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1. **Figure 9-4:** The title of the preview panel.
2. **Figure 9-5:** Click the Layer panel’s Edit button to edit the image.
3. **Figure 9-6:** Edit the image by selecting and deleting layers and using the tools in the tools palette.
4. **Figure 9-7:** Each layer can be adjusted separately and grouped into several layers for easy editing.
5. **Figure 9-8:** The tools palette includes a number of editing and adjustment tools.
6. **Figure 9-9:** The document window provides a complete view of the image with layer and channel views.
7. **Figure 9-10:** Adjust the brightness and contrast of the image.
8. **Figure 9-11:** Use a Levels adjustment to balance the image.
9. **Figure 9-12:** Zoom in to examine the individual color channels on a single layer.
10. **Figure 9-13:** Select the Channels option in the Channel menu to examine each individual color channel.
11. **Figure 9-14:** The Liquify tool, one of the most powerful editing tools, allows you to control the flow of pixels.
12. **Figure 9-15:** If you have access to 3D objects (see Chapter 17), you can utilize the 3D tools to manipulate the layer depth.
13. **Figure 9-16:** Make a selection. Use the Paths tool to select a path and convert it to a selection.
14. **Figure 9-17:** If you have access to a 3D object, you can work in 3D. Open a 3D object such as a cube and use the 3D editing tools to manipulate the layer depth.

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To download and install Photoshop Elements go to the Adobe website. Click on the download link and click on the download application.

After the download completes extract the downloaded file to a folder and then double click on the file.

After that you will be presented with a window titled “Install Adobe Photoshop Elements” click on “Next”.

Choose the language for the software.

Now it will ask you to accept the terms and conditions.

Next you will be presented with the page titled “Welcome to the Adobe Software License Agreement”.

Accept the terms and conditions click on “Next”.

Now it will ask you to select the destination where you want the application to be installed. Click on “Next”.

Now it will ask you if you want to install Adobe Photoshop Elements or just keep the previous version of the software. Choose “Install Photoshop Elements” click on “Next”.

If you want to keep the previous version of the software, then choose “Keep previous version” and click on “Next”.

Now click on the “Install” button to complete the installation.

The software will need to be restarted for some of the changes to be made. Now click on the drop down menu and select “Start”.

Once the software is back up, click on the drop down menu and choose “Elements”.

Now click on the “Elements” tab.

Now you will see the different tabs that contain all of the features of the software.


Clipping Mask – To increase the number of layers that can be used in an image you will need to enable the clipping mask. To activate the clipping mask, left click on the image and then press “Ctrl”+”S” to start the tool.

Fill Layers – In this section you can alter the background colour of a layer.

Filter Gallery – You can use filters, such as the “Motion Blur” filter to create the effect of a blurred image. This can be done in the “Hand”, “Alien”, “Flame”, “Hypernova” and “Texture” filter tabs.


You can use the layers

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Use of diffusion tension tests and carrier tests to study lens epithelium-choroid biochemistry.
Human lens epithelium-choroid biochemistry was studied using diffusion tension tests and carrier tests. Diffusion of 2-deoxyglucose (2-DG) was utilized to measure the normal, carrier transport, and diffusion of water in different regions of the lens. Glucose and oxygen were measured in choroid and cortex. The diffusion of substrate across the lens was expressed as 2-DG permeability. This was used to calculate the diffusion permeability and water permeability of the lens. In lenses with shallow regions, carrier-mediated transport was the dominant pathway of glucose and oxygen transport. Carrier transport as a function of age showed a decline after 40 years of age. The inverse correlation between permeability of 2-DG and glucose (r = -0.7, p less than 0.05) suggests a change in enzyme membrane binding. Choroid to cortex ratios for 2-DG permeability and oxygen permeability were higher than in cortex to cortex ratios. Since the diffusion and permeability of glucose and oxygen were higher in the choroid than in the cortex, this suggests that the choroid may have a greater capacity for high energy requirements than the cortex. Glucose and oxygen permeability increased with age in cortex but remained relatively constant in choroid. The permeability of glucose and oxygen in choroid and cortex were lower than normal human lens values. Carrier tests were used to examine lens epithelium-choroid permeability with a carrier molecule. The diffusional gradient of galactose across lenses was greater than the gradient for sucrose; therefore, the differences in permeability, which were observed for glucose and oxygen compared to sucrose and lactate, were interpreted as being due to carrier-mediated transport. Carrier-mediated transport was the dominant pathway for both glucose and oxygen permeability in normal lens. No transport occurred with the absence of sodium. These data indicate that normal lens epithelium-choroid biochemistry has an active transport system, which utilizes sodium.[The new guidelines on the diagnosis and the treatment of metabolic syndrome–need for revision].
The evidence for the cut-offs in defining the metabolic syndrome is scarce. The simple definition of the abdominal obesity is therefore not sufficient. The cut-off’s for those with dysglycemia or dyslipidemia vary from the IDF to the NCEP ATP

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Outcome of second-trimester genetic amniocentesis in 406 women.
A retrospective study was made of 406 women who had undergone genetic amniocentesis at 17 to 24 weeks of gestation. The procedure was performed because of advanced maternal age or because of previous spontaneous abortions. Adequate cellular material was obtained in 402 women (99%). In 32 women (8%), karyotyping was unsuccessful. Amniocenteses were repeated for transferable, chromosome-18 aneuploidies (49 patients). All the patients underwent clinical and ultrasound examination at the time of follow-up (mean, 9.9 months). A detailed obstetric examination was performed when there was a risk of pregnancy. The pregnancy rate with respect to age, parity, and indication for amniocentesis was 63%. We detected one case of Down syndrome. The results indicate that transabdominal amniocentesis at 17 to 24 weeks of gestation is a safe procedure with a high diagnostic yield. In terms of pregnancy outcome and perinatal morbidity, it is comparable with second-trimester chorionic villus sampling. Amniocentesis does not reduce the number of fetal losses associated with advanced maternal age.Q:

How to change imageView’s width from onCreate() in Android?

Here is my onCreate() code:
protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

ImageView iv = (ImageView) findViewById(;
iv.setPadding(0, 0, 0, 0);
iv.setLayoutParams(new LinearLayout.LayoutParams(LayoutParams.FILL_PARENT, LayoutParams.FILL_PARENT));


In this code I have set iv width to 100 and set padding to 0, 0, 0, 0.
But when I run this app the image of ImageView is not filling the whole screen.
How to make it fill whole screen??


You should set image width and height using

System Requirements:

Windows® XP or newer.
2.8 GHz Pentium™ Dual-Core Processor or faster
1024 x 768 Screen Resolution
20 MB Available hard disk space
DirectX™ 8.1 or later
Mac OS® X 10.5.9 or newer (Intel) or 10.7 Lion (Mac)
2.3 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or newer (Mac)
For Windows:

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