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DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






TV Show Icon Pack 15

– 170+ HD icons inspired by various Tv series
– Unique icons for Tv icons, icon packs and games
– Great for both personal and commercial use is happy to present the Ultimate Series Icon Pack for your next project. This pack contains several icons sets. Each set contains 16 icons for your next creative project. So no need for time wasting because you can be up and running in no time.
The Ultimate Series Icon Pack contains:
Classic Movies
Car Series
Mafia Series
Sports Series
Food Pack
TV Series
Wrestling Series
Magnum P.I. Series
Digital Kitchen
Lifestyle Pack
Numbers Pack

Sets you see here are made for MEGA and YOURLUX KITCHENS, GAMES, PORTFOLIOS, APPS, and every other home project. They are available in a color with black and white outlines. For more info about each icon or all available icon sets you can contact us on

Whether you are a regular home cook or a professional food blogger, I am sure you are always eager to find some good recipes which will definitely inspire to cook good food. The best thing about cooking is that you can prepare your favorite dishes on your own as per your taste.

If you are like me, you find it a little difficult to create your very own delicious and attractive dishes. That is why I was wondering to find a place where you can get your hands on a set of creative and mouth watering dishes with step by step instructions for cooking.

Want to try something new in the kitchen?

For everyone who loves cooking and wants to try something new in the kitchen, here is a perfect collection of 136+ cupcakes from “Cupcake Slice” which is made for your next home project. Each individual cupcake is made with individual layers so you can have them as a personal or professional collection.

Today, I collected 140+ awesome icons for your next creative project from “Icon8” and these collections are made in five different styles. They are available in four different file formats: ICO, PNG, SVG and PSD. is excited to present one of the best WordPress Icon Kits of the year. If you are looking for premium-quality icons and icons for your WordPress theme, this icon pack is the right choice.

You can use this set in your themes, blog, advertising agency, magazines

TV Show Icon Pack 15 Crack+ PC/Windows

The icons are tuned to match the TV series:
– The main character.
– Cute submissive.
– Strong.
– Gentle submissive.
– The beautiful heroine.
– Antagonist.
– Funny.
– A worker.
– The thief.
– The thief.
– A hero.
– Strong heroine.
– Captain.
– A gay.
– The charming psychopathic killer.
– Heroine.
– A horny young guy.
– A noble.
– A spy.
– A warrior.
– A Princess.
– A part-Time Police.
– A tower guard.
– A troublesome pirate.
– The high born.
– A legionnaire.
– Master.
– A school teacher.
– A scientist.
– A secret agent.
– A detective.
– A politician.
– A normal guy.
– A comedian.
– An average Joe.
– A teacher.
– A student.
– A nerd.
– A labor.
– A clumsy.
– A joker.
– A trouble maker.
– A spy.
– A parody.
– A sexy fairy.
– An angel.
– A Lord.
– A traitor.
– A pleasure seeker.
– A splendid character.
– A charmer.
– A doctor.
– A priest.
– An idol.
– A villain.
– A polite.
– A thinker.
– An old man.
– A confidant.
– A mistress.
– A shop keeper.
– An old female.
– A young male.
– A level-head.
– A female hero.
– A young girl.
– A Leader.
– A boy.
– A plant.
– A wife.
– A female.
– A brave.
– A firm.
– A real-man.
– A model.
– A married.
– A lover.
– A guy.
– A young man.
– A satisfied.
– A barbarian.
– A vampire.
– A vampire.
– A cursed.
– A ghost.
– A fierce.
– A genuine.
– A true.
– A tough.
– A smart.
– A stupid.
– A weakling.
– A hero of

TV Show Icon Pack 15 [32|64bit]

The TV Show Icon Pack is a project dedicated to providing a collection of icons that inspired by different popular tv series.

The collection includes a large set of icons of tv show series from the very popular series like Friends, The Office, Breaking Bad, among others.
These icons are available in a set of different sizes that will please even the most demanding users.

There is also a dark version available to match the color scheme of the desktop.
Some application icons are also available for the dock.
To use this icon pack just extract the archive to the top level of the user icons folder.

To see the download page, click on the link below:

[link= Show Icon Pack 15 1.0[/link]

Download List:

You can also use the browse button below to select a specific file from our server.

[url= Show Icon Pack 15 v1[/url]

[url= Show Icon Pack 15 v1[/url]

[url= Show Icon Pack 15 v1[/url]


TV Show Icon Pack 15 is available as shareware, allowing you to use it for free for evaluation purposes. If you want to use TV Show Icon Pack 15 in your own application you need to purchase a commercial licence.

Manage your TV Show Icon Pack 15 license.

Enable TV Show Icon Pack 15 in the list of icons.

Use TV Show Icon Pack 15 in your application.

Disable TV Show Icon Pack 15 in the list of icons.

Learn more about icons and iconsets:

About us: is a team of icon designers, developers and internet entrepreneurs.
Our team is proud to present a wide range of icon packs for Windows, OS X and Android

What’s New in the TV Show Icon Pack 15?

➤ Three styles: simple, modern and minimal
➤ All the icons are carefully designed, tailored to look good on both desktop and tablets.
➤ All the icons are created following the latest Android guidelines, ensuring that your icons will look great on all devices.

Windows 10 is coming. If you’ve been holding off, the time to upgrade has arrived. I’m always looking out for fun new apps, and recently discovered an amazing “Night Mode” app that makes your screen look like it’s on a night time setting, except in daylight, the screen looks like a night time setting.

Why is it Important?

Windows 10 version 1903 features a new “Night Light” setting. This setting makes the screen a little brighter, but the new version of the software does not actually have the ability to change the color of the display. The purpose of this setting is to help users with light sensitive eyes. Night Light will make your computer a little brighter in the evening hours and therefore will help you see computer screens better in the dark.

For those who are prone to myopia, the setting can help them to see screens better in low lighting conditions. A feature like this is not completely new, but the new version of Windows is going to make it a lot easier to apply.

How do I see Night Mode in action?

In order to see the effect of Night Mode, you will need to create a folder and change the name to “Night”. The app will then use this folder in the file path as the input path.

Next, open the app and select your “Night” folder. Since this is a folder setting, you’ll see only an icon appear on the Desktop.

Windows 10 will then apply all the settings to the background color to the Night folder, making it look like it’s a Night Mode’s folder. The only way to change the color back is to reset all the colors to white – which can be done by going to File > Folder Options > View > Color.

Best App for to go to Night Mode

Since this is such a new feature, not many people know about it yet. However, one app that is a little out of the way but can be super helpful for those who struggle to see in the dark is “Night Light”. This is a free app that can be downloaded

System Requirements For TV Show Icon Pack 15:

OS: Windows XP Service Pack 2
Windows Vista Service Pack 2
Windows 7 Service Pack 1
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
Memory: 2GB RAM
Graphics: Compatible with DirectX 10
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 500 MB available space
Additional Notes:
Please note: If the game fails to launch, press the Windows key + R to open the Run dialog, type %appdata%\League of Legends, and click OK to open the folder. Rename the

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