.SomethingElse);

The AutoData attribute will cause an additional parameter to be passed to your test.
If you are using NUnit, you can add this attribute like this:
public class TestClass

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System Requirements For Photoshop CC 2015 Version 16:

Can use without an internet connection
Xbox 360 controller required
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1
Mac OSX 10.6 or later
2GB of free RAM
100MB of free disk space
Steam account
Google Chrome version 38 or later
Important Note: You will need to install the Steam Overlay Service and configure your firewall settings before starting the game. Learn how to do it here.
To play The Secret World in the next, you will need to be logged in to

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