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2. **Import** : Click the Import button to choose an image from your hard drive or a folder containing a digital photograph. In most cases, you can begin by opening the image in Photoshop Elements using the Open dialog. Or, if you want to use the Open dialog to import a new image, click the New button to open the New Document window.

3. **Adjust** : Click the Effects button on the tools bar, and choose the Adjustment dialog box to open. Use the dialog box tools to make adjustments to levels, brightness/contrast, and color.

4. **Use** : Apply the changes made in the Adjustment dialog box. In the following example, the input image is much too dark.

5. **Duplicate** : Click the Image menu and choose Duplicate. The New Document dialog box opens. Type the name of the new image and click OK.

6. **Edit** : Open the new image in Photoshop Elements and begin making adjustments.

7. **Merge** : When the image is the way you want it, choose Edit> Merge to smoothly combine the two images into one image.

* * *

# Histogram tips

Let’s take a closer look at the Histogram window.

If you import an image, the Histogram panel (Window>Histogram) automatically updates with any changes you make to the image. To access the panel again, choose Window>Histogram or press Alt+H.

The Histogram window always displays three areas:

* **The black line:** The left end of the Histogram window contains a red line. It’s a line that shows you where the image’s contrast stops. (For best results, use a computer with a contrast setting similar to the way you would shoot your own images, which isn’t always easy. If you have high-contrast colors, try reducing the contrast setting on your monitor or your printer if you use one.)
* **The purple line:** The right end of the Histogram window shows the right-hand side of the image’s color saturation. If the image has no significant colors besides black and white, the window will look like the left end of the Histogram.
* **The blue and red areas:** The Histogram window displays the brightness of the image. You can see where the image’s darkest areas begin and end, the areas with the most contrast, and the

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The current version, known as Photoshop Elements 2019, has just been released.

Photoshop Elements 9 was released in 2018.

In this article, we will show you how to use Photoshop Elements 2019 and some tips on its use.

How to Use Photoshop Elements 2019

1- Go to Photoshop Elements 2019

In the folder where you saved it, there should be a subfolder called “Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019” (named just “Elements” on macOS).

Open the “Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019” folder.

2- Open the app

The normal interface

There is one interface for use that is similar to the 2018 version. This interface remains simple as in the latest version.


Choose menus (top-left: Settings)

To open the preferences menu, click the top-right square.

The app now has eight windows.

Click on the window you want to open.

Open a window

Choose menus (top-left: Settings)

To open the preferences menu, click the top-right square.

Selecting a window

Change the view of the image

To change the way you see the image, you can drag the frame to zoom the image.

You can slide the scrollbar to see the full image.

You can also toggle the display of the ruler.

You can also zoom the image by 50%.

You can zoom the image to reduce the image size.

You can zoom the image to increase the image size.

You can zoom the image to the full size.

You can resize the image to a new width.

You can rotate the image to change the angle.

You can crop the image.

You can fill the transparent areas.

You can resize the image.

You can choose image effects.

You can choose to use the Smart Brush to enhance the colors or edges of the image.

You can import a Smart Object to combine several layers into one.

You can merge layers.

You can create and edit text.

You can choose the best tools for your object.

You can choose to apply image filters.

You can change the size of the circles in the Brush panel and change the point size of the eraser.

You can change the size of

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