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Since most activities are now performed on a computer and especially online, sensitive data is automatically involved. Simply having your Windows account secured with a password is not enough, but you can use applications like Portable O2 to store different types of data in a secure database.
Create objects to hold custom info fields
Just like the name clearly points out, this is the edition of O2 which saves you the effort of going through a setup process. More than that, it allows you to carry the entire database with you on a thumb drive to be able to view and edit details from other computers. System registry entries are not affected in the process.
The visual design can feel a little confusing at first, mostly because most of the space is blank since there are no default entries. Every item you add shows up in an explorer like workspace, with the possibility to change view styles.
All sensitive data comes in the form of objects. Creating a new one brings up a properties window where all variable fields are found. Not all of them are mandatory, but you can include name, tags, fields with custom values, as well as additional notes. You can edit these values later on in the process as well.
Encrypt data and generate reports
With at least two objects created, the option to define relations becomes available. There’s no actual consequence to setting up relations, except more support when reviewing data. Every object plays a role which is added on the spot and saved in a drop-down menu for later use with other objects.
Saving a database brings up an encryption window so you can set a password based on an encryption algorithm. An impressive variety of algorithms are at your disposal. Moreover, you can generate reports either under the XML or HTML formats.
To sum it up
Taking everything into consideration, we can state that Portable O2 doesn’t necessarily target a specific data type, letting you insert all available details in the form you see fit. Sadly, the design and this great deal of liberty causes a lot of confusion. Getting the hang of it can be a little tricky, but it’s sure to keep your database safe.


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Portable O2 2.0.2 Crack [Latest 2022]

Handles encryption and data access

Portable O2 is a small and lightweight database that enables you to carry and manage sensitive data with you.
Add and delete objects
Save data to a database file
Print any report
Backup/Restore data
The database is based on.Net, and.Net’s encryption algorithms are used. With the built-in cryptography you can secure your data with a strong, private encryption. The whole encryption process can take place without your computer being affected.
Key features:
Using encryption with Portable O2
You can encrypt your sensitive data with the Portable O2 by setting a strong key. With the encryption option you can easily secure your sensitive data.
Objects as visual sheets
The visual design of the objects looks more like explorer sheets. You can create and delete objects to hold different information. The objects are inserted directly into the database.
Different types of objects
You can easily manage the information you hold in your objects with the objects options. You can insert, edit and delete objects.
Display data in charts
You can create and print charts with any type of data held in objects.
Review objects
You can easily identify objects that you’ve already created.
Backup/Restore objects
You can easily backup your database, and restore it later when you need it.
Sensitivity settings for objects
You can easily select how sensitive your data is, and the settings are saved for later.
Data encryption can be done with different algorithms. You can easily decide which algorithm to use with the encryption setting. The encryption can be done without changing your computer’s operating system.
Interactive database
You can easily move between different databases and have the ability to create new objects with the help of the built-in explorer. The objects are easily inserted into the database.
Custom reports
You can easily create and print custom reports. Reports can be created in XML and HTML formats.
Custom colors
You can easily set custom colors to your objects.
You can easily set up sensitivity and encryption options.
You can easily access Portable O2 in different languages.

Portable O2 Description:
Handles encryption and data access

Data encryption can be done with different algorithms. You can easily decide which algorithm to use with the encryption setting. The encryption can be done without changing your computer’s operating system.

Visual design

Portable O2 2.0.2 Free License Key

Portable O2 is a database which is the best for those who use a Windows operating system. It’s amazing that you can have a professional database which is more portable than most solutions. In the process of creating a database, you can modify settings as you see fit and make everything work more conveniently for you. It can store virtually everything, providing you have the space. A portable database is also the best way to keep information safe in an online environment.
Portable O2 Feature:
Create custom data fields
Edit data with the visual interface
Encrypt data
Generate reports under the XML and HTML formats
Create Relations

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Portable O2 2.0.2 PC/Windows

Portable O2 is a database editor and manager for the Windows operating system. It enables you to create databases with custom fields and relations among them, encrypt data with a variety of algorithms, and create reports with XML and HTML formats.//========= Copyright Valve Corporation, All rights reserved. ============//
// Purpose:

#ifdef _WIN32
#pragma once

#include “mathlib/vector4d.h”
#include “basetypes.h”
#include “materialsystem/imaterialsystemhardwareconfig.h”

// Class: g_pSubsurfaceConstant
// Purpose:
class g_pSubsurfaceConstant

// Inherited
virtual ~g_pSubsurfaceConstant() {}

// Generated
virtual void Set(float flValues[2]) = 0;
virtual void Set(const float *pflValues, int nValues) = 0;
virtual void Set( const float flPoints[3][4], int nPoints ) = 0;

// Statistics
virtual float GetElementCount() = 0;
virtual float GetElementDistance() = 0;
virtual float GetTotalElementDistance() = 0;

// Accessors
virtual float& operator[](int i) = 0;
virtual const float& operator[](int i) const = 0;

// Global class for storing GI parameters per-texture
class g_pSubsurfaceModel
// Inherited
virtual ~g_pSubsurfaceModel();

// Generated
virtual void Set(const float flPoints[3][4], int nPoints) = 0;
virtual void Set( const float flValues[2] ) = 0;
virtual void Set( float flValues[2] ) = 0;

// Statistics
virtual float GetElementCount() = 0;
virtual float GetElementDistance() = 0;
virtual float GetTotalElementDistance() = 0;

What’s New In?

Portable O2 is a compact tool that helps to centralize all information on an easy to handle format. Every member in a group can contribute data which are later combined to create a report.
• Text / HTML Reports
• Reports that are displayed using a web browser
• No major differences in user interface
• Possibility to define page to be displayed, author, date and time

As you can see, it’s essential to have a properly encrypted password. The tool doesn’t make any assumptions and could be used to transmit information online in case you’re hacked. The company has handled cases like this before, so the chances of getting into trouble are limited.

The program focuses on simplicity, so this means you’ll have to take on the basics of data management yourself, allowing you to quickly create your own configuration. The interface can feel a bit confusing at first. Once you get the hang of it, Portable O2 is bound to become your fastest backup option if you want to save a lot of time and make the process simple. FILED


System Requirements:

HTML::Template version 0.28
A full report on the compatibility of Perl with HTML::Template can be
found at .
For current HTML::Template compatibility information, please see the
HTML::Template Version History at

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