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VFP Obfuscator Crack + With Product Key Download [Mac/Win]

o Supports.lpk as well as.exe applications;
o Works with VFP programs up to Release 9.x;
o Small and can be easily distributed;
o Delivers minor or nonexistent speed loss;
o Can be integrated with the OLE DB provider;
o Support for custom obfuscation rules;
o Supports VFP customizer tool;
o Customization of the obfuscation rules based on the source code files;
o Provides the ability to convert a source code and check what it becomes after obfuscation;
o Simplified customization logic makes it easy to implement;
o Small, yet effective.


o : [-o ] [-t ] [-p []… [-s] [-h]
o [-o ] [-p []… [-s] [-h]


o [–] :=
o [–] := [-o] [–] [–]


o Bin: Container for the obfuscated output
o Source: The original source code (copy to the obfuscated output)
o.lpk: Standalone application
o.exe: Standalone application in the program directory
o Custom: User defined name
o Miscellaneous: Standalone application, not in the program directory, etc.


o [–] Flags that will be passed to the obfuscator
o [–] Application
o [–] AppPath: The full path to the application to be obfuscated
o [–] Flags: The flags that control the obfuscator. At the moment they are the same as for VFP
o [–] Flags: Flags controls the obfuscator
o [–] PathToProgram: Full path to the program to be obfuscated
o [–] OutputPath: Output path, where the obfuscated file will be placed (default: Bin\app.exe)
o [–] AppName: Name of the obfuscated app
o [–] TargetCPU: Target CPU, e.g. COMPU64 or MIPS
o [–] ApplicationName: The name of the application

VFP Obfuscator Activation Key [Latest] 2022

Install VFP Obfuscator

Obfuscator is a small and easily portable tool that allows you to change the names of the objects (variables, procedures, functions and methods) in your program into other names. This tool is particularly useful in the field of reverse engineering, where the necessity of finding the original names of the objects can be reduced. The program obfuscation is an essential part of protecting you from simple attackers as well as professional reverse engineers.
Obfuscator is completely portable and works in any computer that runs under Linux, Windows, and OS X operating systems. The program can be used to obfuscate your whole VFP project or it can be used on a single.fpc file. The user interface is also very easy to understand and master.
Obfuscator is powered by a command-line interface and it uses standard Sed and Perl regular expressions. The obfuscated program is stored in the.BIN file format.
Obfuscator allows you to use class-based programming by transforming the declarations of classes in variables, procedures, etc. The program can be also used for the object protection in the VFP programs.
Obfuscator is especially useful in the following cases:

Protecting the object names from professional reverse engineers
Protecting your IP from competitors
Protecting your program from users who are interested to use the source code in its un-obfuscated form

Obfuscation Feature:
Obfuscation Tools can obfuscate variables, methods, class, variables, properties, and procedures. Additionally, the program supports the following data types: integer, string, type, reference, heap size, and function.

Obfuscator Feature List:

Obfuscator is a freeware, command line tool to obfuscate, compress and merge.fpc source files. it supports the following features:

Change the names of variables, procedures, functions, and methods. This lets you make them less readable.

The program can compress the source files.

Allows you to merge the compressed source files.

Command Line Options:

It is a command line tool. You can use command line options to obfuscate your file in the following format:
obfuscate file1.fpc file2.fpc file3.fpc

Note: This tool also support previous versions. So, If your project is using FP9, FP10, FP11 and also FP

VFP Obfuscator X64

The tool and its main properties.
* Exports a VFP file as an obfuscated one.
* Alters variables and objects names.
* Alters names of procedures, functions, and methods.
* Saves a copy of original object source file to the destination directory.
* Generates a.ref file to refer to the obfuscated file.
* Opens a modified Visual Basic 6 IDE for editing and compiling.
* Includes a VFP Decompiler, which supports Visual Studio 6 and
Visual C++ 6.
Obfuscator Version History:
============================= ===============
Ver. Date Release date
============================= ===============
VFP8.1A 2009/01/16
VFP8.2B 2009/02/09
VFP9+ 2009/02/20
VFP 10 2010/10/30
VFP 10+ 2011/09/21
VFP 11 2013/02/05
VFP 12 2014/07/05
============================== ===============
Obfuscator Restrictions:
The main and very useful restriction is related to the version of Visual Basic.
The obfuscator has been tested on Visual Basic 6 and Visual C++ 6.
It doesn’t work on any version of Visual Basic or C++ after Visual Studio 2010.

Obfuscator Options:
COMMENTS: a text message used to explain where the obfuscation has taken place
ONLYCOMMENTS: the obfuscation will be activated if no value is specified for the COMMENTS option
ONLYMETHODS: the obfuscation will be activated if no value is specified for the COMMENTS option
ONLYPROPERTIES: the obfuscation will be activated if no value is specified for the COMMENTS option
ONLYFUNCTIONS: the obfuscation will be activated if no value is specified for the COMMENTS option
ONLYOBJECTS: the obfuscation will be activated if no value is specified for the COMMENTS option
Define the number of lines that will be hidden from the Visual Basic source code:
Lines_to_Hide: the number of lines of code that will be hidden from the Visual Basic source code
Define the number of properties that will be hidden from the class:
PROPERTIES_to_Hide: the number of properties that will be

What’s New in the VFP Obfuscator?

This module consists of two pieces, the Obfuscator and the Decompiler. The Obfuscator is a simple application that obfuscates variables, procedures, functions, methods and objects. The Obfuscator takes a copy of the original object and makes it unreadable to a human. It keeps the original signature and references of the original object.

The decompiler is an external tool that is used to decompile obfuscated files back into readable object code.

Example (Excel Table Object):

Let’s assume that you have an Excel worksheet with two tables. You have a table object in a module and you need to protect it. In this situation VFP Obfuscator is very useful. A small script can be created to obfuscate the table, and after obfuscation the table can be easily restored.

To begin with, create a new empty project.

Create a new project and name it “VFPObfuscator”

Copy the VFP Obfuscator code below to the new project:
Option Explicit
‘ Obfuscates VFP & Excel Objects & Properties
‘ Author: Tom Brinkmann
‘ Website:

Option Explicit
Option Base 1
‘ ——————————————————————-
‘ Obfuscation configuration
‘ ——————————————————————-
Dim ObfuscationReadOnly As Boolean
Dim ObfuscationReadWrite As Boolean
Dim ObfuscationFromSource As Boolean
Dim ObfuscationFullName As String
Dim ObfuscationSavePath As String
Dim ObfuscationSignature As String
‘ Obfuscate the code if required
ObfuscationReadOnly = True
ObfuscationReadWrite = True
ObfuscationFromSource = False
ObfuscationFullName = “Object: ” & ScriptName.Name & ” (” & OriginalObjectName & “)”
ObfuscationSavePath = “C:\VFPObfuscated.bin”
ObfuscationSignature = “Obfuscate this code with the VFP Obfuscator”
If ObfuscationReadWrite Then
If Not ObfuscationFromSource Then
‘If original object was loaded from source, don’t obfuscate the code
End If
ObfuscationFromSource = True
End If
‘ create the object

System Requirements:

1.99 GB required disk space
2 GB RAM required for full game play.
OS: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 (64-bit)
CPU: Intel dual core 2.4 Ghz or AMD Athlon x2 Dual Core
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 400 or AMD equivalent
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c
Minimum screen resolution: 1024 x 768
DVD/CD-ROM or USB-key or Memory Stick
Language: English
Blu-ray drive: for support 1x Blu-

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