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If you aren’t very familiar with the software or you’re the visual kind that has trouble with learning by doing, check out Photoshop CS2, CS3, or CS4.

## Ghosting or Producing Digital Cloning?

_Ghosting,_ or the removing of unwanted parts of an image to produce the best possible look for a particular photo, is a method of photo-editing that offers several pros and cons. Ghosting is a much-used and often criticized tool; people use it for obvious reasons and also because they like doing it.

The biggest problem with ghosting is that it makes the image become much more difficult to redraw, so it’s really a last-resort technique, as more than 80 percent of the work on an image is painting or drawing it over.

The biggest problem with ghosting is the amount of time that it takes to clean up the work. Many people don’t have the patience, and even less have the skill and experience, to even master ghosting. As you master a skill, your work becomes more compelling and better organized.

To do ghosting, start by creating an image in Photoshop. This image can be a line drawing, still image, or a video with a background that surrounds the subject. If you want your image to be ghosted, put a layer mask on it. For the purposes of this exercise, add a few shapes to your subject and make that layer first. Next, duplicate the layer and make it active. This step enables you to use the clone stamp tool.

In this example, I’ve created a file of a football field with a canvas for the referee and referee seats.

To create the effect, make a duplicate of the layer with the canvas on it. You’re going to ghost the canvas so that the new image appears transparent. The image in this example is an image of a football field surrounded by an outer black line.

1. **With the canvas on top of the layer, create a new selection**.

Use the Lasso tool and make a selection around the entire canvas. If you’re using an image, press Shift and click to make a selection of that image.

2. **Using the Paint Bucket tool, make sure the color of the selection matches the color of the canvas**.

In this example, I chose a bright yellow because the referee uniform in the image is yellow.

3. **Set

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Yet, one thing stands out between Photoshop and Photoshop Elements: the collection of filter effects. In this guide, you’ll learn how you can use a filter effect on your images with Photoshop Elements to make them look better.

Picking an image from the library

Open the image you want to work on and then:

Open the menu File > Open and then select the option Browse

You’ll be presented with a window that looks like this one:

In this window, you can choose one of the folders or drive locations you have on your computer.

Select the folder or drive location that contains the image you want to open and then:

Click OK, and your image will now be opened in Photoshop Elements.

Making images better

One of the most important tools in Photoshop is the Colorize tool. It is used to change the color of any area of the photo, for example to lighten or darken the color.

To get to this tool, select Edit > Colorize

Check the box next to the tool, and then select the color you want to change the color.

And that’s it! Your image is now lightened or darkened.

The images can also be whitened using the Recovery tool.

There are many different filters in Photoshop, such as gaussian blur, adjustment layers, and much more.

However, the image can look better when the following filters are used.

Adjustment layers and Filter layers

Adjustment layers and Filter layers are pretty much the same. They are both are layers that contain adjustments to the image, like the brightness. The difference between them is that, in some cases, the adjustments can only be applied to certain areas of the image, whereas the filter is applied throughout the entire image.

To add a filter to the image, just hover over it in the Layers palette and click on the name of the layer to edit it.

Using the Content Aware Fill tool

Using the Content Aware Fill tool is very similar to using a filter.

However, using the Content Aware Fill tool can be easier to apply in some situations. To use this tool, select Edit > Content Aware Fill

Select the option Appropriate, and then click on OK

A new layer will appear in the layers palette. Click on the word Content Aware fill. The original content of the image will be copied

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Homeland Security deports artist after six years in the US

Homeland Security deports artist after six years in the US

“We were really happy living here”, says Homero Arteaga, a guerrilla artist who was born in Mexico and raised in Albuquerque, a city in New Mexico. He has been living in the US for six years and has lived happily for three years in an artists’ quarter in Tijuana. His US citizenship automatically expires as a consequence of his having lived in the US for more than ten years and the fact that he is over 35 years old.

Because they are illegal, the artist says, his work is prohibited from being exhibited. He’s considered an “undocumented” artist and says that “Homeland Security officers entered our house and took all our possessions” in response to his performances. He says he has been warned that, as a consequence of his undocumented status, he is “at risk of being deported”. “That’s why we’re leaving,” says the artist, whose work has been published internationally.

His situation is unprecedented. He has been named a “creative refugee”, as is the case with Guillermo Gómez-Peña, a Cuban-American photographer who in 1999 fled the country after he was caught taking pictures in Havana. Both Arteaga and Gómez-Peña were born in countries that aren’t covered under the DREAM Act, which would have granted them legal status as individuals who could apply to the US for residence and citizenship. Mexico is not included in the bill, because it is included in the Schengen Treaty and therefore doesn’t grant residence and citizenship to anyone.

Arteaga feels threatened at home. “I think the government is going to deport me,” he says. “If not me, then another artist.” What he fears most is “abandonment, loneliness” and “the fact that in Mexico, there’s a kind of police state, so in this sense, what we have is almost as bad as being deported”.

Watch the video interview on Caramelo – an independent program that, with the collaboration of the Fundación Nuevo Balcón and the Artsco Foundation in the US, intends to bring Mexican culture to the US. Also includes the artist’s footage from a performance in Washington, DC.Judas Priest Marked By Reaper Records

For the first time in 13 years, Judas Priest will release a new album in Europe

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