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What is Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop (the product) is a raster image processing and retouching software program for the display, storage, retrieval, and edit of bitmap images, such as photographs. It provides both layer-based and raster editing tools for various functions and a graphical user interface for integration and interaction with the operating system.

The program can import and export graphics in several popular file formats including GIF, JPEG, and TIFF.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to open Photoshop and jump right in, starting with the basics of using Photoshop’s various tools and menus.

Please Note: The following is a tutorial on Photoshop CS6.

Get Photoshop

Photoshop can be downloaded directly from the Adobe website for free by clicking here.

There is also a version for Photoshop Elements (version 5) for free, available at the Adobe website.

If you have a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud, you can use Photoshop CC free as well. Visit Adobe’s website for more details.

Open Photoshop

Photoshop is a large program that has several menus, toolbars, and palettes that may take some time to get familiar with.

In the following steps, we’ll use the following Photoshop program files and folders:

Download Photoshop CS6 from the Adobe website and extract it to a folder on your computer.

Go to your computer’s home folder or C:\Users\[Your_User_Name]\ (where [Your_User_Name] is your computer’s username), double click on the Photoshop folder you just extracted to, and rename the folder to Photoshop or whatever name you’d like to use.

Open Photoshop. It will automatically launch, and you’ll need to select a folder to save all of your work to, and the name you’d like to assign it.

After opening Photoshop, you’ll notice the interface is similar to the one seen above.

Photoshop’s Interface

Making a New Image

Open Photoshop CS6, select the New Image option, and click OK.

The File menu is available at the top of the program window. Click to expand

You can use the File menu to save your image to different locations, make copies of images, and more. Each image you save will have a unique name, like:



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This post covers what you can do in Photoshop Elements. To get started with Photoshop, read our introduction to Photoshop Elements:

What You Can Do With Photoshop Elements 15.0

The Photoshop Elements interface is simple and consistent. There’s a familiar toolbar to help you move around your image, but it doesn’t house your whole arsenal of Photoshop features.

You’ll find a familiar photo-editing view and tools at the bottom of the Elements window.

Let’s break down what you can do with Photoshop Elements, step by step.

Basic Image Editing

Each Photoshop Elements icon has a helpful description so you can identify exactly what it’s used for.

You can use it to:

Import an image. Use a template when you save a new image. Edit existing images.

– Open a new image. – Open an existing image and edit. – Edit an existing image. – Mix and match tools to create a new file.

Opening a New Image

You can load a new image from either a web browser or a.ZIP archive.

To load an image from a web browser, click on a webpage that contains an image and use File > Open.

When you load an image from a file you downloaded, such as a.ZIP archive, click on the image and use File > Open.

Choose a View

You can choose between “Thumbnail” and “Widescreen” view. In Windows, the Thumbnail view is the default view. In macOS, the Widescreen view is the default.

You can switch between views by clicking the Perspective button. If the button isn’t visible, click the View Options button (the gear button). Then set the “Show zoom tools” toggle to “on” or “off.” The toggle is located on the right side of the Options bar.

Resize the View

The View Options button has several options, such as Keep aspect ratio (turns on the Aspect ratio button), Fit (resizes an image to fit the viewing area without cropping the image), and Canvas (doesn’t do anything on a MacBook).

Zoom to Fit to Screen

The Zoom to fit tool hides or shows the zoom tools. They’re accessible by pressing Shift and Ctrl+Alt+Z.

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1. * **Clone Stamp** : The Clone Stamp is an alternative to the Selection Brush. You can use the Selection Brush to paint pixels into another layer, but the Clone Stamp allows you to paint with a brush on the same layer.

2. * **Lasso** : The Lasso tool allows you to select a particular area of an image that you want to manipulate. It can be used for selection or painting. The Lasso tool requires that you be working on a selection layer. If you need to turn this layer off, do so by double-clicking the layer.

3. * **Magic Wand** : The Magic Wand is a tool that can select similar pixels in an image. You can use the Magic Wand to select a particular area, or you can paint.

4. * **Grow** : The Grow tool allows you to turn a selected area larger or smaller. In the Tools panel, the Grow tool is next to the Marquee tool.

5. * **Direct Selection** : The Direct Selection tool enables you to paint over an image and remove areas from a layer while retaining those selected areas on the layer. You can change the areas that are selected by using the MMB (pressing the left mouse button while dragging, in the Tools panel). The other way to change which areas of an image are selected is to change the Fill and Stroke color of a layer. You can do this in the Layers panel.

6. * **Paint Bucket** : The Paint Bucket tool allows you to paint pixels onto a layer. You can use the tool to do things such as creating smooth gradients or making a photo look like a painting. When you use the Paint Bucket tool, the Fill button changes to a Paint Bucket. When you paint over a layer, you use the large square that is at the end of the tool, and paint into the selected area on the layer.

7. * **Lazy Susan** : The Lazy Susan is a tool that does a little more than the Paint Bucket tool. You can paint over an area, and instead of the Paint Bucket tool resizing the area, the Lazy Susan tool keeps the area at its current size.

8. * **Split Toning** : This tool is similar to the Lazy Susan tool

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